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Date for ezine: 11-05-2007
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight - May 07

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


Father Dave's
In this month's issue:
The View from my Corner
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Sermon of the month
Is suffering eternal?
This Month's Special Offer
Instantly recover deleted files
Sites of the month
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For Your Prayers
Save the Sheikh!
Fight Tip of the Month
Interview with Alex Tui: part 4

 The View from my Corner 

G'day to you, my friend.

I hope that your last month has been full of life and light. For me, it's been full of baptisms, weddings and funerals!

Thankfully, we've welcomed in more new members of the church (through baptism) than we have farewelled old members (via funerals). Even so, we did have one particularly dramatic funeral, where the presiding priest, who was taking my place while I had a few days away, had a heart-attack and collapsed at the outset of the service!

Thankfully he is in recovery, and thankfully there was another priest in the congregation who carried on with the service. Certainly though it served to make a memorable woman's passing even more memorable.

The highpoint for me this last month though was the wedding we participated in last weekend, of my old friend Eli Azzi to his long-time partner, Christine. Eli was the architect who designed our Youth Centre, and was also the man who first brought Binacrombi to my attention.

Eli is of Lebanese heritage. Christine is a skip, as we say (ie. an Anglo-Celtic Australian). I've never attended a Maronite wedding before, but I must say that it was wonderful! It seemed that all nations were represented there, and brought together in celebration and worship.

A wonderful elderly Catholic priest presided at the wedding. He embodied for me what it was all about when he invited me to come forward and co-celebrate with him. He said, "politics and doctrines may divide us, but we are one in Christ Jesus!"

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I declined the gracious invitation (thinking it might appear insensitive to the families) but retained the sense of inclusion in all that took place.

It was a small glimpse of the Kingdom of God - people of all nations, tribes and languages, gathered together in celebration and worship - and it climaxed for me when the elderly Mrs Azzi danced unashamedly in front of the assembled crowd at the reception.

As Christians it is our sure and certain hope that one day the whole universe will be enveloped in this sort of harmony and grace - when peoples of all nations will live together as sisters and brothers, when the people of Gaza and Dafur will be freed from violence, when the scourge of AIDS will be lifted from Africa, when the earth will be as full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

In the meantime, we live, we work, we fight and we pray. Even so, we never lose sight of the Kingdom coming.

The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!" Everyone who hears this must also say, "Come!" Come, whoever is thirsty; accept the water of life as a gift, whoever wants it. ... He who gives his testimony to all this says, "Yes indeed! I am coming soon!" So be it. Come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:17-20)

Your brother in the Good Fight,


P.S. The thumbnailed pics above cover other highlights of the last month for me. Click to see them full-size.


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 For Your Prayers 

Sheikh Mansour facing Deportation?

My friend, Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, is under threat of deportation! What's more, he says he has no idea why he is being evicted!

Mansour has been in the country ten years now, and has been serving the Islamic community in my region for almost all of that time.

You know Mansour through the dialogues we've recorded on my 'friends' page.

Sheikh Mansour and me

Sheikh Mansour sitting with me outside our church building

I know him to be a bridge-builder - a genuine man of peace - who is doing his best to build relationships of understanding and respect between peoples of different cultures and faiths within our community.

In trying to make sense of the opposition to Mansour, it's hard to avoid conspiracy theories. Why would this government want to oust a peace-maker like Mansour, unless their real aim is to push everyone to extremes by getting rid of the moderates? I hope this is not the case, but in truth, we just can't see what the problem is, and Mansour isn't being told anything!

Mansour's faith community at the Iman Hussein Islamic Centre has asked for our help. In particular they are asking that all of us who are willing to support the Sheikh should write to the Attorney General, and express our concerns.

If you'd like to see the full appeal letter from the Islamic Centre, which includes the email address of the Attorney General, and more background information on Mansour and the case, just click here.

Let me encourage you to get behind this campaign. It's a great opportunity for the Christian community to show solidarity with a brother completely outside of our ranks! And isn't that exactly the sort of love that Jesus was renowned for!


 Sermon of the Month 

The Wounds Endure!

There's something that bothers me about the resurrection of Jesus, and it's there in the well-known story of 'Doubting Thomas'. It's the fact that the resurrected Jesus still bears the marks of His crucifixion after He's been resurrected!

Does this mean that we'll all retain the marks of our suffering when we reach the Kingdom of God? This is more than an academic question. It's a question of whether pain is eternal or whether it will pass!

Think this one through with me please. You'll find the printed version of this sermon here, or click the play button below to hear it now.

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 Sites of the Month 

Six of the best sites, videos and articles that I've come across this month.
Keep sending me the links to your personal sites so that I can mention them.

We talk about 'fatherhood' on quite a lot, as well as and on the forum, but no father I've ever seen even comes close to Rick Hoyt when it comes to long term devotion to a disabled son.

This man is simply amazing, and an inspiration to us all. If you haven't seen this video yet, it's guaranteed to make your day! Click here.

Merchants of Cool

'Merchants of Cool' is a full-length documentary on the business machine behind teenage trends and fashion. Who defines what is 'cool'? Is it the teenagers themselves or are the MTV marketers and media magnates pulling their strings?

The documentary is broken into 6 segments of about 10 minutes each, for easy viewing. Grab your teenager, sit them in front of the computer, and click here.

Power of God Online Radio

Here's something inspirational to have going in the background while you work away on your computer - the Power of God Online Radio.

That's my mate, the Rev. Cleonies Odom Jr. in the picture to the right, and you can hear him preaching, along with yours truly, on the station.

Rev. Cleonies Odom Jr.

Unfortunately, my time-slot is 11am Tuesday morning, US Pacific time, which works out at 4am Wednesday, Sydney time. Even so, click here and tune in.

Teach Baby to Sleep through the Night

Here's a new site that I chiselled together about a week ago, containing articles and resources to help you get your baby to sleep at night.

If you're reading this ezine late at night, with baby on your lap or screaming in the background, this is the site you've been waiting for! Click here.

get baby to sleep

My Space

I appreciate that a number of you have been telling me that I ought to put up my own MySpace page. Well, your wisdom has prevailed. It's up! Click here.

In truth though, I can't take much credit for this offering. It was initially put together by my assistant Narelle and then fine-tuned by my daughter, Veronica.

Even so, all suggestions as to how the 'space' might be improved are welcome and should be addressed to me. Oh, and I note that I've already got 493 friends, but I don't think that you are one of them yet! Please come on board.

The Best $10 Report I've read

If you're involved in Internet Marketing, you know that there's been a spate of reports coming out lately, costing $10 or less - each offering specific insights or techniques. I've purchased a number of them, and most of them just rehash old material, but now I've come across one that is genuinely unique and that I can wholeheartedly recommend. It's Alok Jain's 'On Demand Profits'.

Jain promises to show you a method for creating money online even if you have no website and no product! What's more, it doesn't use any underhanded techniques, and it works! Click here to take a look.

OK, that's six of the best that I've seen this month. Keep forwarding me details on your own sites and recommending other URL's of interest. And if you have comments on the sites mentioned today, please have your say on the forum.


 Fight Tip of the Month 

Interview with Alex Tui: part 4

This month we've got another instalment of our archived interview with Australia's first world kickboxing champion.

Today we ask Alex whether he had any special techniques that gave him an advantage over his opponents.

Did Alex have a 'secret weapon' of any kind or was it just all sweat and hard work? Click here to find out.

The Tongan Tornado: Alex Tui

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