Sent: Friday, 16 April 2004 10:10 PM
Subject: Father Dave's update from Israel

Just a quick note here to let you know that I made it to
Israel OK (despite missing a connecting flight and being
delayed a day in London).

I'm staying in a hostel in Old Jaffa, which is an ancient
area of Tel Aviv. To me it looks like Everleigh Street in
Redfern, extending enlessly in every direction. If you
haven't been to that part of Sydney lately, what I mean is
that it's old and dirty and full of mayhem.

Apparently last night there was a party going on next door,
where a guy had gone to Jerusalem and his neighbours had
kicked his door in and used his apartment for an
all-nighter! They were trying to repair the door this
morning before he got back. I slept through it all of
course - blessed with my very poor sense of hearing.
That's Old Jaffa all over I'm told.

As to my mission here, I had been told just before I left
that the government here had ruled that when Morde is
released he will not be able to travel abroad, nor to go
within 300 yards of any border, nor within 100 yards of a
foreign embassy. Yesterday I heard that he has additionally
been restricted from having ANY CONTACT WITH

I don't know how to respond to this. Could it be that
I've travelled all this way fruitlessly!

The restrictions have been denounced as 'Nazi'ish' by
some politicians here, so I am hoping that they might be
relaxed. If not, I am hoping to speak with the Anglican
bishop here and see if I might not be able to participate
in an Eucharist here that Morde wants to attend. Maybe I
could have some contact with him in that way? Time will
tell. At the moment I feel very choked up about all this.

Your ongoing prayers are much appreciated. I am not
fearful for myself (hey, there are so many men AND women
around here with machine-guns to protect you, how could you
be afraid?). I am afraid for Morde though, and I don't
know how this latest news will affect him. I wish to God
that I knew what is going to happen next week.

I will keep you in contact.

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