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Date for ezine: 15-02-2006
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight (Feb 2006)

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


Father Dave's
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Being all things to all men!
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Time to increase your reading speed
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For Your Prayers
Morde Vanunu is back in court
Fight Tip of the Month
Interview with the Pitbull: part 6

 The View from my Corner 

-Hi Guys,

Well, I'm finally back in the saddle after a month's leave. Unfortunately my time away was broken up with return trips to Dulwich Hill, where there was always business to take care of. Even so, there were some genuinely relaxing moments mixed in there, and the last week was particularly special, as I was able to spend a week on the Gold Coast with Ange and all three children!

I believe that this was the first time we have all been together like this since the trip we took to the US together in 2001, shortly after the death of my father. It was a bit of a dream come true for me. You'll have to forgive me for showing off my holiday snaps! :-)

Being away has also given me some space to think, and to set my goals for 2006. Here are my goals for the year:

  • To have the church financially solid by mid-year. This might not sound like a very spiritual goal, but it's hard to do much unless you are solvent.

  • To win some titles for our fight club. We now have a terrific team of young Koori boxers, and I am very excited about their prospects in 2006.

  • To build the gym at Binacrombi. Thanks to the donation from my mate Treacy, we are already well on our way to seeing this happen.

  • To establish an active online forum. I am increasingly impressed with the insights and feedback I get from all my online buddies. It's time to see more of you put your perspectives in print.

  • To spend more time with my family (this always seems to be the hardest goal to achieve).

These are my goals. It would be nice to know how far I'll get in achieving them, but as Kierkegaard would say, while life can be understood in reverse, it must be lived forwards!

Consider emailing me and telling me your goals. That way we can pray for each other as we strive to fulfil our respective callings.

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Your brother in the Good Fight,


P.S. Over the break I did do a lot of work on my web sites, especially on my 'Marketing with Integrity' eCourse ('Make money online without selling your soul'). Please consider joining the course if you haven't done so already. It's free.

P.P.S. And just in case you missed my most recent articles:


 This Month's Special 

Back to School Special
it's time to improve your reading speed

OK guys, if you're putting your head back into the books, this is the perfect time to double your reading speed.

Click here or the pic and sign up for the free speed reading lessons, or take advantage of this month's special offer:

Purchase and download our 16-minute Speed-Reading Audio program, and I will mail to you another copy on CD.

I'll burn the CD and cover the postage cost to anywhere in the world. Just email me after you make the online purchase at, and tell me you want to take me up on this offer. Subscribers only please.

 For Your Prayers 

Morde Vanunu is back in court!

Our friend and brother in the good fight, Morde Vanunu, has just spent his second day in court, fighting allegations that he breached his 'release conditions'.

Firstly, a bit of background. Just in case there is someone on my mailing list who doesn't know who Morde is, here's a very brief outline:

I first met Morde in 1986, when he joined our church in Kings Cross. He was a backpacker from Israel.

Morde told me that he had been working at the secret nuclear weapons factory in Israel, and that he had photos of the hidden weapons of mass destruction. He was struggling to decide what to do with the photos.

Morde became a Christian. Coming to the front of the church he prayed, 'Now I give my life to Jesus. Now I do what I must do.'

Morde travelled to Britain, and in September 1986 his story (and photos) was published in the Sunday Times.

In the same month, he was kidnapped by the Mossad - assaulted, drugged and transported back to Israel in the hold of a cargo ship.

Morde was tried on the charges of 'treason', 'espionage' and 'betrayal of state secrets'. He was sentenced to 18 years prison.

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Morde and me,
after his release

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When will we listen
to Morde?

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Morde meets
Jimmy Carter

Morde spent the first eleven and a half of those years in solitary confinement - the longest period of time on record that any human being has spent in solitary.

In April 2004, Morde had served his full sentence and was released, but with conditions. These 'release conditions' were:

  • That he did not leave the country.
  • That he did not go near any border or foreign embassy.
  • That he did not speak to foreigners (particularly members of the press).

Morde's attitude is that he spent 18 years in prison for exercising his right to free speech. He is not going to be silenced now. He will continue to warn the world about the weapons of mass destruction hidden under the Negev desert.

Morde's current trial was supposed to begin on January 15th of this year, but the first session was rescheduled for ten days later, to make it coincide with the Palestinian elections - a move that ensured his court appearance received very little media attention. Morde's own report on that day in court was as follows:

"The state prosecution presented the court with copies of interviews by me with foreign media. Most of this evidence was in the form of text or sound downloads from the internet. Other evidence was video and disc copies of interviews by me with foreign television network. Among the media bodies listed: BBC World, David Frost BBC, sky, ABC Australia-Late Night with Tony Jones, Radio KPFA in the US, Le Figaro from France, Asahi Shimbun from Japan. Other interviews were from internet websites and also included as an item internet chats....

So this is "the trial" that Israel wants, at the same time they are hiding it, hiding the fact that this is a trial not about 'state security', as they have said in the past 20 years, but about the fact of me SPEAKING TO THE PRESS! NO 'NUCLEAR SECRETS' INVOLVED! I HAVE NO MORE SECRETS SINCE THE PUBLICATION IN 1986!


Morde was in court for his second session on February 9th, where his lawyer challenged the prosecution over the legitimacy of much of the evidence. He is expecting the next hearing to take place on February 22nd.

Please pray for Morde, and for larger issues that impinge upon his case: the right of the individual to blow the whistle on his government, human rights abuses in Israel, and the hope for a nuclear-free Middle-East,

More Morde Resources

 Sermon of the Month 

This was never my favourite quote from St Paul. On the contrary, it seemed to me that anybody who behaved like a Jew when he was with Jews and a Greek when he was with Greeks was either tragically unsure of his own identity or was just way too caught up in trying to please people!

Perhaps though it wasn't a case of Paul being unsure of his identity, but rather having a sort of international identity. Are you interested in exploring these possibilities with me? Click here.

 Sites of the Month 

This month I'm sharing with you some excellent sites that have been created by subscribers. They range from the humorous to the deadly serious. Each has a unique contribution to make. Please take time to check these out.

The first site this month is the brainchild of friend and subscriber Maury Blair, devoted to the healing of those who have suffered abuse as children.

Please hold off any knee-jerk reactions, such as 'how can you address such a sensitive topic through a website?' or 'who does this guy think he is?'

Maury is a past victim of abuse himself, and has a wonderful story to share about surviving abuse and coming to faith in Christ.

But don't expect this to be a simple religious soft-sell. Maury is the real deal - a true warrior in the Good Fight - and I wholeheartedly commend him to you. At the very least, please watch Maury's video presentation. You cannot but be inspired.

Subscriber Keith Boynton's site may not be as high-tech as some of today's more sophisticated offerings, but what it lacks in polish, is made up for in heart!

The Gates of Zion is a Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to providing products and services to disabled people across the USA. The site includes step-by-step instructions on how to apply for Social Security and where to find cheap medical supplies. Great stuff Keith!

Inspiring in an entirely different sense is this site from subscriber Mark Alen Jorgensen.

Here's a man who is a master of the virtual canvas, and who has dedicated himself to helping others achieve their potential in the field of computer art. Mark's slogan: 'Become the 'artist' you always dreamed of being'.

Here's a site where the webmaster deserves to have his photo on display! Jean-Luc deVere is the man behind the site and the mission, and, yes, he is a former 'Pagan High Priest', converted to Christianity.

Again, beware of assuming that this guy is a religious nut loaded with weird stories. Jean-Luc and his site are multi-dimensional! I continue to be surprised and impressed by what I read on - Jean-Luc's insightful critique of Marilyn Manson, his prophetic attacks on materialism within the church, and so much more. Put aside some time for this one.

Subscriber Michael Chima is the man behind this blog, publicising the terrible violence that is taking place in the Darfur region of Sudan - a situation that the Bush Government itself has labelled 'genocide'!

I am ashamed to admit that I knew almost nothing of this tragedy until I read this blog. Apparently 400,000 people have already been killed and 2.5 million displaced! Read, pray, and let's do what we can.

Box Johnnie Howard

And if you'll forgive me for finishing on a lighter note, friend and subscriber James Hannagan is in the process of putting together a new site at which features a rather splendid game that allows you to punch the Australian Prime Minister in the head! The only downside is that he gets to hit you back, and I'd better warn you that he moves well!

OK. This might not really be solving any of the world's problems, but I can testify that knocking Little Johnnie out does make you feel good!

That's it for this month. If you have your own site, and I haven't mentioned it yet, please send it in (or remind me). Don't wait for me to work it out. Take account of the number of hits I've taken to the head. Remind me!

 Fight Tip of the Month 

Interview with the Pitbull: Part 6

It's a short but strong finish to the interview with the Pitbull this month.

We pick up where we left off last time - with Paul discussing how he always gave a hug to his opponent after the final bell. We then take a quick look at what was the fundamental key to Paul's great pugilistic success.

Yes, Paul sees one simple key ingredient in his training as being at the heart of everything he achieved. Can you guess what it is? Click here to find out.

Interview with Pitbull Grima

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