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Date for ezine: 20-06-2009
Subject for ezine: Partners in the Good Fight

Father Dave's Partner's Ezine

Partners in the Good Fight

When one man dreams, it is just a dream, but when we all dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality.

Dom Helder Camara

Welcome Fighter

I hope you are in good health and spirits.  I must confess that it's been quite a wonderful week for me: 

  • The teleconference with Brother Andy last Sunday  was truly fantastic

  • On Monday I had lunch with Brother Peter Bray -  vice-chancellor of Bethlehem University and a fascinating man.

  • I followed that by taking the kids to Luna Park (which, for those who don't know it, is Sydney's a very, very, very small version of Disneyland).

  • I finished the week with a trip to Brisbane to support Holy Trinity's own - Solomon Egberime - as he won the vacant Australian Light Welterweight title.
Well ... now I'm stuck in front of the heater with a bad head cold, paying the price for living the high life, but it was well worth it! 

Solomon Egberime wins the Aussie tite

Anyway, I'm hoping to share all of these wonderful moments with you today (except the Luna Park trip). We've got a streaming audio version of the teleconference, a video interview with brother Peter Bray, and an album full of photos from the fight.  Some of those pics are thumbailed below. Click for full-size.

click for full-size image click for full-size click for full-size click for full-size
click any of the thumbnails to see these pics full-size

This Month's Freebie: Twitter Videos
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Twitter Video Tutorials

What's news on ?

It's been an amazing month of historic speeches around our world, and we should not let them pass by without taking careful note of where they are taking us.
  • Barack Obama's Cairo speech is surely the most significant of the bunch, and quite possibly the most significant speech from an American President since World War II.

  • Israeli peace activist, Uri Avnery, hails Obama's speech as "The masterpiece of a man bringing a new message to the world." Read the full text of Avnery's response here.

  • Less encouraging are the responses seen in this video (which has been flagged by YouTube and  banned from a number of sites already). Certainly it contains stupid statements from drunk people, but the sentiments are still indicative of much anti-Obama feeling.

  • Former US President, Jimmy Carter, follows up Obama's lead, addressing the people of Gaza with a message of hope.  Read the full text here.
  • Equally inspirational (for me) is an interview from our sister in the Order, Eileen Flemming, with my dear friend, nuclear whistle-blower, Morde Vanunu. Read that interview here.

  • Meanwhile, on our member site (thanks to the ever-helpful Ranjitha) we've had an enormous stash of new sermons uploaded to the audio library.  There are now 39 audio sermons available to be listened to at your pleasure.

  • And most exciting of all, I've finally completed the editing of our teleconference with Brother Andrew Blair - our brother who was born female but 'crossed the gender divide' as an adult. You can hear it now by pressing the 'play' button below.
Anne/Brother Andrew Blair

The teleconference lasts for the best part of an hour, more than half of which is taken up with questions and responses between Andy and the other members on the call. If you're a VIP member and would prefer to download the MP3 version, to listen to it at your leisure, right-click here and chose 'save target as' (nb. you may need you username and VIP password to access this download). 

Virtual Pulpit: Exploring the Mystery of God
"Thus the Father is God; the Son is God; the Holy Spirit is God: And yet there are not three gods, but one God.

Thus the Father is Lord; the Son is Lord; the Holy Spirit is Lord: And yet there are not three lords, but one Lord.

As Christian truth compels us to acknowledge each distinct person as God and Lord, so catholic religion forbids us to say that there are three gods or three lords."
Father Dave
What you have above is a short excerpt from the 'Athanasian Creed' - the longest and most complex of the church's three historic creeds (the other two being 'The Apostles' Creed' and 'The Nicean Creed').

All mainline churches (Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Pentecostal, etc.) accept these three creeds, yet few church members have any knowledge of them or understand  the significance of the doctrine of the Trinity that the above creed especially tries to spell out.

I'm not normally considered to be a preacher of doctrine and dogma, but once each year, when Trinity Sunday comes around, I find myself drawn back to these creeds and feel compelled to preach on them!

If you're one who readily dismisses the significance of church dogma, my hope is that this sermon might give you good cause to reconsider your position.  At the very least it may help you to see that the church's composition of doctrine (such as the doctrine of the Trinity) is not simply a pointless exercise in academic speculation, but the result of the church's honest struggle to explore the mystery of God.

If you'd prefer the written version of this sermon, you'll find an older written version here. members can also download the MP3 version of this from the 'Members Benefits' area or by right-clicking here and choosing 'save target as' (you'll need your member name and password).

Video of the Week: Dave Interviews Brother Peter Bray
(Vice-Chancellor of Bethlehem University)
Peter Bray is a Catholic Brother of the De La Salle Order, and Vice-Chancellor of Bethlehem University, which is an unashamedly Christian University in the middle of Occupied Palestine!.

Brother Peter speaks of the privilege and  challenge of running an academic institution in the middle of a war zone.

The students (both Christians and Muslims) struggle each day through army checkpoints to get to class, yet, against all odds, students continue to come and they continue to achieve high academic standards.

To keep up to date with Father Dave's video uploads, subscribe to my video channel here.

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And before I let you go today, let me tell you that there's at least one position vacant here at Holy Trinity for a part-time Youth Worker.  

Even though it's a part-time position, we can promise you the usual package of high stress, long hours and low pay. If this sounds attractive to you, send an email to (a blank email will do). This won't add you to any mailing list but it will bounce back to you an email with more details about the job/s.

May the Lord bless and strengthen you for the work to which you have been called.

Yours in the Good Fight,


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