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Date for ezine: 06-08-2008
Subject for ezine: Partners in the Good Fight

Father Dave's Partner's Ezine

Partners in the Fight

When one man dreams, it is just a dream, but when we all dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality.

Dom Helder Camara

It's good to be with you again, after what has been a dramatic week for Father Elias and myself - the main drama for Elias being that he had his nose broken on Sunday evening by one of our Youth Centre boys.

Yes, it was all legit - it was in the boxing ring, and it was a clean straight right that caught him. Elias is though looking (and feeling) the worse for wear.

Of course it's not the pain that bothers him, nor the ignominy of being tagged by one of his proteges, but the thought of being out of the ring for a month is taking a toll on him. I'm sure we can all sympathise.

In the meantime - in between the thumping and the bleeding - we've managed to accomplish some significant things in the last week:

Father Dave

You'll get the podcasts of the sermons below, and if you'd visit the two sites I've mentioned above, I'd be most grateful. If you want to do me an even bigger favour, 'Digg' them or give them a thumbs-up in stumbleupon, and so help to spread the word. Highlights

All sorts of impressive things have been happening on our membership site recently.

  • I've uploaded a collection of photos from the wonderful night we had two Mondays ago, where World Youth Day pilgrims from the Community of St John joined our community of the Holy Trinity for prayer, food and celebration! Some of the pics are thumbnailed above, but you can see the complete album here (nb. thank you Gizelle for taking these).

  • Fighting Father Don Mamounney has blogged for us about the upcoming performance of Checkpoint Zero - a play about a Palestinian University student who develops a relationship with a young female member of the Israeli army. Written and directed by Don himself, the play opens this week at the Sidetrack Theatre in Marrickville. Details are on Don's blog here

  • Fighting Father Denning Blackadder has shared a quite extraordinary poem with us - a poem about our brother in chains, Mordechai Vanunu. You'll find Denning's poem here, and don't forget to check the calendar to see where Denning's band, Mordechai, is next playing.

  • And still on the topic of justice and peace, Fighting Father Tim Bellamy has blogged an interesting article for us about the possible emergence of a joint Palestinian-Israeli Aussie Rules Football team! It sounds crazy, but ... you can read more about 'footy for peace' here.

  • And meanwhile on the forum:

    • Jarey fights the temptation to succumb to cynicism about the state of US politics.

    • The Faithful have offered a profoundly Trinitarian response to Babazon's pagan perspectives on Christ, with Malcom coming out with the phrase, 'self-referential incoherence', and Stephen getting himself accused of Sabellianism! (more here)

    • Justin has posted a lengthy and profound paper on the effects of globalisation on the Anglican church in Australia. It's a paper that deserves a good read and a reasoned response, but I suspect its formidable length is putting people off. I'd encourage you nonetheless to read it, or at least to read the excerpt I've reproduced in the blog.

    • Justin received a far stronger response to his question, "why is everybody dropping out of Sydney's Moore Theological College?" Click here to add your thoughts.

And don't forget, if you haven't posted to the forum yet, you need to sign up separately from your membership in order to post. And you'll need the VIP code: 1861

Father Dave for President

Some may say that I've left my run for President of the United States a bit late, and that not being American is going to work against me, but I figure these are minor details

My main policies are:

  • No war against Iran

  • Justice for Palestine

  • Free Disneyland entry for Australian citizens.

Admittedly, one of my policies was devised by my kids, but every vote counts!

Tales of the Patriarchs

Father Dave

I've got two crazy sermons from two crazy preachers for you this week. Both sermons are on the life of Jacob, and that's where the similarities end.

I think Elias' treatment of Jacob's marriage to the two daughters of Laban is more evangelical in nature than my reflection on Jacob wrestling with God, but I'll leave you to be the judge.

Father Elias

The Brides of Jacob and the Bride of Christ

Jacob Wrestles with God

Full members of can download the MP3 version of this last sermon
from the 'Members Benefits' area or by right-clicking here and choosing 'save target as'
(you may need to enter your member name and password)

A few things today before I let you go:

  • Firstly, I've now procured a picture of the new Father Elias - complete with broken nose. Frankly, I think it's good to see his inner-pug finally emerging. Even so, any expressions of sympathy can be directed to him via the messaging system message on (go to 'See Group Members', find his pic and click the envelope icon)

  • Secondly, a few more words about I originally designed the system for long-term unemployed people - thinking that it would help such persons to earn regular small amounts of money while getting used to a disciplined work schedule again. The only problem is that, while my component in the system is free, it requires buying into another program, the cost of which has recently doubled. Let me therefore offer a $10 rebate to all fighting-fathers members who want to try out the system and a $20 rebate to financial members. Just email me after you've joined and I'll Paypal you the rebate.

  • Thirdly, if you were hoping to contribute to the site I'm developing on amateur boxing, you'll need to get your submissions in to me right away. The site - - is scheduled to launch before the end of the week.

  • And finally, let me ask you to join me in prayer for the voyages of two amazing boats - the SS Liberty and the SS Free Gaza - currently on their way to Gaza in an attempt to break the siege from the sea. The plan is to bring in much-needed medical supplies and to sealift those badly in need of medical treatment to offshore facilities. On board the boats are about 60 persons from all over the world, including an 81-year-old holocaust survivor, an 83-year-old Catholic nun, and ... two Australians! More info at

OK. That's enough from me. I'll hope to catch up with you at the Checkpoint Zero performance this weekend, if not before.

May the Lord bless and strengthen you for the work to which you have been called.

Yours in the Good Fight,


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P.P.S. If you missed out on last weeks ezine, you can access back issues here.