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Date for ezine: 01-04-2005
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight (April 2005)

The Good Fight

The Good Fight

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The View from my Corner
The light shines in the darkness
Sermon of the month
He is not here! So where is He?
For your Diary
Bishop to be guest ref on April 2
Sites of the month
Six of the best
For your prayers
Two great men heading to prison?
Fight Tip of the Month
Interview with Mick Spinks, part 5

The View from my Corner
Hi guys,

I hope this week is bringing you joy. We've had a wonderful Easter here, and last night we had a great time partying with friends from Sierra Leone.

The focus of the party was a beloved member of our parish, Margaret, who escaped Sierra Leone under dire circumstances, being forced to leave her three children behind! Last night she took her vows to become an Australian citizen - the result of a long battle waged on her behalf by Susan (one of our key leaders at Holy Trinity) and other members of the parish, and by our local member, Anthony Albanese.

It was a great night, celebrating Margaret's new found status with cries of "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie", and sampling African cuisine. And it was particularly wonderful, I felt, when Margaret and some of the other guests jumped to their feet and started dancing.

I do know a little of what some of these people have been through. All have lost members of their family through the war in Sierra Leone - some having watched family members being killed. All of them are relatively poor, and not all of them are lucky enough to have Austrarlian citizenship. Yet they moved from sombre discussion to joyous dancing with a wonderful sponteneity.

It reminded me very much of that verse from John 1. "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never overcome it". Their dancing was a stunning embodiment of that truth. No matter how bleak things seem to be, there is always reason to dance. That light is not going to be easily extinguished.

Wishing you light and life over this coming month.

Your brother in the Good Fight,


For Your Diary

April 2nd, 7pm - our Fight Night is on at Petersham RSL, and I don't think I've ever seen boys so ready for a brawl. Click on the thumbnail of the team to get a sense of the awesome fighting power that will be donning the green and white colours of Holy Trinity Gym this weekend!

The only real problem we had was finding a referee for my fight with 'Slugger' Guy Moon - the punching pastor from Albury-Wodonga, as no reputable sporting association dared to sanction the bout!

Thankfully the Rt. Rev. Peter Tasker - Anglican bishop to the George's River region of Sydney - stepped in to offer his services. My only concern is that the good bishop, having very little experience in the pugilistic arena, may accidentally stand in the way of slugger Moon's left hook.

The night certainly promises to be our biggest promotion to date, and one which will hopefully raise a significant amount of money for Holy Trinity Youth Centre. Get there early if you want to pick up a ticket at the door. To order tickets online or get more info about the event, click here.

For Your Prayers

Two Great Men Heading to Prison?

Two of the greatest men I know could both go to gaol this month.

The first is Ray Williams - possibly the kindest and gentlest man I've ever met, and certainly the most generous.

Ray, to my mind, is a 21st century version of Robert E. Lee - a true gentleman in every sense of the word. Like Lee too, Ray will best be remembered for the great battle he lost - the battle to keep his company, HIH Insurance, afloat.

Prior to the collapse of HIH in 2001, Ray played a key role in supporting numerous charitable organisations across this country, including Trinitys Youth Centre. which is how I came to meet him. Ray is being sentenced for a failure in due diligence in his management of the company.

Ray is one of the most diligent people I have ever met, and I believe the charges to be completely erroneous. I'd ask you to join me in praying for a suspended sentence.

The other man facing gaol again is my dear brother Mordechai Vanunu - nuclear whistle blower and all-round nice guy.

Morde, you will remember, has already spent 18 years in prison for telling the world about Israel's secret stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. You may remember that it was almost exactly a year ago that I travelled to Israel to meet him on his release (click here if you've forgotten).

April 21st is the first anniversary of his release, and Morde's situation is up for review by the courts. We were hoping that the courts would lift the draconian restrictions placed on Morde after his release - restrictions that prohibit him from communicating with foreigners or travelling anywhere near a foreign embassy.

Instead of lifting these restrictions, the Israeli authories are looking to put Morde back inside! Why? Because he talked to the foreign press! Below is an extract from Morde's most recent email to me.

from Morde's latest email
(translated from Morde's broken English by Dave)

Here are the charges they have brought against me. They reflect yet another total failure of democracy within Israel, as well as the stupidity of the 'shabak' (mosad).

These people, stupidly, will not accept the fact that I am still alive and free, having survived the barbaric treatment I received from them over 17.5 years in isolation (in Israel's 'Gulag').

I am asking everyone to condemn these charges. They reflect a discrimitory policy - a system of aparthied practised by the state of Israel, which is not able to respect even the most elemetry of human rights - freedom of speech,

One thing emerges clearly through these charges - that they were not able to prove that I had any new secrets to reveal, and that we are still not able to mention the subject of atomic bombs within Israel.

My conclusion is that this trial will only bring embarassment to the Israeli goverment. What will be interesting is to see how they will attempt to conduct a trial when they are not able to silence me. Now and during the trial I will speak, and continue to exercise my freedom of speech.

What can we do about this grievous situation? Send a protest letter or email to the ministers responsible for Morde's restrictions and these latest shameful charges:

Ms. Tsippi Livni
Minister of Justice
29 Salah al-Din St.
Jerusalem 91010
Fax: +972 2 628 5438
Mr. Gideon Ezra
Minister of Internal Security
P.O. Box 18182
Jerusalem 91181
Fax: +972 2 581 1832

Sermon of the Month

It has always fascinated me that the resurrection accounts in the New Testament actually give no account of the resurrection. We get no story about how Jesus rose, exactly when it happened, or any of the fascinating details. We are only told about strangers standing around the empty tomb, saying, "Well ... He was here. You can see where He used to be."

And there's one more little detail that that creeps in to the resurrection narrative. Neither man nor angel might have known where Jesus was at that stage, but they all had a good idea of where He was going! Let's explore this. Click here.

And while I've got you thinking about the Bible, I must recommend to you another sermon by my buddy from Tennesee, Father Chuck Huckaby. Chuck has put together a sermon on the meaning of 666 in the book of Revelation - a topic that I suspect most of us students of the Bible have pondered at one time or another. Chuck has kindly allowed me to add this sermon to our collection. Click here.

Sites of the Month

Once again there are no shortage of great sites and articles to recommend to you this month. Here's six of the best that I've found:

Peace in the Middle East:

  • Stop Torture in Israel

    This is the official site of Public Committee against Torture in Israel. Visit the site though to see how significant an issue this is! I was drawn to the site via the case of the torture of peace activist, Mohammed Tanji. To read more of this tragedy, click here.

  • Jewish Teenagers who refuse to Fight

    Meet a group of courageous Jewish teenagers who have taken the stance of refusing to do military service if it involves them in the fighting Palestinians in the occupied territories.

    They say, "After five years of continuous bloodshed , we've decided it is time to raise our voice and call for an immediate end of the occupation.". This stance may, of course, land them all in gaol.

Sites for Webmasters:

  • Virtual Vending Machines

    This is a site I've set up myself. Virtual Vending Machines is a complete online business, and it will only cost you $10. If you've been getting the itch to work from home, this is the perfect way to get started. It includes manual, product, autoresponder messages, the lot! Click here.

  • Unlock you Internet Empire

    This is a set of audio interviews and transcripts, put together by Jo Han Mok, Ewen Chia, and the great Marlon Sanders, aimed at helping beginner marketers to launch themselves on the web. It's solid stuff, even if at $49.95 it's a bit on the steep on price. Even so, it has an unbeatable private affiliate program, paying $45 per successful referal! Click here.
Personal Favourites :
  • Office Wife

    Here's a site put together by subscriber Connie Kirkpatrick, and I really respect what she's attempting to do. Connie writes, "The goal of Office Wife is to become large enough to train a pool of women how to work in an office environment when all they ever knew was the streets."

    Show your support. Pay her a visit. Click here.

  • Fighter Online

    I've mentioned this great online boxing resource before, but I've got to plug it again after the promo they've given our big fight on Saturday night.

    Pop over and say g'day to friend and subscriber Mike Ryan. See the plug he gave us here, and then take a look at his story about Max Schmelling belting Nazi progaganda minsiter Joseph Goebbels here!

And remember, if you're looking for more great sites, check out my Links Page at where I post all my favourites. The above links will be added there shortly if they're not up there already.


Fight Tip of the Month

Interview with Mick Spinks, Part 5

A quick one from Mick this month, as the Aussie Fighting Legend tells us about the key techniques that were essential to his repeated victories.

What were the secret techniques that took Mick Spinks to the top of the pugilistic field? His answer may suprise you. Click here.


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