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Date for ezine: 18-12-2008
Subject for ezine: Partners in the Good Fight

Father Dave's Partner's Ezine

Partners in the Fight

When one man dreams, it is just a dream, but when we all dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality.

Dom Helder Camara

Welcome Fighter!

I'll try to be brief, as I suspect that you, like me, are in the middle of that mad rush towards Christmas.

At time of writing I'm afraid I've barely started purchasing presents and haven't even taken the picture yet for our Christmas card so ... I've got a few more late nights ahead of me.

Even so, the good news is that I've got a bumper issue of the ezine for you this week:

  • Two bumper sermons on the topic of women from Fathers Keith and Elias!

  • A freshly uploaded video of my appearance on The Denton Show.

  • Notice of the first ever Friar Sale that I've ever seen (nb. the friar for sale is not Elias)!

  • An invitation to our Christmas Concert, to Carols, and to a free night at Binacrombi.

Father Dave

And of course there's articles and updates and I've got some gifts set aside for you too (though they're not wrapped yet, so you might have to wait a little longer for those). Either way, be of good cheer and please leave your feedback on the forum.

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Here's a few snaps of some recent highlights (click to enlarge)

The World's first ever Friar Sale!

Check out the Friar Sale

OK. I guess it's just another virtual fire sale but I couldn't resist promoting this one as it had such a wonderfully ecclesiastical feel to it.

And in truth, if you are at all interested in doing business online, this is an excellent package. Mountains of quality Internet Marketing software bundled together at one very low price, but the price goes up every couple of days, so be quick.

Click here. Check it out now. Highlights

One member's contribution has stood out for me this month, above the wisdom offered on the forum and even through the articles and sermons. It's Brother Andy's recent blogs on his life's journey.

The insight and raw honesty of this man is as amazing as it is confronting. His struggles with his sexual identity, with his family, and with God is something I think we can all draw deeply as we walk our own spiritual path. I highly commend these blogs to you. Here's a sample snippet:

"Once I was able to separate God from his/her church; once I realised the true value of Scripture, and the place that human history and the quest for knowledge have as a part of faith, I dared to be set free from that iron maiden of a God bequeathed to me by the Baptist faction of the Christian church." For the full offering click here, open your mind and heart, and prepare to be challenged.

New Articles

Outstanding amongst the new articles posted this week are the two sermons by Dr Keith Mascord, entitled, "Woman, know thy place!" As you might guess, Keith is challenging those conservatives who would relegate women to minor roles in the church and maintain an all-male priesthood. The audio version of the second of these talks is also featured below.

  • Woman, Know Thy Place! (part 1). In the first of Keith's offerings, he takes a broad historical look at the role of women in Biblical times, and how Jesus challenged traditional prejudices.

  • Woman, Know Thy Place! (part 2). In part two Keith looks more specifically at passages in the Bible used to restrict the role of women, focusing especially on 1 Timothy 2.

  • Memo to Obama. Uri Avnery urges the US President-elect to recognise that the creation of an Israeli-Arab peace accord must be a major priority for his new government.

  • Action, not words, for Gaza is a plea from the commissioner general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, urging the world to take action in Gaza before it is too late.

I know that things are busy, but these articles will truly be worth the time it will take to read them!

Woman, Know Thy Place!

Dr Keith Mascord

The title belongs to Keith's sermon on the place of women in the church. This is the second of a two-part series. Part one is (unfortunately) in written form only.

Elias' offering is a Catholic perspective on Mary - mother of Jesus, mother of God.

As always, we welcome your feedback in the 'sermon' section of the forum.

Father Elias

Father Keith on Women in the Church

"A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived, it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner."

While many of us feel that most of the New Testament, and even the majority of St Paul's writings, proclaim the full equality of women and men, this passage from Paul's first letter to Timothy seems to reverse the movement towards emancipation. Use the buttons below to get Keith's angle on the passage, or click here for the written version.

Full members of can download the MP3 version of this last sermon
from the 'Members Benefits' area or by right-clicking here and choosing 'save target as'
(you may need to enter your member name and password)

Father Elias' last sermon at Trinity

The weekly Gospel was focused on John the Baptist, and Elias manages to squeeze him into the sermon towards the end, but since Elias leaves Australia next week, and since this was most likely his last sermon in Dulwich Hill, the parish asked him to give us a Catholic perspective on the person of Mary. He gave us that, and a lot more.

Father Dave wins 'Soul of the Century'

Perhaps my proudest media moment.

I am a great fan of Andrew Denton, loved Enough Rope, and consider it to have been a great privilege to have been invited to appear on his show, especially alongside my mate Bob Maguire.

Because YouTube now has a limit of 10 minutes per video, the show is divided into three videos. You can find parts two and three via my YouTube Channel.

P.S. And while you're on YouTube, why not subscribe to my video channel.

Get Out Your Diary

Have you got your diary? It's Christmas time, and I've got some very special invitations for you:

  • Trinitys Christmas Concert - A beautifully narrated story for children and adults alike - is on this Sunday, December 21st, starting at 7.30pm. More details here.

  • Carols on the Lawn takes place on the front lawn of our house in at 11 Herbert Street, Dulwich Hill. We begin at 7.30pm on Christmas Eve. More details here.

  • New Years at Binacrombi. You are invited to join us for a warm night in the Australian bush to celebrate the dawning of the New Year, but space is strictly limited.

Those of you who have been subscribing for a while no doubt know the New Year's deal well. You get to spend a night with us at Australia's greatest bush resort, and you won't be charged for it. Of course, if you insist on making a contribution towards costs we won't throw it back at you, but it won't be asked for or expected either.

We plan to drive down to Binacrombi from Monday, December 29th, and stay through to Friday, January 2nd. If you'd like to join us for any of those days you'd be very welcome. Numbers though are strictly limited and you'll have to call Narelle to check for availability.

Call right away on 1800 620 706 if you think you can make it.

And if it really is too far for you to come, keep in mind that I'm planning to be in the US in February/March, so perhaps we can catch up in person then?

OK, one last thing before I let you go. If you'd like to sign a petition for the release of the guy who threw his shoes at the US President, click here.

According to Democracy Now! the man has been badly beaten in custody, has multiple breaks and is bleeding internally. The petition seeks clemency for the man who apparently cried out, "This is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq" as he threw his second shoe.

And in case you somehow missed seeing the incident, click here. Ive gotta admit that I was impressed with George W's ability to slip. Perhaps boxing was his real calling all along?

OK. Enough. I'll be in touch again before Christmas, and remember that I do have some presents for you!

May the Lord bless and strengthen you for the work to which you have been called.

Yours in the Good Fight,


P.S. If you missed out on last weeks ezine, you can access back issues here.

P.P.S. If you haven't done so yet, please do me a favour and download and install my special RSS notifier from here. It solves the problem of my emails to you not getting through.

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