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Date for ezine: 13-03-2008
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight No.55

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


Father Dave's
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Coping with Depression
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For Your Diary
Easter at Trinity
Interviews of the Month
Saying 'Sorry'
at the Gay Mardi Gras

 The View from my Corner 

It's good to be with you again, my friend.

I don't know about you, but the last month has left me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

On the international stage we've been watching violence rage throughout Kenya while fighters and civlians alike have been massacred in Gaza.

On a more local level, our Prime Minister has apologised to the indigenous people of this land and some of us in the church have apologised to the gay community for our history of mistreatment and contempt towards them.

On a personal level, I have struggled. I farewelled an old friend this month, have had more pastoral difficulties than I was ready for, and we had a fatality at our beloved Binacrombi bush camp - one of the guests!

Of course many wonderful things have happened here too:

  • We were privileged to receive a visit from the Bishop of Jerusalem.

  • I had the joy of watching our brother, Solomon Haumono, score his 14th consecutive knockout.

  • Our own boys and girls put on a terrific pugilitic performance at the Bulldog gym.

  • I turned 46, and spent a lovely afternoon with my family and friends.

Even the death at Binacrombi hasn't ended too badly. Indeed, I'm beginning this ezine to you from Binacrombi and things down here are very peaceful.

It appears that the guest who died was an older man, spending time with his boys dirt-bike riding. He seems to have had a heart attack - whether before or after he fell off his bike isn't clear, but the accident itself was only very minor, and the staff here and the man's boys did everything they could.

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Of course it is very sad, and my heart goes out to the family, but in truth I couldn't really think of a better way to go either - doing something you love in the company of those you love the most. May God grant the family rest and peace.

Well, I'm yearning for a quieter time over the coming month, but it's not likely, is it? After all, it's Easter - that time of the year when we celebrate resurrection, new life, the sufferings of God and the forgiveness of all that we get wrong. And how can anything remain unsettled in the face of that?

So let's not bother hoping for too much peace and quiet this month, but instead gird up our loins for the miracles and surprises that lie ahead, believing that He who raised Jesus from the dead will bring us through whatever adventures and trials He has in store for us.

Your brother in the Good Fight,


P.S. Don't strain your eyes trying to make out the details in the thumbnail pics in the above right-hand column. Click the pic and you'll get the full-size version.


 This Month's Special Offer 

Coping with Depression

I'm very proud this month to launch a new ebook, as a follow-on to the cutting-edge site we put together: the 'Coping with Depression' ebook and audio package.

Researchers estimate roughly 20% of the population will suffer from depression at one time or another, and if it hits you or someone you love, it can be very hard to know what's going on. 'Coping with Depression' will help you to understand:

  • The biochemical processes that leads to depression and how to treat them to establish recovery.

  • The physical and emotional experiences that can alter brain chemistry and feelings, resulting in depression, and tools one can use to overcome these feelings.

  • How to distinguish between true depression, sadness, and grief, so one can address each condition specifically.

  • How to recognize depression in a timely fashion, so that early treatment can start and facilitate a faster and longer-lasting recovery.

'Coping with Depression' comes in both eBook and audio formats (with a choice of male or female voices reading the text). You can read it on your laptop, print it out and read it during a lunch-break, or burn it to CD and listen to it in the car on the way to work. The choice is yours.

For this month only: $17
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nb. all proceeds go to 'Fighting Fathers Ministries', and if you really can't afford the $17, try downloading the 'free report' that's available on the site first.

 For Your Diary 

JS Bach Crucifixion story

Easter at Trinitys
come and join us

  • Friday March 21 (Good Friday) at 9am
    The Liturgy of the Seven Words - generally our most popular service of the year, where we reflect on the last seven words of Jesus from the cross. Seven preachers give seven (5-minute) sermons on the seven texts.

  • Friday March 21 at 7.30pm
    Excerpts from St John's Passion by JS Bach, presented by our local choir and a small orchestra, and led by the imcomparable Susan Reppion-Brooke. This is an event for the whole family.

  • Sunday March 23 (Easter Day) at 9am
    Easter Eucharist

All events held in the Holy Trinity Dulwich Hill church building. If you need a map on how to find us, click here.



 Sermon of the Month 

Faith and Praxis

As [Jesus] passed by, he saw a man blind from birth. And his disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" Jesus answered, "It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him." (John 9)

Every now and then you pick up a familiar old text and get struck by something you'd never seen in it before. This was certainly the case for me with regards to the story of the healing of the man-born-blind in John chapter 9.

It seems to me that whole dilemma facing the modern church is played out in this story, as we watch this growing divide between people obsessed with religious doctrine and theological correctness, on the one hand, and Jesus on the other, who just wants to help a handicapped guy.

Personally I feel that this is the best sermon I've come out with since my 'facts on the ground' homily on Matthew 11 last year, in that, for me, it represents a moment of insight, but you can be the judge of that.

You can read this sermon here or use the buttons to listen now.

Would you like a downloadable podcast of each of my sermons?
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 Sites of the Month

Six more must-visit sites created by friends and subscribers (and some by me).

Save the

This isn't a new site but Sheikh's situation is not getting any better, and it's time for us to take action by writing letters of support.

If you don't know the Sheikh's full story, read the early posts in the blog or take a look at our 'Christians and Moslems can be Friends' page, and then start composing your letter.

save the

You'll find a template letter in the latest entry, and if you look at some of the 'comments', you'll see letters that others have written.

C'mon Fighting Fathers! Gird up your loins and take action for a mate who is being denied justice by the Australian legal system, and make sure you leave a copy of your letter in the comments section too, to inspire others!

Child Custody Info

Here's a new one from me this month. In fact it's the only new site from me this month. is a video library built around the theme of ... you guessed it, 'Child Custody Help'. If this site isn't immediately relevant to you, you might know someone who'll find help here.

Child Custody Info

The Duck Noodle Gang blog

The title of the blog is actually 'Caliban's Dream' - creation of long-time subscriber, Alcibiades Caliban, and billed as the home of the notorious Duck Noodle Gang.

In truth, you're not likely to find many ducks nor noodles on the blog, but you will find some cutting-edge critical commentary on today's church. Highly recommended.

The Duck Noodle Gang was here

Christian Affiliate

Two blogs here from long-term susbcriber Wade Tonkin - a brother in the battle to bring spiritual values to bear in internet marketing (which is no easy task).

I mentioned last month Wade's inaugural Christian Marketers' Summit, which was apparently a big success.

christian affilaite
To find out when the next summit is on and to keep up with Wade's activities: Christian Affiliate and Christian Affiliate

Focus on

Here's a relatively new site from subscriber Travis Knight that covers everything from addiction education to demonic possession!

My feeling is that there's 50 smaller sites straining to get out here, but Travis seems to be holding them all together.

Focus on

100 Revs blog

And finally this month, the blog behind the team behind the '100 Revs' Mardi Gras march, where we said 'sorry' to the Gay and Lesbian community.

100 Revs

Check out the blog to see if we've yet reached our goal of 100 ordained clergy who are willing to say 'sorry' (88 at time of writing). Check out the blog too to read the 'sorry' statement. It's probably a lot more conservative that you think.

If you've enjoyed this month's recommend sites, do their creators a favour and head out to stumbledupon and give them a 'thumbs up'. And if you've got something to say about these sites, say it on the forum.

 Interviews of the Month

Saying 'Sorry' at the Gay Mardi Gras
100 Revs say 'Sorry' at the gay and lesbian mardi gras

100 Revs say 'sorry' to the Gay and Lesbian Community
I must confess that I'm still a little shocked at the fuss that's been created by this action.

It seemed to me to be a very obvious thing to do as Christians - to apologise for our history of abuse towards members of the gay and lesbian community.

Maybe it's because I'm an Anglican, and we're used to beginning every worship service by confessing that 'we haven't done what we ought to have done but have done what we ought not to have done'. Maybe I'm just too used to admitting that I get things wrong all the time?

At any rate, it appears that many in the church went out of their way to distance themselves from this formal apology, made at this year's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and some have already left my mailing list on account of my involvement!

Personally, my only concern was that the gay and lesbian community would see our gesture as tokenistic and respond with hostility. This was certainly not the case, and we were received very warmly indeed.

I took the opportunity, during the 3 hours or so that we had to stand around, waiting for the march to start, to interview a few of my fellow marchers. Two of the three were from the Baptist community in Wolloomooloo - the guys who came up with the idea. The other brother is Clive, one of only two other Anglican priests who made it to the event (and the only other one from Sydney).

Rev. Colin Scott
Rev. Colin Scott
Director, Hope Street Mission

Rev. Heather McClelland
Rev. Heather McClelland
Project Manager, Hope Street Mission

Father Clive Watkins
Father Clive Watkins
Rector, St George's Paddington


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