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Hi Fighter,

I’ve just read a story of another two more young men who suicided due to the lockdowns – two young Queenslanders, both in their teens.

I can’t know, of course, what pushed these poor young men along such a tragic trajectory. Even so, I know how the lockdowns affect me and, listening to others, I believe that these restrictions can destroy our faith in human community.

Albert Einstein was purported to have said that the most important question that can be asked is whether the universe is friendly. I believe these lockdowns make the universe look very unfriendly. If you’d felt comfortable in your environment and had assumed that the system was there to support you, the lockdowns give you a nasty jolt and force you to think again – no, the system is out to get you!

It feels like being a goldfish in a bowl, suddenly realizing that the water you are in is toxic. You want to jump out of the bowl into something more sustaining, but the whole nature of the poison means that you can’t go anywhere. You are stuck in this life-denying, toxic, swamp, and some of us only see one way out. How tragic! How unnecessary!

I know many people disagree with that last sentiment, and see the lockdowns as completely necessary. I’m not going to argue that here beyond saying that if the statistics that I’ve read are true – that if you do contract COVID-19, the chance of you dying if you are under the age of 70 is 0.04% – that cannot possibly justify penalizing the entire population of the country, especially when we know that these penalties are going to push those who are on the edge over the edge.

That’s why I’m voting for the No Lockdowns Party at the next election. OK – I’m not sure if there is No Lockdowns Party yet. Maybe I need to start one? Maybe you’d like to start one with me? Politics isn’t my game, but if nobody else is going to step up, I will!

In the meantime, I’m also talking to my mate, Dave Newton, about running mid-week camping adventures for young people at risk. I’m sure if we could get hold of some of these kids who are on the edge and take them into the bush for a few days, help them to reconnect with the land and given them a fresh experience of community – I’m sure we could turn things around for a lot of them.

At this stage we are just talking and praying about this, but expect to see something happen soon, and if you have any ideas to contribute, don’t hold back.

This week’s Preach and Punch fest

I’m including below the highlights of last weeks’ Binacrombi Preach and Punch Fest – the fighting and the feasting.

As you know, we stream the Binacrombi Bush Bash every Saturday night (via the Binacrombi Facebook page) and the Fighting Fathers’ Bush Eucharist every Sunday midday (via the Father Dave Facebook page). Pasted below is the edited video from August 22/23. On the Saturday I went to war with my best mate, Robert El Masri, and we had a big crowd. By Sunday midday I was alone, apart from my virtual community. Even so, I found it a powerful time. I hope you do too.

I met up with an old friend recently who gave me a big hug when I saw him. His partner didn’t embrace me but said, “Sorry, but I’m more COVID-aware”.

I didn’t take offense. Indeed, it’s what I’ve come to expect. Even so, it did occur to me that, where we were, there were almost certainly more registered sex-offenders and serial-killers within a 100 km radius than COVID cases. If she had said to me, “sorry for keeping my distance but I’m very rapist-aware”  yes, I would have been offended. Perhaps the fact that I’m not offended by the COVID-aware response just indicates the extent to which distrust is now the norm in our culture?

I don’t know whether we can win this fight, but I believe it’s one that we can’t afford to lose.

Your brother in the Good Fight,


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