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Date for ezine: 09-12-2005
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight (December 2005)

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


Father Dave's
In this month's issue:
The View from my Corner
the world according to Dave
Sermon of the month
John the Baptist prepares us for Xmas
This Month's Special Offer
Pay to hear me preach at you!
Sites of the month
Six of the best
For Your Diary
Why can't we be friends?
Fight Tip of the Month
Interview with the Pitbull: part 5

 The View from my Corner 

Sorry about the late arrival of the newseltter this month, but I've been having a hectic time over the last few weeks:

We've had a big month in the media:

  • Our Fight Club was the subject of an excellent
    two-minute video documentary, put together by the good people of Fairfax Digital. It appeared on the front page of the websites of most of the top newspapers in this country! Click here to view it.

  • I discovered a pic of myself on the inside front cover of the 'Enough Rope Vol.3'! The edition features the interview with Father Bob, Rev. Sealin and myself, some of which you can also watch on video here. What's more, Andrew Denton is forwarding proceeds from the book to myself and my clerical peers! And he's supposed to be an athiest!

  • Apparently I was on ABC TV again last Sunday night, giving my perspective on my 2nd favourite movie of all time - 'Fight Club'. Apparently it's now no.10 in Australia's top 10 movies!

  • And most encouraging of all, perhaps, was the very positive review of my book, Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist, received from the editor of Christianity Today online. Click here if you haven't read it.

It's been a big month at the church:

  • Dulwich Hill Street Fair was a big hit once again with the local community, and not having to MC this year meant I had more time just to chat with the locals. Also, our church community baked and sewed and helped raise much-needed funds. That's Ange in the pic, staffing our stall!

  • The Jubilate Singers Christmas Concert went off brilliantly last Sunday night. It was just great to see the church building full again (around 400 strong), and to see people of all ages participating. That's Imogen as the angel on the left, with her younger brother joining in the action, stage right, despite having not been cast in any official role)

It's been a big month for Binacrombi bush camp:

  • as we received a $50,000 donation from my best mate Treacey, to help us build that gym for kids in the bush. Expect to see this completed early 2006!
And it's been a big month online:
Of course I can't pretend that it's all good news.

Half of our Pakistani Pankration team was suddenly being deported for reasons that are still very unclear. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I don't think that the fact that they were Islamic and Pakistani was unrelated to the decision. See here for my full comments.

And the other tragic turn of events was my good mate, Israeli peace activist Morde Vanunu was arrested again. He was then released again, and is now appealing for help, prior to his next court appearance in January. You'll find his own report on his arrest here, and a video of his media interview here.

As ever, while the battle continues, there is much to give thanks for.

Your brother in the Good Fight,


P.S. Have you considered sending Morde a Christmas card? Send it to:

Mordechai Vanunu JC
c/St. George's Cathedral
PO Box 19018
20 Nablus Road,
Jerusalem 91191, Israel


 This Month's Special 

The Perfect Christmas Gift
for someone you're not sure you like very much

Now I'm sure that there are some of you who would sooner pay me not to preach at you, but I've been most encouraged by the response I've had since I released this audio collection last week.

The site for the sermon collection is here, where you can download the sermons in MP3 format, along with some bonuses. For my subscribers only, I'm also offering the CD version, which you can have for $20, including postage worldwide. Click here.

OK, at $20 including postage, there's not much of a markup on them, but I'm less concerned about raising funds here than I am about making a difference.

$30,000 Prize Give-away!

Don't miss out on the Marketing with Integrity competition launch. I've been preparing for this for many months, and when I say that there are more than $30,000 worth of prizes on offer, it's entirely true! Click here.

If you're interested in looking at legitimate ways of making money online, do sign up for my course, and be assured that you will win something in the prize draw.

 For Your Diary 

A couple of big events to bring before you today, including another invitation to join us on a bush retreat!

Friday December 9th - Why can't we be friends?

Yes, it's all happening this Friday night - the first Christian-Islamic friendship dinner ever held in this municipality!

To tell you the truth, if you'd told me twelve months ago that I would have been organising something like this, I wouldn't have believed you but ... God works in odd ways!

click for the full-size pic

You'll get all the details in the press release, which you can view here.

Join us at Binacrombi for New Year's Eve

I'm very happy to be able to offer all my subscribers a free holiday at Binacrombi bush once again!

Last year we had a goodly number of you come and join us over the new year period. This year I'm hoping for even more!

click for the full-size pic

Here's the deal: come and join us for a night and pay nothing. You can make it longer if you're coming from outside Australia. It's entirely on us. It's the generosity of you guys that has kept us going this year, so the least we can do is thank you by giving you a night in Australia's most beautiful bush resort!

Ange and I will be heading down to Binacrombi with the family on Friday, December 30th, and we'll be staying for at least a week. We'd love it if you could join us for New Year's Eve around the Binacrombi campfire, or drop in any time over the following week.

Binacrombi has cabin accomodation for 64 people, and there are outdoor camping areas for any overflow, but that doesn't mean we've got unlimited space. Now let me be clear: we will give you preferance over a paying customer, but you must book. If you don't book, your spot almost surely will go to someone else.

For more info about Binacrombi, including a map of how to get there, go to the Binacrombi website. To book, call us on 1800 620 706.


 Sermon of the Month 

I've decided to try something different this month. Instead of just linking you to the written version of my Advent sermon on John the Baptist, I've recorded it in flash audio. Providing that your PC can play flash files, you can catch me preaching at you right now by clicking here.

As a special bonus to other fans of the Baptist, I'm also going to give you a copy of my classic 'John the Baptist Christmas Card', echoing the Baptist's own unique brand of Christmas cheer! It's in pdf format, so right-click here and choose 'save as' to download it to your harddisk. It's probably the perfect card to accompany the sermon CD as a gift!

 Sites of the Month 

This time I've picked six spots of serious social commentary. I know I usually throw in at least a little humour, but this month the funny sites seem to have been somewhat overshadowed by local and world events.

For a better World

The Howard Zinn Lecture

First cab of the rank this month has to be the stunning lecture given by Professor Howard Zinn of Boston University.

Zinn's topic is 'American Exclusivism' - a term he uses to refers to the notion that the USA is God's special appointed agent, ordained to civilise the rest of the world.

Howard Zinn

Please don't anyone tell me that I'm being 'anti-American' by recommending the Zinn lecture. Zinn himself is an American, and a decorated war hero. He's also though a man capable of self-criticism and full of insight.

The link I'm giving you here is to a complete video feed of his lecture. If you haven't got the bandwidth to watch it, or would prefer to read the lecture, you can get a printable (though abbreviated) version of his words here.

The Vanunu Site

In case you hadn't heard, Israeli peace activist and all-round good bloke Morde Vanunu has finally launched his own site!

Most of you will have heard how Morde was arrested again late last month, while trying to visit a Palestinian area in Jerusalem. I've reprinted Morde's own version of those events here, and you can see the video of his media interview here.

The Giant's Daughter

The other man I go to, to keep up to date on world affairs, is the other great Israeli peace activist, Uri Avnery.

Avnery again offers a brilliant analysis of the current state of the Middle East and points to a way forward. Click here.

For a better Australia

Burn the Witch!

Hanging off the coat-tails of the great ones, I'd like to offer my own summary thoughts on the state of this country, especially in the light of my recent experiences with the Immigration Department.

It seems to me that we Australians are currently searching for a witch to burn - someone we can scapegoat for all our social ills. Could this be the real reason for the discrimination towards Arabic and Islamic people in this country?

I see a different reflection of the same sickness in the decision by Qantas Airlines to forbid men to sit next to unaccompanied children on flights! Click here.

Oze's Commentary

As ever astute is my mate Oze Parrot, who comments here on the ominous construction of a new Immigration Detention Centre on Christmas Island.

For the Internet Marketers among you, I note too that Oze has lately produced a new site for niche marketers, called

Dads in Distress

And finally this month, credit must go to my mate Tony Miller, for compiling an excellent collection of downloadable resources for Dads in Distress.

Click the link for video material on DIDS support groups for men, along with a variety of resources, including some excellent desktop wallpaper!

That's it for this month. If you have your own site, and I haven't mentioned it yet, please remind me. Don't wait for me to work it out. Take account of the number of hits to the head I've taken and remind me.


 Fight Tip of the Month 

Interview with the Pitbull: Part 5

"People forget that the fight game is a big mind game" The Pitbull

This month we focus in on the process of mental preparation that the Pitbull used in the two weeks leaing up to a fight.

Paul's methods of focusing on his opponent and on the fight are the most unique routines I have ever come across, and they are worth emulating. Click here.

Interview with Pitbull Grima

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