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Date for ezine: 20-05-2006
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight (May 2006)

The Good Fight

The Good Fight

Father Dave's
In this month's issue:
The View from my Corner
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Sermon of the month
The Elusive Jesus
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For Your Diary
The movie no one dares to screen!
Fight Tip of the Month
Green-Mundine: bigger than boxing!

The View from my Corner

Hi Guys,

It's been another extraordinary month for me:

In the church at the moment we are celebrating a record number of births and baptisms (congratulations Kim, Dave, Fiona, Andrew, Shane and Theresa).

Our Youth Centre this month also received a significant boost in finances when our buddies at the Sly Fox Hotel put on a fundraiser evening for us. My heartfelt thanks go to Shad, Paul, Arlene and Roscoe, and all the performers who helped on the night.

In our Fight Club, two of our boys have scored knockout wins this month. Young Paul Quinlin made his amatuer debut last week, stopping his opponent in the third round, and big Greg 'the Greganought' Stanton dropped his opponent only 38 seconds into his fight!

Greg is looking at a title shot at our next promotion on July 1st. Put the date aside in your diary now!

Meanwhile, down at Binacrombi Bush Camp, our onsite managers George and Michael continue to do a great job.

We are still waiting to start construction work on the Binacrombi gym. Even so, Kon and I will be running a Fight Camp down there over the first weekend in June. If you'd like to come, just let me know.

Over in Israel, our brother Morde Vanunu is back in court, defending his right to speek freely to the media.

As things stand, he could be imprisoned again for speaking to the international press about Israel's hidden weapons of mass destruction. He is in good spirits nonetheless but values our prayers.

On the home front, I've had the chance to do a lot of media work this month - the highlight being a brief appearance on reality TV show, 'Australian Princess 2'.

The first series was a special favourite for my daughter Imogen, and my condition of involvment was that I was able to bring her with me. They agreed, and Imogen became Australia's littlest Pricess for a day!

The other big event for me personally was the chance to attend the Green-Mundine fight. More on that below!

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And I must say that it has been a big month for me online.

While we haven't generated any extra funds for our offline work this month, I do feel that I have personally profited enormously from some of the people I†have met over the last few weeks.

A number of those people are the authors of articles that I've been permitted to republish this month, and are referred to below. Others are those I have been interacting with on the forum.

All in all I have been deeply impressed and humbled by the wisdom that many of you guys - my online family - have been demonstrating. And it does make me feel that this web work is finally beginning to achieve its mission - to give resources and energy to all of us who are in there for the good fight.

God bless you all. Thank you for your support. Keep your hands up!

Your brother in the Good Fight,


P.S. If you haven't made a contribution to the forum yet, please do so soon. I'm still sending a special prize to everyone who posts for the first time. Just make sure you include your email address when you register so that I can reach you.


This Month's Special Offer
OK guys. I'm not going to give a lengthy sales spiel here as this product should sell itself at this price. My apologies if you bought this course only a short time ago for $47, but it's been available for more than a year now, and it's time to clear the virtual shelves.

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Please note that I only intend to leave the product at this price until either 100 copies are sold or until the end of the month - whichever comes first.

If you're interested in reading more in less time, do grab yourself a copy. If it doesn't work for you, you can always ask for your ten bucks back.

For Your Diary

Paradise Now
a movie about idealism, mateship & suicide bombing

OK guys. I†recognise that I'm going out on a bit of a limb by showing this movie, but let me tell you the story behind my screening of it.

Late last year I read a movie review from the great Jewish human rights activist, Uri Avnery, where he extolled Paradise Now as being both balanced and accurate in terms of its portrayal of life in Israel-Palestine. He contrasted it with Spielberg's Munich, which he thought was neither balanced nor historically accurate. I decided then that I had to see this movie.

So I waited for it to come out in the Sydney cinemas ... and I waited. I†read rave reviews from the SBS movie review team and from a host of others. I†heard about the awards it was receiving overseas, such as the Amnesty International Film Prize. I did search after search to see who in Sydney was showing it.

Eventually I noticed that it came on in Newcastle (about 100 miles north of here) and then in Avoca Beach (not much closer). I thought 'it must come to Sydney soon'. Then it went off in Newcastle and Avoca Beach!

I then started trying to track down the distributors of the movie, which led me to the office of Sharmill Films in Melbourne, who confirmed the fact that very few cinemas in this country had been game to show the movie. This seemed to me to present an opportunity.

So ... for three nights only - from Friday May 26th through to Sunday May 28th inclusive - I will be screening the Acadamy-Award-nominated movie, Paradise Now, in the Holy Trinity Church building in Dulwich Hill, starting at 7pm (click here for a map).

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click here to see my press release and get more details

click here to visit the official movie web site

Sermon of the Month

That very day two of them were going to a village named Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem, and they were talking with each other about all these things that had happened. While they were talking and discussing together, Jesus himself drew near and went with them. But their eyes were kept from recognizing him. (Luke 24:13-16)

This passage from Luke 24 always fascinates me. Even during His earthly minstry, Jesus was hard to track down, but the resurrected Jesus seems to defy all logic in the way He appears and disappears and moves between different places with scant regard for the laws of physics! And then, at other times, his appearance seems to be straightforward, as at this moment, yet nobody seems to recognise Him!

Every year this passage seems to come up, and every year I struggle to come to terms with it. This year was no exception. One day I hope to nail this passage (no pun intended) but in the meantime, feel free to offer your insights on bits I might have missed. Contact me either via email or (better) via the forum. Click here to read my latest reflection on this passage now.

Sites of the Month

It was my great privilege this month to get permission to republish some excellent articles on I want to give a big thank you to Dr Patrick Seale and to Deb Reich in particular - fellow-warriors in the Good Fight.

Power Makes Men Made

This is a brilliant and succinct analysis of world affairs by Dr Patrick Seale - UK author and expert on the Middle East - and I†am deeply grateful to have his permision to reprint the article here.

Why is it, Dr Seale asks, "that the most powerful countries in the world are also the most afraid" and what is this going to mean for the future of our world.

The Little Mermaid on Highway Six

Deb Reich is an American-born writer, editor, translator and mother who lives in Israel-Palestine with her daughter. She offers a grass-roots human perspective on life in the Middle East.

"Itís time to listen to the business-for-peace guys and the wise moms. Itís long past time", she says. Click here to glean some wisdom from this wise mom.

We are Wide Awake is the creation of Eileen Fleming - Christian social activist and human rights campaigner.

Eileen is also responsible for the recently-released
30-minute video interview with our brother Morde Vanunu.

You can access the interview either from Eileen's site or by going to the homepage of, scolling down to the password gate, and entering 'morde' as your username and 'video' as the password.

Morde Vanunu

Linking your way to Success (article and video)

Here's one for the Internet Marketers amongst you, or frankly anyone who is trying to get more traffic to their website.

Linking is the key to getting a high rank in the search engines. Having a system in place for multiplying the number of links to your site is an essential ingredient in any web promotion strategy. What I've packaged for you here is not only an article and a video on the subject. I'm also giving you a free linking script to help you automate the entire linking process. Click here.

Brian McLaren on the Da Vinci Code

The Sydney Anglican Diocese has poured a lot of energy lately into defending the church from the misleading storyline of The Da Vinci Code. Pastor Brian McLaren, writer and Sojourners board member, sees the popularity of the movie as a significant wake-up call for the church.

Click here to read the interview with McLaren.

How to Pick a Paypal Scam Email

And finally, here's one for eveybody who didn't take out a Paypal subscription to my weekly ezine because they were scared that Paypal was going to empty their account. Actually, I guess it's also for all of you who did take out the Paypal subscription, despite fears that Paypal might empty your account!

In truth, Paypal are as trustworthy as the day is blue, but there are a lot of scammers out there who will email you, pretending to be Paypal, in an attempt to rob you. So how do you distinguish the fake Paypal email from the genuine article? Click here to read the article and watch my video demonstartion.

You can pass this one on to your friends who have Paypal accounts, using the 'tell a friend' link in the article. And if you do suddenly get inspired to take out a Paypal subscrition to my weekly ezine, click here.

Keep forwarding me your own sites and recommending other sites of interest.
If you have comments on these articles, please have your say in the forum.


Fight Tip of the Month

Green-Mundine: More than just a Boxing Match

I'm sure my buddy Nick Stone will fogive me for taking a month out from my interview series to offer my thoughts on what had to be the most anticipated fight in Australian history.

It was a great match. Indeed, it was more than just a boxing match, and it was my great privilege to be there as the guest of team Mundine.

Click here to get my wrap on this great Australian moment.

Interview with Pitbull Grima

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