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Date for ezine: 17-03-2006
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight (March 2006)

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


Father Dave's
In this month's issue:
The View from my Corner
the world according to Dave
Sermon of the month
Jesus heals a man who won't shut up!
This month at
Big changes are afoot
Sites of the month
A focus on Fathers
For Your Prayers
Camp Connect
Fight Tip of the Month
An interview with Nick Stone: Part 1

 The View from my Corner 

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a fight! Can you help me?

We've been doing a pretty serious assessment of our Youth Centre over the last few weeks. We've repaired some of the facilities, we've had to throw out some bullies, and we've asked each of our regulars to register for a Youth Centre membership card.

This has given us some fascinating stats on our kids:

  • We now have 86 registered Youth Centre regulars
  • 34 of them are girls (nb. a big turn-around)
  • 53 of the 86 are in the 13 to 15 years age bracket (ie. early High School)

The other significant (though less fascinating) fact to emerge clearly from our assessment is that we've going to be broke again in around 2.5 months unless we do something drastic, which is why I'm looking for another fight - preferably boxing, but I'm open to suggestions

Now, here's the deal ...

I'll fight anyone, providing that they can come up with two things:

  • 10 g's (donated to the Youth Centre)
  • 10 weeks (to give me time to prepare)

Why do I need 10 weeks? Because I need to lose 10 kilos to get back to my fighting weight (embarrassing but true).

Now, some of you may have heard John Safran (pictured right) challenging me to a fight on the radio last Sunday night! Maybe that's the solution!

Click to enlarge

I've heard that 'Kid' Safran has been in training for some time, and since his program aired last Sunday, I've also received an anonymous email suggesting that a couple of well-known Australian media personalities would be happy to foot the bill for our fight, providing that I can guarantee Safran will never fully recover.

Hmmm. Well, as St Paul would say, "all things work together for good for those who love and serve the Lord". It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Your brother in the Good Fight,


 This Month at 

Big Changes are Afoot!
(well, they're big for me anyway)

The first big change this month is that I'll be re-launching the member's forum on I've put my money where my mouth is, and have had some programmers feverishly working away on the site. It should all be ready to go in a few days time. This will be your big chance to give your feedback about:
  • Faith and Fighting
  • Peace in the Middle-East
  • The pain of being a single-father
  • and any of the other matters we specialise in airing here.

I'll try to come up with some big incentives to get everyone posting as soon as we're ready, but please ... so many of you have passed on to me so many valuable insights over the last few weeks and months especially, please be prepared to share them with the rest of our online community.

The other 'big' change coming in the next month is that I will be transitioning my weekly 'Partners' ezine over to being a paid ezine, that will include a bi-monthly podcast of my sermons, and hopefully a few other goodies.

Now, no one will be forced to pay anything if they can't afford it, but I have been very encouraged by the number of you that have written to me, saying that you'd be happy to contribute $7 per month to continue to receive my weekly ezine, and by those who've said they'll be happy to pay $7 per month for me NOT to preach at them. Either way, we're ahead!

If you're not familiar with the weekly ezine, click here to see last week's issue. And see if you can answer the quiz. If you get it right, you win that wonderful poster on the right, and a week's help from that excellent chimbney-sweep that you see holding it. Well ... you don't get the chimbney-sweep actually, but the poster is good.

Soren Lee Smith - future World Heavyweight Champion

 For Your Prayers 

Connecting Dads & Kids

It was my great privilege this month to run a wrestling workshop for Camp Connect - a not-for-profit organisation run by Brad Mander that helps non-custodial fathers re-connect with their kids.

The camp took place over a weekend at the Salvation Army Conference Centre at Collaroy, and was well attended. I led my session with the help of my eight-year-old daughter, Imogen, over a couple of hours on the Saturday afternoon.

Some wonderful things took place over those few hours, including a very determined display by one young lad (who must have been all of three years old) who was totally convinced that he could force his dad into submission if just given enough time!

The young guy latched onto dad's back, managed to wrap his legs around his neck, and started wrenching away at dad's forehead with his arms. Thankfully dad, who himself had a wrestling background, managed to survive the experience.

click to enlarge
Everyone stretches up
prior to wrestling

click to enlarge
Another poor dad
succumbs to his son!

click to enlarge
Imogen and I ask the
kids to take it easy

In all honesty, I find nothing more rewarding than helping dads to connect with their sons and daughters in a fun and physical way. Please pray for Brad and for the work of Camp Connect. I do believe that the good work they do not only brings an immediate joy to dads and kids, but can have a wonderful effect on the whole community that can have ramifications for generations to come.


 Sermon of the Month 

Jesus shows that He has the power to heal a man of his leprosy. Yet He doesn't seem to have the power to keep him quiet! Despite strong words from Jesus, the healed man we read of in Mark 1 seems to completely disregard the instructions he is given to keep things quiet.

Why does the man show so little respect for Jesus command? That’s a good question. But there’s another even more perplexing question here: ‘Why was Jesus so concerned to keep the man quiet?’ Click here if you're curious.

 Sites of the Month 

As no one sent me their sites for review this month, I'm taking the opportunity to recommend my favourite 'men's' sites. No, not porn sites, but real men's sites.

These are mainly Australian sites, but I think you'll find that there's something here for every man, and perhaps for every woman too!

Camp Connect

Mentioned above, Camp Connect is run by Brad Mander, and provides programs that help non-custodial fathers re-connect with their kids.

The programs are geared to promote quality time between fathers and children in a safe, nurturing environment which fosters and promotes teamwork, communication, co-operation, learning, bonding and ultimately a greater love between parent and child. Great stuff!

Dads in Distress

Another great group, run by my mate Tony Miller.

DIDS focuses on men in crisis over family breakdown and custody issues, and Tony's immediate burden is to stem the trend towards male suicide in such cases. DIDS is a great group, and Tony is currently raising funds through selling pixels on his site. Grab some now!

Lone Fathers Association

Another great group, doing a great job, run by another great bloke - Barry Williams.

The Lone Fathers Association is an Australian educational and welfare organisation, devoted to the interests of lone fathers, their friends, relatives, grandparents, extended family, carers and children.

Men's Referral Service

Another great Australian service, providing counselling for men who are concerned about their behaviour in the home.

This service provides an excellent opportunity for men to take responsibility if they see themselves in danger of becoming violent towards the persons they most love.

Fatherhood Foundation

Another great group run by another mate - and this time another ordained mate, Warwick Marsh.

Warwick's goal with the Fatherhood Foundation is simple, to change the world for the better - one father at a time.

Manhood Online

The original, and still one of the best.

Manhood Online explores the big issues of fatherhood and masculinity in a powerful and positive way. My favourite feature is the 'Great things Dad did' story section.

If you have your own site, and I haven't mentioned it yet, please tell me about it (or remind me). Don't wait for me to work it out.

 Fight Tip of the Month 

Interview with Nick Stone: Part 1

This month we begin an interview with the man who put the 'Bulldog' into the Bulldog Gyms - long-time fight-trainer and all-round nice guy, Nick Stone.

Nick is best known for the many champion kickboxers that have come through the Bulldog gyms. Less known is how he helped me set up Binacrombi bush camp!

To discover more about the man, his training techniques, and the secrets to his success, click here.

Interview with Pitbull Grima

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