Update on Legal Case of Sheikh Mansour Leghaei
from the Imam Husain Islamic Centre
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

We would like to thank you all for the overwhelming response and support shown in the legal case of Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

Yesterday, Tuesday, 1 may 2007, the Full Federal Court of Australia dismissed the appeal of Sheikh Mansour Leghaei and stamped the previous decision of denial of procedure of fairness.However, the decision of regarding whether he can appeal to the High Court or not will be discussed later this year.

Everyone wants to know what to do.

We still urge every concerned brother and sister to remain calm and not take any action without consulting with us at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre.

What you can do now is to voice your opinion about Sheikh Mansour Leghaei by sending an email or letter to the Attorney General stating why you think Sheikh Mansour must be granted permanent residency.

Things to consider when writing your email or letter:

    • Make your points clear and short.
    • How long have known Sheikh Mansour for?
    • How do you describe his character?
    • If you, your family and friends have benefited from the services of Sheikh Mansour,
      it is time to voice it

Address your email or letter to:

We will be handing over your emails and letters along with other documentsto Mr. Ruddock next month.

    • Attorney General
      P O Box
      House of Representatives
      Parliament House
      Canberra ACT 2600
Make sure you send a copy to the Imam Husain Islamic Centre!

Avoid sending anonymous emails and letters. Put your details at the bottom of your email or letter (anonymous emails will be disregarded)

Read the following information which you may find useful:

The Issue

Tuesday 1st May 2007, the Full Federal Court publicised its decision and dismissed Dr Mansour Leghaei's basic human right to natural justice. Since 1996, ASIO claims to have 'information of concern' about Dr Leghaei that they refuse to reveal. Although no evidence has been provided by ASIO to support its generalised allegations, it has been impossible for Dr Leghaei to effectively address them or to defend himself appropriately.

The Australian way of life is to provide all individuals with a 'fair go', something that Dr Leghaei has been denied.

A brief Profile of Dr Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

Dr Mansour Leghaei has been in Australia for over 12 years with his wife and family. He has four children, the youngest of whom was born in Australia and the two eldest (twins) who are Australian Citizens.

Dr Leghaei commands much respect and support in the Muslim and wider community in Australia and is regarded as a charitable holy man working tirelessly for the benefit of a better understanding of religion and a greater tolerance between all members of society.

Dr Leghaei works closely with a wide variety of groups, including Christian churches, and delivers services in English, which celebrate the cultural diversity of Australia and promote the need for harmony and understanding between all peoples and religions in Australian society.  All his work and sermons are publicly delivered in plain English and are available and easily accessible by the wider community.

Please visit the website of Imam Husain Islamic Centre of which he is the religious director: www.ihic.org.au

Our Voice Can Be Heard

The community at large is appalled at the possibility that Dr Leghaei may be denied the basic human right to appeal against unknown allegations.  The denial of a basic human right has empowered members of the community to stand up against injustice.

As a result, concerned members of the community have decided to develop a website: www.justice4mansour.com. This website has been established to provide updated information about Dr Sheikh Mansour Leghaei's case and how you can help.

Please pass this email to all concerned people

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