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Date for ezine: October 2004
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, No.21

The Good Fight


The Good Fight




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  In this month's issue:  
  The View from my Corner  
  Another month of miracles!  
  This month's Special  
  Free tickets to CVL XVIII  
  Sermon of the Month  
  Jesus - the destroyer of family values!  
  Sites of the Month  
  Six of the best!  
  Fight Tip of the Month  
  Interview with Alex Tui: part the last!  
  Vanunu Update  
  Morde Vaunu to give live webcast?  

  The View from my Corner  

Hi guys,

Well, it’s school holidays over here right now, and in a beautiful reversal of traditional roles, Ange has been down on the farm repairing cabins while I’ve holding the fort at home, trying to look domestic. To my credit, I’ve successfully re-sown three buttons onto my old shirts this week – an experience that turned out to be more brutal than it should have been, as I forgot to use a thimble!

If only I had been less of an idiot back in my school days, I would have taken those cooking and needlework classes instead of wasting all that time doing trigonometry! I actually learnt my sewing skills from a heroin addict by the name of John Bozanac. John was the only addict who ever stayed with me without stealing from me. He also taught me how to sew buttons on shirts. It’s been a couple of years now since John overdosed, but I still find myself thanking him every time I lose a button.

It has been another month of miracles here - not all enormous, but all memorable! Binacrombi seems to have recovered from the crippling explosion. I seem to have recovered from my bout with Rob Murdoch Jr. at the Legends Fight night. And, as I shared with you last week, my buddy Ted seems to have completely recovered from the cancer that was supposed to be taking him out!

Since mentioning Ted's remarkable recovery, a number of you have written to me with your own stories of miraculous healings! My mate Treacy's story about her dad is perhaps the most memorable.

Her dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in 1995, and after 12 months of chemo, reached the stage where he was not supposed to last the night. 24 later he left the hospital as if nothing had happened! Was it the 8-hour prayer session with his priest that day that made the difference? Who knows? The big question I asked Treacey was whether her dad had worked out what it was that God still wanted him to do before leaving. I'll let Treacy conclude the story for you in her own words:

"My Dads perspective was that God did have something left for him to do, and not long after he set up Youth Spectrum Foundation to help Christian orientated youth projects... He has also bought a young Christian underprivileged teenager out from Africa ... She is now here in Oz studying at University, all expenses paid. He also has about 6 World Vision children as well and has just helped to send a few young Oz girls from his church over to a Romanian Orphanage. He is an incredible man."

The question that's now on my mind is 'what great task does God have lined up for Ted?'

The other big question for me this month is 'have I got an opponent for October 23rd?' Yes, Christians vs. Lions XVIII is almost upon us, and I still haven't confirmed a fight for myself! Even so, if you can make it over to Newtown RSL on October 23rd, you can be assured of an action-packed night of quality entertainment. Pick up the poster here.

All proceeds to Trinitys Youth Centre, and you can pick up tickets to the great event by clicking here. But I'm also giving you three chances to pick up free tickets (see below). Either way, I look forward to seeing you there.

Your brother in the Good Fight,. Dave


  This month's Special Offer  

A free ticket to Christians vs. Lions XVIII is the prize this month, but I'm not going to just throw these around like they aren't worth anything! Proceeds from ticket sales go to our beloved Youth Centre, so if I give you a ticket, I'll pay for it myself, which I will do under any of the following circumstances:

  1. Buy a copy of the Fighting Fathers Multimedia Library for $29.95. Just email me your address afterwards and I'll mail you the tickets.

  2. Join my affiliate program and recommend my book or any one of the other products to 5 friends (and again, email me your address)

  3. Buy a copy of John Reese's Internet Marketing Course.
    Of course I should warn you that this is the most expensive course of its kind available on the NET, but it's expensive for a reason.

And if none of those options takes your fancy, you can buy tickets here. Whichever way you go, proceeds will go to Trinitys Youth Centre.


  Sermon of the Month  

It's almost Election time here in Oz, and once again the explicitly 'Christian' parties are trying to uphold 'family values'. Now don't get me wrong, I love my family, but I think it's rather curious that 'Christian values' and 'family values' have become almost synonymous in our culture. After all, wasn't Jesus the one who questioned whether his earthly brothers and sisters were his real family, and who even talked about hating your mother and father?

A number of you have already asked for copies of my 'hate your mother and father' sermon (on Luke 15). I've tidied that one up a bit and have now uploaded it to the site. Click here. I've also uploaded a sermon that focused more specifically on the family issue from that passage in Luke 12 where Jesus promises to turn various members of the family against eachother! Click here for that one.

Read them if you dare! If you like them, make use of the new 'Refer a Friend' box that you'll find at the bottom. If you hate them, and think that I've turned all anti-family, keep in mind that they said the same of Jesus and the early church.


  Sites of the Month  

My 'Computer Tip' for this issue is a list of great sites that I suggest you visit. This month I've picked six of the best - three that focus on the fight game, and three for those of us doing business on the NET.

Fight Sites:

  • Boxing and the Cool Halls of Academe is the title of an essay by my spiritual twin brother, Gordon Marino. Gordon is a professor of philosophy, curator of a Kierkegaard Library and senior boxing coach at St Olaf University in Minnesota. What a guy! I'm hoping to meet him in person before the year is out.

  • Boxing Down Under. And speaking of great guys, I got a visit from boxing journo Jamie Pimentel the other day. What a privilege it was to have him visit our gym. And if you want to get a real surprise, check out his boxingdownunder ezine and tell me whose picture that is on the front page (under Kosta Tsyu's).

  • Fighter-Oline And I can't think of great fight ezines without mentioning Fighter-Online. Mike Ryan, another real gentleman of the fight game, is the brains behind this one, and his diary on Kali Meehan's trip to Las Vegas comes highly recommended.

Netrepeneur sites (is that how you spell it?):

  • Residual Online If you're looking for a way to exponentially grow your mailing list at zero cost, Russell Brunson's latest scheme could be just what you're waiting for. nb. Russell is also a wrestler, and I've challenged him to a fight!

  • Rudl Report. Another man I'd love to box is my mate Bill Hibler, author of The Rudl Report. TRR reviews low-cost alternatives to expensive Internet Marketing tools, and can save you a fortune. In the latest edition, Bill even reviews Ezine-Express, saying
    "at $97, Ezine Express blows away Desktop Marketer Lite"

  • Double your money. And at the risk of bringing the tone of conversation down a peg, I said a while back that I'd try one of these online money-doublers and see if it worked. Well, it did!
    I put in $50 and got back $100. How long did it take? 3 months, 2 weeks and 5 days! Well ... that's still better than the bank!

There is some brilliant stuff out there, and I'll eventually be incorporating each of these sites into my links page. If you have great sites to suggest (including your own) just let me know

  Fight Tip of the Month  

"He’s like the wraps you put on. He’s your partner. He’s gonna be there when you need a drink of water. He’s like that bottle of water that you need, just to quench your thirst at the end of the round."
Alex Tui (on the role of the cornerman):

In this, the last part of our inteview with Australia's first world kickboxing champion, Alex gets a little lost for words.

He starts off talking about the importance to him of his boxing trainer, Alan Hedger, and then I get things off track by trying to squeeze Alex for any secret techniques that Hedger passed on to him. It turns out that what worked so well for Alex with Alan Hedger was not any technique he taught, but the fact that the two men developed a relationship of real trust!. The Alex Tui Interview: part-5



Good news and not-so-good news this month regarding our brother Morde Vanunu.

The good news: Morde has been awarded a Yoko Ono Peace Prize. The awards were given this year to Morde and to journalist Seymour Hersh. Ms One said that the 2004 honorees are "people who have spoken out for the benefit of the human race by overcoming extreme personal difficulties and, in doing so, have allowed the truth to prevail." One of the best things about this award is that it carries a $50,000 grant! One problem solved!

The not-so-good news is that Morde seems to be flouting the ban placed upon him, preventing him from communicating with foreign media. Apparently he was inteviewed on Radio National in Adelaide last week, after which I received a visit from a well-known Australian TV journalist, asking me whether I thought it was OK for him to seek an interview with Morde. I said 'no'. He went an organised an interview anyway (I still can't work out why he asked me).

The danger is that the Israeli authorities will re-arrest Morde for making contact with foreign media. Having spoken to Morde though, he is confident, and is sick of being told who he is not allowed to talk to. Indeed, he has asked me whether I will set up a community webcast for him, where he can talk to you, his online supporters, via webcam. He has asked me to organise this for his birthday (October 13th). Technically this is all possible, but I will be taking further advice before committing to any such broadcast.

I'll keep you up to date on this one. Keep praying!


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