Peace and Security?

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2023)

Our Sunday Eucharist

Our Sunday Eucharist last weekend was a struggle (for me, at any rate). The satellite at Binacrombi didn’t seem to be functioning too well and I had enormous trouble getting my video feed to work. The positive side of that was that it created a space for Rob Gilland to talk to John Jegasothy about his background and ministry.

John told us about his life as a Methodist priest in Sri Lanka and about how his human-rights advocacy work for the Tamil community there put the lives of his whole family in such danger that they had to leave the country. Sri Lanka’s loss was Australia’s gain.  Though John has now retired as a minister in the Uniting Church, he continues to work with the Tamil community in Australia, doing advocacy work for Asylum-seekers and refugees. I’m hoping that John will be a regular on our Sunday Eucharist panel and I encourage you to get to know him and pray for his work. The replay from last Sunday is a good starting point. 😊

This Sunday I hope to have Sam Madden and Father Ola with me for our Sunday Eucharist. Karyn is unfortunately taken up with family responsibilities this weekend and can’t join us. Tune in to from midday on Sunday and you’ll hopefully find a surprise guest in Karyn’s place. Of course, you can also join us through Facebook , YouTubeTwitterLinkedInor Streamyard.

Let me work your corner

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What’s On?

The big event for me this last week was our webinar with Brother Peter Bray. We were joined by two of my favourite activist priests – Father Mark Battison and Rev. Dr Stephen Sizer. It was a formidable array and I felt that the time was very valuable. I urge you to watch the replay below if you haven’t already done so.

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