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Date for ezine: August 19, 2002
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, no.5

Father Dave's newsletter no.5

The Good Fight
The Good Fight
August 19, 2002   Fathers Dave's Monthly Newsletter
What's happening in our corner

Well, at last it's over. We are now the proud owners of 'Kamp Krusty' (otherwise known as 'Binacrombi').

I thought that working with drug addicts and criminals was hard until I had to spend a month struggling with lawyers and accountants. It's been a frankly debilitating time, but it's over. We own it, and now it's just a matter of getting the ministry up and running.

If any of you are looking for a new ministry challenge, we haven't settled on anyone for the role of caretaker/site manager yet. If you love the idea of living in a remote area of the Australian bush and developing your own ministry to kids and to bike-riders, this could be for you! Give me a call.

Thank you to everybody who has helped get the project this far, and thanks to all who've kept the flag flying in the church, the Youth Centre, the Reachout programme and the Fight Club, while I've been less than 100% attentive to my duties in any of these areas. I thank God that we have a terrific team!

All goes well in all other areas of our lives. The kids are all well, with the little guy growing at great rate. I had the privilege of preaching in a pub recently, and am hoping to speak in two more pubs before the end of the year. This is the most exciting development in mission for me that I can remember. And the parishioner that I spoke of in the last newsletter who was shot twice at point blank range - he's doing just fine.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement.  

What's new on the site

Well, it's a new site really!

I do hope each of you have managed to change the address in your favourites list to

Don't delete of course. Over the coming months we'll be developing it into a community site for Christian fighters. It will also be the main vehicle for promoting our 'Fighting for a Drug-Free Future' show.

As to new content, well, it depends on how long since you've visited. Over the last few weeks I've posted new sermons (both video and audio), links to Kamp Krusty, etc. Drop by, and if you haven't done so already, go and sign the guestbook.

Computer Tip #5 - Partitioning your disk

Unless you've installed two hard disks in your PC, there is NO good reason for NOT partitioning your C: drive.

Even if you do have multiple hard disks, you probably should still partition them. Why? Well, in a Windows environment you can fit more stuff onto smaller disks because of the way Windows works with cluster sizes, but that's not the main reason. The main reason is that it makes the organisation of your backups so much simpler. I suggest the following steps:

1. Partition the C: drive into C: and D: drives, making D: much, much smaller than C:. On a 20 gigabyte drive, for instance, give 3 or 4 gigs only to the D: drive.

2. Install all software programmes on C: drive.

3. Save all user files (letters, spreadsheets, pics, etc.) on D:

Now, when you come to your weekly backup (and don't tell me you're not doing one!) all you have to do is backup D:, rather than fishing your way through the C: drive trying to work out where your letters ended up.

Partitioning the disk makes finding your files much easier all round really. It also slows disk fragmentation, and has a mulitude of other benefits. The only problem with disk partitioning is that it's hard work if you're a novice, and particularly hard if you're computer is already set up with just the one C: drive.

If you are willing to start again from scratch, backup all your user files and then give PARTMAN.EXE or its Win XP equivalent a go (always found on the installation CD). Beware though that it will DESTROY EVERYTHING on your hard disk and that it is irreversible.

If you're not willing to go back to scratch and reload everything, get a commercial programme that will do the whole job for you without destroying any files. The commercial programme wil also resize your partitions for you on the fly when you need to alter them later.

PARTITION MAGIC is probably the most accessible commercial programme on the market today, though I use the shareware program 'Paragon Partition Manager' (

There are some freeware partition programmes around, but the ones I've seen are so tough to operate that you probably wouldn't want to muck around with them unless you were an expert, and if you were an expert then you would have partitioned your harddisk a long time ago.

Sermon of the month

"You shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with humans and have prevailed."

There aren't many points in the Bible where my two great passions - Fighting and Faith - are brought together quite so clearly as they are in Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestles with God.

What was really happening on that dark night by the river Jabbok, when our father in faith fought all night with that mysterious divine opponent, only to have God catch him with a shot below the belt at sunrise?

Click here to get my thoughts on the matter.

Fight Tip No.4 - Hips & Brains

'Hips and Hara' they used to say in Aikido classes - 'use your hips and use your brain' is how I like to put it. The hips are the centre of your body, and they are the key to power.

When you throw a punch, plant your feet, and let your hips generate your power off that rock-hard foundation.

When you throw a turning kick (ie. roundhouse kick), turn your hip ahead of your foot if you can to generate the maximum power.

When you apply that standing jiujitsu joint lock, don't let your hands extend too far from your hips, as the connetion between hand and hip is again the key to control.

Because so much power is generated from your hips, you should make sure you warm up your hips before training, and warm them down afterwards. And do plenty of streching in the hip area too. Martial artists are notorious for developing short hip-flexors. If you don't know how to stretch your hip-flexors, ask someone who does know to show you.

'Use your hips and use your brain'. At least the 'hips' side of the equation is pretty straighforward.

The picture is of my friend George Plellis, using hips and brains well as he plants one on my nose. Click the pic for a bigger picture.