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Date for ezine: May 6, 2002
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight

Father Dave's newsletter no.3

The Good Fight
The Good Fight
May 6, 2002   Fathers Dave's Monthly Newsletter
What's happening in our corner

Well ... this last month has to rate as one of the most significant months of my life.

1. We LOST the bid for Gilbulla Retreat Centre

2. I fell in love with another Retreat Centre on the rebound, and am now the proud owner-to-be of Camp Binacrombi (it's Aboriginal for 'Camp Krusty').

3. Our son - Soren Lee Mordechai Smith - was born on Saturday April 20th. Mother and baby are well.

4. I'm finally getting my chance to fight Anthony 'The Man' Mundine on Saturday May 25th.

Given that each of these things are life-changing events for me, I could fill up a few newsletters here with chit-chat, but I'll resist the temptation. Let me limit myself to a couple of pertinent comments.

Regarding the campsite, it's 530 acres of remote Australian bushland that I hope will soon become the only dedicated Martial Arts and fitness training camp in this state. I have high hopes of using this camp to make a real impact on Australian youth culture! If you want to take a quick peak at it, it has its own web-site:

On the baby front, all is going well. Nights are reasonably sleepless (as one would expect) but Ange bears the brunt of that. She is a model mother.

On the fight front ... well ... come and join us on May 25th. It will be a joint fundraiser with the High School and the Mundine Gym, and will be held in the school grounds. I'm hoping that it will be a great community event for Dulwich Hill.


What's new on the site

The web-based email was new last month, but not many of you seem to have taken advantage of it yet. Click on the 'Collect Mail' link on the site to register

Some info on the Fight Night is on the site now and my Sermon/Rave on Love and Marriage is up (see 'Sermon of the Month').

There's the picture of me and Soren Lee, and I've also updated the 'Links' page. Enjoy!


Computer Tip #3 - Monitoring Startup Files

Whenever a friend or relative asks me to work out what's wrong with their computer, I always take a look at the startup files first (ie. those files which load automatically every time Windows starts).

Occassionally I still find somebody who has accidentally loaded a real-mode device driver (ie. a left-over from the days of DOS). More commonly though, they've just got so many files clogging up the system's RAM that it's slowing performance and creating problems.

Almost every time you install a simple programme nowadays it leaves another file in your Startup menu. If you download something like Realplayer from the web, it installs a couple of files in Startup.

If you're using Win 98 or ME, go to START/RUN and type 'MSCONFIG' in the dialogue box (without the quotes). Now hit enter and behold: the 'System Configuration Utility'. Under the different tabs you'll find all the programs that are launching on startup (well, almost all of them anyway). Try working out what these programmes are, and then untick the boxes next to the ones you don't need to load every time. You can be pretty sure that the computer will still restart even if you untick too many, so you can always retick them later. Try going one at a time anyway, and see if it doesn't make a big difference to system performance.

And if you find you enjoy mucking around with your startup files, and you want to get access to ALL of them, go visit my Russian friend Dimitry at and download Regrun III, which will give you complete control over what loads and what doesn't. Tell him Father Dave sent you.

Sermon of the month

Here's a sermon on 'love and marriage' that has never been preached because I am not game to preach it.

Hey, I'm only human. Of those who have seen this sermon, I haven't had one single positive response thus far!

Need proof that I'm crazy? Click here

Fight Tip No.3 - Flying Kicks

My martial arts fascination began with watching Bruce Lee movies, so my ambition as a young trainee was always to be able to do the jumping double back-flipping scissor kick, or whatever fancy acrobatic kick it was that Bruce used to floor his opponents with.

After twenty something years in the game though I've learnt that the only time you ever want to use those fancy kicks is in a demonstration, where your main aim is to try to impress some chicks. In the ring or in the street, stick to the basic stuff - front kick, turning kick (ie. roundhouse kick) and maybe the occasional axe kick.

I think it was the great Jean-Eve Therioult who said "Jumping and spinning kicks are great in the ring, so long as it's the other guy whose doing them." Why?

1. Because they are slow

2. Because they use up too much energy

3. Because if you spin, you loose sight of your opponent

4. Because if you jump, you'll may come down off balance

And is there anything you can do with a jumping, spinning, flying kick that you can't do with a front or turning kick? Well, you can't pull the chicks so easily I suppose, but I reckon they'll be even more impressed if you leave the ring with all your teeth. Consider

Note the complete absence below of any pic of me or any of my boys doing a flying kick. WE DON'T DO 'EM. Enjoy the pic of my newborn son instead. Click to enlarge