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Date for ezine: 08-07-2005
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight (July 2005)

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


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Sermon of the month
Embracing our Arabic Ancestors
What's On
Christians v Lions XX
Sites of the month
Six of the best
For your prayers
Nobel Prize winners plead for Vanunu
Fight Tip of the Month
Secrets of the Ancient Greeks

 The View from my Corner 
 Hi guys,

I've just got back from the pub, having shared a refreshing lunch with my mate Craig (the publican), and I've now got the energy to launch this newsletter.

It's been another month of struggle for me. We've had battles within the family, tensions within the church, and now I'm in a legal tangle with corporate giant Elgas, who have suddenly refused to deliver gas to our campsite.

It was also a month of learning for me. I attended the annual gathering of the Lone Fathers Association, and I heard of the pain that so many men in our country live with. I spent a weekend training a group of Pakistani wrestlers, and I learnt something more of Islam.

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It has been a month where I have accomplished at least one significant thing - I have completed my journal on The Hanging of Ray Williams. It's time the truth were told. You can read the whole saga here in four parts (1, 2, 3 & 4).
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It has also been a month of celebration. Our church was forgiven much of our tax debt to the Diocese. I got to appear on the Andrew Denton's Enough Rope, and my daughter Imogen received an award at school.

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In short, for me, and for all of us I suspect, it has been a month full of life. May God grant us many more.

Your brother in the Good Fight,


P.S. My appearance on the Denton is currently scheduled for July 24th, though still subject to change. Check the Enough Rope website for updates.

P.P.S. As I publish this, details of the terrible attacks in London are coming through. Let me encourage you: pray hard, don't give in to fear, try to make a difference.


 What's On 

It's looking like it's gonna be our biggest and best show yet! There should be at least eight of us donning the white and green Trinity's singlet next week, as we fight for our church, our suburb, and for our Youth Centre!

I do hope that you can make it.

One special guest we're looking forward to seeing on the night is the renowned Super Heavyweight boxer, Star Tauasi - best remembered in this country for his 2002 Commonwealth Games performance, where he knocked out Australian Super Heavyweight, 'Demolition' Dave Turner (read more here).

Star weighs in at around 120 kg, and is a native of Niue - a tiny island of only 2000 inhabitants, located somewhere in the Pacific. The only downside of Star's appearance is that he wants to do a couple of rounds with old Father Dave.

Actually, Star is one of a number of persons determined to do me some damage on the night, and I may still have room for one more (though I guess I'd better leave Star until last). At any rate, if you're willing to make a sizeable donation to the Youth Centre, feel free to sign the waiver and send me your application.

And if you don't want to fight, do come and watch. Tickets can be purchased online here.


 For Your Prayers 

Nobel Laureates make an appeal for Vanunu

Thirteen Nobel Peace Laureates, including John Hume, David Trimble and Mairead Corrigan Maguire, have signed an appeal, calling on the Government of Israel to lift restrictions re-imposed on nuclear whistle-blower, Morde Vanunu last April, to allow him to leave Israel.

Morde, you will remember, was released in April 2004 after serving 18 years in Ashkelon prison because he told the world about the weapons of mass destruction that are hidden under the Negev desert (read my experience of his release here). On his release, Morde was subjected to a number of restrictions. In particular, he was forbidden to travel outside of Israel, and he was forbidden to speak to foreign press.

It is my great hope to yet see Morde back here with us in Australia, though we have been given no support whatsoever in this endeavour from the power brokers in the Australian Immigration Dept. Maybe this appeal by some of the world's leading human rights advocates will make a difference. Morde, at any rate, is encouraged.


 Sermon of the Month 

It's quite clear from the Bible that it is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. But, according to Genesis 21, this God of Abraham, Isaac and his descendents is also the God of Abraham's other son, Ishmael, and his descendents.

Maybe in the end we are all brothers? Click here.


 Sites of the Month 

Once again there are no shortage of great sites, articles and RSS feeds to recommend to you this month.  Here's six of the best that I've found:

Middle East Human Rights sites:

  • International Solidarity Movement

    If you really want to make your life count for something this summer, join the International Solidarity Movement Summer Campaign, as they stage a series of non-violent protests with Palestinian communities across the West Bank. Click here to see ISM's Summer schedule.

  • Snipers with Children in their sights

    And if you want to keep yourself up to date on the sad state of human rights in Palestine, I'd recommend this article from Chris McGreal, recently published in the UK Guardian. Click here.

Online Business sites:

  • Homebizniche

    If you're looking to start a home-based business, selling info products to hungry niches, you can't go past Ken Mathie's site, Seriously, this package will give you excellent value. Click here.


    Here it is - a completely free source of traffic for your website that requires minimal effort! This is a project set up by myself and my buddy Chuck in conjunction with the lads from Christian Autosurf. Hopefully it will prove valuable to you. Click here.
Great RSS feeds:

Note that to read these live feeds properly, you need an RSS reader, such as the one get free as a part of the Father Dave Notifier. Click here to get yours. Just download the file, double-click it, and follow the instructions.

  • Ozepro Express

    This is a blog put together by a good mate of mine: Oze Parrot.
    Oze is not only an astute Internet Marketer. He's also a social critic with a sharp mind and a quick wit. Add to your notifier.

  • I Gotta Tell You

    I Gotta Tell You is the blog of my Virginian friend, Jim Edwards. If you're a webmaster who has been concerned about reports that we're all about to be sued for including MP3 files on our sites, you'll appreciate his latest posting. Add to your notifier.

And remember, if you're looking for more great sites, check out my Links Page at where I post all my favourites. The above links will be added there shortly if they're not up there already.

 Fight Tip of the Month 

This month I'm departing from the normal interview series to share with you a short essay on the benefits of fight training for young people.

Yes, it's a chapter from my book, so you may have already read it, but I'm offering it to you in a user-friendly ebook format, and as a bonus, this ebook is set up so that you can pass it around and automatically make an income, once you've joined the affiliate program.

Click here to grab 'Forgotten Secrets of the Ancient Greeks'.


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