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Date for ezine: 23-04-2006
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight (April 2006)

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


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Interview with Nick Stone: Part 2

 The View from my Corner 

Hi Guys,

Well, it's certainly been a big month for me:

Under the ever-inspiring leadership of Susan Reppion-Brooke, our community choir, the Jubilate Singers, delivered another stunning performance on Palm Sunday.

This time it was Mozart's Requiem. We packed out the church with over 450 people. We raised more than $5000 for Dulwich Primary School. We all had a great night!

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In the same week, I had the privilege of meeting one of my heroes in the faith - preacher and activist, Jim Wallis.

Jim said the world is hungering for two things - spiritual integrity and social justice. We must bring the two together!

The next great surprise was to have the athletics team from Sierra Leone join us for church, having just finished competing in the Commonwealth Games!

These boys fear returning home, and we'll be doing our best to help them find asylum. One member of the team is a committed activist and has already spent time in prison.

And then a really big event - Soren Lee Mordechai Smith finally accrued as many years as he has names!

Yes, the little guy turned four, and we celebrated with family and friends in a traditional Australian way!

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And then we held a rally in the centre of Sydney to mark two years since the release of my friend, Morde Vanunu. 

Morde, you will remember, was released from Ashkelon Prison in Israel two years ago (April 21st, 2004) after serving 18 years for the crime of telling the world about the secret nuclear weapons stockpile hidden under the Negev desert in Israel - a 'crime' that has had him nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize every year since his arrest!

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Since his release, Morde has laboured under various restrictions imposed on him, limiting where he can travel and who he can speak to. Basically, the Israeli Government does not want Morde continuing to embarrass them, by drawing attention to their hidden stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Morde's revelations are of course particularly relevant at the moment, as the US and the UN attempt to put pressure on Iran over it's nuclear development.

Morde will be back in court next month, fighting for the right to stay out of prison, as he has been accused of breaching his release conditions by sharing his story again with the world-wide press.

Now would be a great time to write to the powers-that-be in Israel and express your concern for Morde, asking them to lift the restrictions and, while they're at it, to be honest with the rest of the world about how many nuclear weapons they have and what they intend to do with them!

Yes, it's been a big month for me, and it looks like there's still lots of work ahead. May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen you for the work to which you have been called..

Your brother in the Good Fight,


P.S. Before signing off today I want to send our best wishes to subscriber Nick Chiew, who makes his amateur kickboxing debut on April 23rd on Paul Grima's 'No Bull' fight show at Castle Hill RSL (starting at 4.30pm). Being a Sunday, I can't be there, but I know you'll be great mate!


 This Month's Special Offer 

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 Sermon of the Month 

Every Easter we gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, as the central event in the Christian calendar. Even those who rarely darken the doors of our churches often find their way back into a pew this time of year.

But why? What is it that makes Easter so significant? The reason for getting excited may not be obvious to everybody, and the Biblical accounts of the resurrection actually tell us very little about how it happened or why it happened.

Explore the resurrection of Jesus with me again today, if you dare, either by clicking here and reading my reflection or by clicking the play button below. The high-res podcast version will be made available to subscribers to the weekly ezine next week.

 Sites of the Month 

I've decided to focus this month on some of the recent publications that have appeared on Lately I've had the privilege of publishing material of a number of leading authors and activists, and if you've missed these articles, I'd urge you to read them now or bookmark this page for later.

The Apology from John Howard

If only this apology were genuine, I'd actually have a far greater respect for the Australian PM.

You may remember my speech that I sent to George W. after 9/11 that unfortunately he did not use (click here).
It is equally unfortunate that Johnny Howard didn't take advantage of the talents of speech-writer Richard Neville - a great writer and a great man.

Marketing the Gospel

Here's one for the Internet Marketers amongst us.

It seems to me that there is a fundamental point of difference between marketing methodology and the logic of the Gospels. Marketers judge their success in terms of sales. A Christian would surely give preference to criteria such as 'truth'. Does this mean that there is no place for marketing in the Christian community? Not necessarily.

The Exodus of the Palestinian Christians

Another great man I had the privilege of meeting this month was Dr Abe Ata - a lecturer in Psychology and a ninth generation Palestinian Christian.

Did you know that at the current rate of decline, there will be no Christians at all living in Bethlehem within a few years! Let Dr Ata tell you the full story.

Morde Vanunu - released but not free

In case you missed the link above, this is the speech I gave on Friday April 21st at the protest rally, marking the second anniversary of Morde's release.

One of the other speakers on the night spoke of Morde as a 'giant of a man', and that he is. But he is still basically my mate, and I'm still hoping to fulfil my promise to him - to take him for a walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Am I an Anti-Semite?

This excellent article by long-time peace activist Staughton Lynd highlights the problem that many of us face when we are critical of the Government of Israel. We are labelled as anti-Semitic (or if you are Jewish you are labelled a 'self-hating Jew').

Surely it must be possible to be critical of the policies of a government while respecting its citizens.

So Much for "Sunshine Week"

And let me conclude this collection by referring you to an article that I wanted to reprint, but for which I haven't received permission (as yet).

The article is by Alison Weir, and outlines a shocking case where Associated Press representatives seem to have deliberately erased footage of an Israeli soldier intentionally shooting a Palestinian boy.

Associated Press is the world's oldest and largest news organisation, and their CEO has been quoted as saying that "the trend toward secrecy is the greatest threat to democracy.". Something doesn't add up!

It would seem that the independent free press are not quite as free and independant as they make out. Alison Weir calls them to account!

Keep forwarding me your own sites and recommending other sites of interest.
If you have comments on these articles, please have your say in the forum.

 Fight Tip of the Month 

Interview with Nick Stone: Part 2

This month we continue our interview with my mate, the 'British Bulldog', Nick Stone.

Like all the great fighters and trainers, Nick didn't get into kickboxing because he was looking to make a career move. He genuinely fell in love with the sport.

In the 70's and 80's Nick travelled between Australia, Britain, Thailand and Holland to train with the world's best. Click here to let him tell you in his own words.

Interview with Pitbull Grima

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