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Date for ezine: June 16, 2002
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight

Father Dave's newsletter no.4

The Good Fight
The Good Fight
June 16, 2002   Fathers Dave's Monthly Newsletter
What's happening in our corner

Another month of high drama for us, with a great deal to be thankful for. I baptised my son. I fought 'the Man'. We've moved one step closer to setting up 'Camp Krusty', and one of our parishioners has been shot.

This last piece of news is truly terrible. Thanks be to God though, we believe he will pull through. His name is Mahendar, and he's a lovely Fijian Indian man - a long time member of the Trinitys family here and a daily attender at our Youth Centre. He was shot in the chest, and the bullet passed through his liver. Please pray for him and for his family.

On the positive front, we have enjoyed tremendous support from our local community over the last month.

I believe our May 25 'Fight Night' was the best we've yet put together, and it was a real privilage for me to rumble with someone the calibre of Anthony 'the Man' Mundine. We raised plenty of money, and the whole community came together to support us.

A week later one of the local hotels held a benefit event for us and raised another $11,000! A big thank you to all the guys at the Henson Park Hotel and to all the individuals and community groups that have given us so much support over the last month.

As to 'Camp Krusty' (ie. 'Binacrombi') ... well ... it's all on schedule, but I'm as nervous as hell about it, as setting up country campsites is a whole new area for me. And we do still need more investors, so if any of you guys have a spare $20k or so, and would like to invest it in setting up a kids' campsite, I can't promise you great financial returns, but I do believe that it will yield great dividends in the lives of young people we serve.

Keep us in your prayers please. I'm running out of energy and need a holiday, but we're low on numbers at the moment and there's much to be done. 'The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Pray that the Lord might send more workers into the harvest!'


What's new on the site

Lots of good stuff this month.

I've put up two new newspaper articles that appeared recently. We've had a lot of media support of late, being the subject of nine different newspaper articles over the last month. These two articles were the pick of the crop. You can find them in the 'Press Clippings' section of the site, or you can just click here to go there now.

I've also uploaded some Fight Night photos - one a pre-fight publicity shot of me and Mundine, the other a picture of the actual fight. I definitely look healthier in the first pic. You'll find each of the photos in the 'Watch me Fight' section of the site, or you can just click here


Computer Tip #4 - Windows Shortcut Keys

Hey, you might be a complete muggins on the computer, but there's no reason to let anybody else know that. Impress your friends and workmates by knowing an obscure collection of Windows shortcut keys. My favourites are:

  • In word processing:
  • SHIFT+DELETE: performs a 'cut'
  • CTRL+C: performs a copy
  • CTRL+V: Pastes
  • CTRL+B: Bold
  • CTRL+U: Underline
  • CTRL+I: Italic
  • In file management:
  • F2: Renames a file
  • F3: Finds files (choose you're directory first)
  • SHIFT+DELETE: Permanently deletes a file
    (bypassing that annoying 'Recylcle Bin')
  • CTRL+Drag (with mouse): to COPY a file somewhere.
  • SHIFT+ Drag: to MOVE a file somewhere
    (remember: 'Ctrl to Copy, Shift to Shift')
  • From Anywhere:
  • CTRL+Z: Undo
  • Windows Key + Pause: Brings up 'System Proprerties', which is only a tab away from 'Device Manager' (which is probably what you were really looking for).

OK! You're fully armed. Go forth and impress!

Sermon of the month

This has to be the most unpopular sermon I've ever given. After preaching this on a Sunday morning, some people just refused to talk to me over morning tea!

What was the problem? I think I attacked a few of the sacred cows of our culture. The text is from Matthew 7 - Jesus tells a story about two builders. Click here to grab it.

Fight Tip No.4 - Distancing

Fighting is all about distancing. That's why getting stuck in the corner is such a problem - you loose all control of the distance. Being on the ropes can likewise cause enormous distancing problems, unless the ropes are loose, in which case you can make them work in your favour ( eg. Ali's 'Rumble in the Jungle').

In boxing you're generally working at just one distance - trying to keep exactly one arm's length away from your opponent. In kickboxing you're constantly changing between two distances - one for punching and one for kicking.

Of course both boxing and kickboxing also allow 'in-fighting' where the combatants fight from a clinch. In Pankration fighting this is the same distance at which we grapple and throw. The fourth distance for the grappler is the one found on the ground, where the good grappler gives away no distance at all.

If you control the distance, you control the fight. That goes for any form of fighting. In boxing, you're heavily reliant on your speed to make this work. In kickboxing and in the grappling arts you have to rely more on your brain because of the increased options. That's why boxing is a young man's sport, whereas us old codgers can manage the more inclusive fighting styles much better.

The picture is of Anthony 'the Man' Mudine, who has me backed up against the ropes. I actually like fighting off the ropes, and these ropes were very loose. Even so, the expression on the faces suggests that it was 'the Man' and not me who had controll of the distance that night. Click the pic for a better view.