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Date for ezine: 14-12-2007
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight No.53

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


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 The View from my Corner 

Great to be with you again mate!

What an extraordinary month we've had since last we spoke! Let me fill you in on a few of the highlights.

We've had a change of government here in Oz, which we're hoping will lead to some long-awaited social justice reforms and a better deal for the marginalised in this part of the world.

Ironically though my friend the Sheikh Mansour has simultaneously found himself about to be deported from the country for reasons that are a complete mystery! In response I formed the 'Christian Save the Sheikh Coalition', which now has its own website:

You'll see some of the pics from last Sunday's 'Save the Sheikh' BBQ on the right. It was a great event. You'll find a write-up on the BBQ (and the complete story on the Sheikh) on

The next piece of excitement for me came last Monday night when Father Elias (alternatively known on the forum as 'Father Elijah') arrived in Sydney, with a view to working with us here for the next year!

I picked up Elias at 9pm. By 9.30pm we were sitting in our seats at the Sydney Entertainment Centre to watch Anthony Mundine defend his world title and (more importantly for us) to watch our brother-in-ministry, Solomon Haumono, have his 13th professional fight.

I was privileged to be part of Sol's entourage, walking out with him to the ring. We'd had many prayers inside the change room, and emerged to a guard of honour, made up of our Youth Centre boys, doing a traditional Tongan war dance with spears and drums. It was fantastic!

Solomon dispatched his opponent in the second round with a straight right to the jaw and gave thanks to God in his victory speech, which might be typical in other parts of the world but is not so common here. Anthony Mundine also enjoyed a magnificent win, and it was a great way to welcome Father Elias to the land Down Under!

To cap off the week my beautiful little girl, Veronica, became an adult yesterday - turning 18! We enjoyed a lovely dinner with the family. Veronica's boyfriend joined us. Ange gave a great speech. It was a great night.

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And now Christmas is almost upon us - that time of great celebration and mayhem, and yet also of great loneliness for so many in our community. The battle continues, and yet there are so many reasons for celebrating.

Thank you for being part of our lives this year. Let's continue to Fight the Good Fight together in the year ahead.

Your brother in the Good Fight,


P.S.Spare a thought for our dear brother Morde Vanunu this Christmas, who is appealing six more months in prison for the crime of talking to the media!

You can also send him a Christmas card:
Salah Adin Street Post Office,
PO Box 2012, East Jerusalem 91384, Israel

Remember Morde Vanunu this Christmas


 This Month's Special Offer 

Six of the Best 2007
A gift for the person who thought they had everything!

OK guys! Here they are!

As voted by you, my six best sermons of 2007, bundled on to an audio CD with introductory Bible readings courtesy of my good wife, Ange.

It's the perfect gift for the sermonophiles amongst your friends or for family members suffering from insomnia, and, of course, all proceeds go back into keeping this ezine and my websites alive.

Six of the Best 2007

Sermons from the Gospel according to St Luke

Luke 4:14-21 Jesus, Justice and Jubilee
Luke 14:25-33Hating your family for Jesus' sake
Luke 13:1-9Why do bad things happen to good people?
Luke 16:1-9The Parable of the Sly Bastard
Luke 16:19-31The Deserving Poor?
Luke 20:27-38No Marriage in Heaven!

So what's the cost? $20, including postage, and $10 for each additional CD (providing that they're sent to the same address).

Click here now to receive yours before Christmas

 For Your Diary 

Christmas at Trinitys

Merry Christmas to all!

As you can see, Sheila is warming up her fiddle for our usual array of cheery Christmas events, so if you happen to be in Oz this Christmas, you'll have plenty of good reasons for joining us:

  • Sunday December 16th: Christmas Revamped Concert and Play (7.30pm)
    Our young people discover the real meaning of Christmas, while being ably supported by our community choir

  • Monday December 24th: Carols on the Lawn (7.30pm)
    Our much-loved Christmas Eve carol cacophony, complete with candles, sparklers, prizes, and me MC'ing in my ever-deteriorating Santa hat.

  • Tuesday December 25th: Christmas Day Eucharist (9am)
    And if you don't have anyone to share Christmas lunch with this year, let me know before we reach the great day.

Our Christmas celebrations will more than likely be followed by New Years at Binacrombi for those who are keen, so if you haven't got your plane tickets for Oz organised yet, now is the time to do so.



 Sermon of the Month 

The Yuletide Cheer of John the Baptist!

"You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruit that befits repentance." (Matthew 3:7-8)

These are hardly greetings of yuletide cheer, yet this is the greeting that we receive from John the Baptist each year as we kick off the Christmas season.

Tis the season to be jolly? Well ... I think John would say that all jovial expressions of goodwill need to be backed up with solid acts of faith if they are not to be meaningless. Perhaps that's not what we want to hear at Christmas time, but perhaps it is what we need to hear.

For a copy of my 'John the Baptist Christmas Greeting Card', right-click here and choose 'save target as'. Use the buttons below to listen to the sermon.

Would you like a downloadable podcast of each of my sermons?
Join my Partners program

 Sites of the Month

Save the

Here's where you'll get all the info on the 'Save the Sheikh' campaign.'

  • copies of the latest press releases
  • guidelines on how and where to write letters of support
  • updates on our progress

While you're there, be sure to look at some of the comments that have been made on the posts. Almost all are from members of the Islamic community, expressing their thanks and fraternal love for their fellow Christian supporters.

Podcast: Crossing the Line (Life in Occupied Palestine)

Crossing the Line is one of the greatest resources available for those who really want to know what's going on in occupied Palestine. It is a weekly podcast, interviewing academics and journalists and also people on the ground in Gaza and the West Bank, attempting to give 'a voice to the voiceless'.

People often ask me how I know so much about what's going on in Gaza. Here's my secret. I listen to material like this. You can too. Click here.

Jerusalem Dispossessed

Here's an amazing photographic exhibition put together by Anne Paq, Keren Manor, Nir Landau, Oren Ziv, Tess Scheflan, and Yotam Ronen - some people who believe in photography’s power to create change through awareness.

The photos are not sensationalised images of mangled bodies or anything of the sort, but rather images of the daily life of people living under occupation. These pics truly do say thousands of words. Click here.

A Christmas Gift from Sam Beatson

Sam is an old friend and a long-time subscriber to this ezine. His latest publication is aimed at helping us develop an attitude of gratitude in business and in all of life.

Sam is offering us all a free copy. Click here.

Open Letter Updates

It's been a year now since Keith Mascord published his 'open letter' to the Standing Committee of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

The letter called for change - for a more humble, open and loving church. And the letter itself has been changed - updated, annotated and expanded upon.

Well, the letter finally has its own website, and none too soon. Now you can get all your Open Letter updates and news right here.

An Alternative to Adsense?

Net Audio Ads may be the first viable alternative to Adsense for us ordinary website owners, when it comes to monetizing our websites.

Rather than display banners or text-based ads (as on this page), Net Audio Ads actually plays a brief audio clip when someone arrives at your site. The biggest advantage of this form of advertising for the website owner is that you get paid every single time the ad plays, not only when someone responds.

Check out the new Pay-Per-Play system here..

Got something to say about these sites? Say it on the forum.

 Father Dave's Virtual Christmas Stocking!

eGifts for your virtual stocking
Download them all for FREE


While I hate the commercialism of Christmas in our culture, my children are still young enough that I can enjoy the glitter and the pantomime through them.

If your children are as addicted to electronic games and gadgets as much as mine are though, here are some eGifts that may actually help get them away from the computer and game console!

Print these out. Get the children to read them themselves (if they're old enough) or add some of these classics to your bedtime reading.

Merry Christmas

The Children's Book of Christmas Stories

The Children's Book
of Christmas Stories

A collection of 34 Classic
Children's Christmas Stories.

Right-click here and choose
'save target as' to download.

The Christmas Dinner
The Christmas Dinner

This is an 18-page play about
Christmas, intended, not only
for acting, but also for reading.

Right-click here and choose
'save target as' to download.

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

Another collection of short
Christmas stories, including
the famous poem

Right-click here and choose
'save target as' to download.

Alex Bainbridge

Old Christmas

A British Christmas Classic
by Washington Irving

Right-click here and choose
'save target as' to download.

The Christmas Mystery
The Christmas Mystery

A story of an entirely different
group of Three Wise Men
in a modern setting!

Right-click here and choose
'save target as' to download.

Enjoy these Christmas gifts. I don't expect anything in return,
but if you'd like to buy me a Christmas Drink, you'd be welcome.

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