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Christians and Moslems can be friends!

Christians and Moslems can be friends

Yes, it's true! Christians and Moslems can be friends.

  • Has the media led you to believe that your Islamic neighbours are out to get you?
  • Have people been telling you that the Moslem community is trying to take over?
  • Did you buy into the propaganda that all Arabic people are your enemies?

Prejudice arises out of fear, and fear thrives upon ignorance!
This webpage aims to promote harmony through sharing truth

Please understand: we are not saying that Christianity and Islam are basically the same. Nor are we suggesting that Christians and Moslems should agree on everything. What we do believe though is that when we have disagreements, we can dialogue and learn from each other. And when we find that we share common concerns for the community, we can work together.

Below you will find articles, video material, audio interviews and more. Please make use of these resources, and return often, as the material is constantly being updated. You might also like to leave a comment at the base of this page or log on to our forum to express your opinion.


Sheikh Mansour is under threat of deportation!
Click here to go to the 'Save the Sheikh' website or visit www.justice4mansour.com for more information

Father Dave interviews Sheik Mansour

(nb. the downloadable audio files below have been zipped for faster download. If you download them, you must unzip them in order to listen to them. You can grab an unzipping utility here)

Interview no. 1: 'What is a Jihad?'
Part 1 (12 minutes): We look at the two types of Jihad - personal and social. We discover that a 'holy' war is 'holy' because it is fought according to strict ethical guidelines, such as would exclude all acts normally described as 'terrorist' activities.

Click here to download a zipped version of the MP3 file, or use the buttons below to listen now.

Part 2 (5 minutes): If the connection between the concept of 'Jihad' and terrorist activity is erroneous, why is it so often made? Sheikh Mansour and I also discuss the controversy over recent comments made by the Pope.

Click here to download a zipped version of the MP3 file, or use the buttons below to listen now.

Interview no. 2: 'Women in Islam'
Part 1 (17 minutes): I ask the Sheikh whether women are considered 2nd-class citizens in Islam. Mansour asserts that the Koran teaches a radical equality between men and women, and says that Islam has played a significant historic role in liberating women in Arab society.

Click here to download a zipped version of the MP3 file, or use the buttons below to listen now.

Part 2 (16 minutes): I confront Mansour with a series of issues which seem clearly discriminatory - the practice of polygamy, the dress code for women in Islam, and the practice of female genital mutilation, which is often associated with Islamic societies.

Click here to download a zipped version of the MP3 file, or use the buttons below to listen now.

Interview no. 3: 'What does the Koran say about Christians and Jews?'

Is it right for Islamic people to refer to Christians and Jews as 'infidels'? Sheikh Mansour says that this is completely inappropriate. He accepts that there are negative statements in the Koran about Christians and Jews but says that they must be taken in context

The Sheikh acknowledges of course that not all Moslems read the Koran as he does, but suggests that these trouble-makers are generally members of sects who despise mainline Moslems like himself even more than they do Christians and Jews!

Click here to download a zipped version of the MP3 file, or use the buttons below to listen now (33 minutes).

Other Resources


Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

This documentary provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the Middle East, zeroing in on how structural distortions in U.S. coverage have reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Captured Prisoners

This documentary looks at the life of Palestinians under Israeli occupation, and specifically at the plight of those who have been arrested and imprisoned, often without being tried or even charged!

Audio Recordings
Bishop Riah of Jerusalem

Bishop Riah argues that Christians and Moslem people have, for the most part, been living together harmoniously in his region of the world for thousands of years. The antagonism we see today is being manufactured by those with a vested interest.

Sheikh Mansour at the World Peace Forum

This was the speech given by Sheikh Mansour at the World Peace Forum, held in Sydney at the time of the initial invasion of Iraq. Mansour asserts that Islam is a religion of peace, and affirms the golden rule - 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'

Bishop Riah pleads for Gaza

"For the past forty years we have been largely alone on this desert fighting a predator that not only has robbed us of all but a small piece of our historic homeland, but threatens the traditions and holy sites of Christianity. We are tired, weary, sick, and wounded. We need your help."

Pluralism and Islamic Civilisation

Dr Chandra Muzaffer challenges Moslems who do not believe that their faith is compatible with tolerance and religious pluralism.

"No civilization in history has demonstrated a more resolute commitment to pluralism than Islam. The principles of pluralism are anchored in the Noble Quran itself."

Khalad Amayreh
Evangelical Ignorance and Fanaticism about Islam

"Does the Islamic concept of God seem any different from the Biblical concept of God?", asks Khalid Amayreh.

Perhaps Christians should read the Quran first before writing off
the God of Islam as some foreign deity?

Moslems are NOT our Enemies

This was an address given by me to a large group of Islamic people, gathered together to raise funds for war-torn Lebanon.

"How is it then that the violence in the Middle East has become a war of religions? It is my belief that the only explanation for this is that there must be some powerful groups with a vested interest in dividing Islamic people from Christians and Jews."

Sheikh Hilaly had a point!

I've received a lot of flak for this article, but if you read it you'll see that my goal was not to defend Sheikh Hilaly! (whom I don't know)

Rather, I try to state what I think should be reasonably obvious - namely, that the issue he raised about young girls in this country, asking for trouble by the way they dress, is a matter worthy of serious discussion.

Are you my brother?

One challenge that has been put to me repeatedly since I started this campaign is the question of whether it is appropriate for me to refer to my Islamic friends as my 'brothers' and 'sisters'.

Many of my Bible-believing brethren have suggested that I should reserve this language for fellow Christians, following the pattern of the New Testament. Here's my response.

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