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Date for ezine: March 4th, 2005
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, No.25

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


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 In this month's issue: 
 The View from my Corner 
 Counting my blessings 
 For your Diary 
 Christians vs Lions XIX 
 Sermon of the Month 
 Eating the Forbidden Fruit 
 Sites of the Month 
 Six of the best! 
 Fight Tip of the Month 
 Interview with Mick Spinks, part 4 

 The View from my Corner 
 Hi guys,

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement over the last month. While we continue to labour under various pressures here, and while I don't seem to be able to escape the cycle of ceaseless activity, I have been very mindful lately of just how much we have to give thanks for here:

  • the depth of the Christian community we enjoy at Holy Trinity
  • the loyalty and integrity of the people I work with
  • the great bunch of guys who make up our fight club
  • the encouragement and support I get from you guys

One of the biggest encouragements I've had of late came yesterday via an email from one of you guys, telling me that my book had helped him reconnect with his teenage son. That sort of things makes it all worthwhile. Thanks again Alan.

I'll get out of the way now. There's lots of stuff to tell ya. I hope to see you at the fight on April 2nd. Until then I remain ...

Your brother in the Good Fight,


P.S. For those who didn't receive a separate email about this, I wanted to offer all of you a rebrander for the preview version of my book, which means that you can give that version away and earn up to 50% on every sale that it generates. You can pick up the rebrander at no cost here.


 For Your Diary 

The guy you see on the right here is Guy Slugger Moon - the Pentecostal Pastor from the rural district of Albury-Wodonga, who is going to be my opponent at Petersham RSL on April 2.

Like most great fighters, Pastor Guy is a real gentleman, and best of all, he's trying to set up a gym and Youth Centre down at Albury-Wodonga for local kids!

Slugger Moon looks kinda mean for a Pentecostal pastor, but they probably say the same about me.
I look forward to a vigorous meeting with Guy next month, and then hope to vigorously get behind Guy's Centre (providing I'm conscious).

And the best thing about this show is that at least another seven of our boys (at last count) should be fighting on the night. You'll see most of their faces and get all the details about the night by clicking here.

Forthcoming events & fundraisers

Father Dave's Fight Camp (March 18-20)
2 days of blood, sweat & good clean fun.
Father & Son special: bring dad for free.
Easter at Holy Trinity (March 25-27)
Good Friday Liturgy of the 7 Words (9am)
Saturday evening: Jubliate Singers (7pm)
Christians vs. Lions XIX (April 2nd)
12 fights in all, including Slugger Guy Moon:
The Punching Pastor v The Fighting Father
Rock on for Life (Sunday May 1st)
An afternoon of song and dazzling theatre,
with all proceeds going back into our work.


 Sermon of the Month 
Eating the Forbidden Fruit

Those who are on my weekly list will have seen this one already, but for those who haven't, I want to encourage you to take another look at that very ancient story we find in Genesis 3 about the woman, the man, the snake, and the forbidden tree of knowledge.

My feeling is that this passage offers us a powerful reminder of the fact that we can know too much. Not all of you have agreed with me on this point (and I'm always encouraged by those who write in to take issue with me) but I was convinced of the truth of this again this week when ABC Television screened a documentary on the tragic double life of one of our Bishops.

Why did ABC Television screen such a tragic story, when the only possible result could be more pain to all parties involved? I suppose because the public has a right to know! How is it that we became such a voyeuristic society - finding entertainment in the personal tragedies of other? Perhaps the answer lies back in an ancient garden. Click here.


 Sites of the Month 

Once again there are no shortage of great sites and articles to recommend to you this month.  Here's six of the best that I've found:

Peace in the Middle East:

  • Gush Shalom (Hebrew for 'Peace Bloc')

    A Jewish Peace Organisation led by Uri Avnery - journalist, activist, and former member of the Knesset. Like our brother Morde Vanunu, Avnery is a man of great integrity. If you'd like to hear his angle on the Israeli disengagement plan, cl^ck here.

  • Jewish Voice for Peace

    Another excellent group committed to peace in the Middle East.
    One resource they offer is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If you'd like to bring yourself up to date on the 2nd Intifada, click here (nb. it's in pdf format).

Sites for Webmasters:

  • Shared Link Traffic

    This service generates a non-reciprocal links page for your website that is made up of only good and relevant links. This service comes at half the cost of its competiton, and comes with lots of useful bells and whistles. Click here.

  • Affiliate Wizard

    I believe that this is a genuinely unique piece of software. It allows you to post an email subscription box every time you direct someone to an affiliate link. Just think of the possibilities for using with PPC search engines! Click here.
Personal Favourites :
  • Rock on for Life

    This site was put together to promote our Rock on for Life fundraiser that's taking place on May 1st. Bruce (the organiser) was struggling to get this site off the ground until a Russian programmer named Borris donated his services. Check out Borris' great work here.

  • Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist

    You'll have to forgive me for mentioning my own site here, but I've put at least 100 hours work into it in the last month! Even if you don't want the book, you can feel free to compliment me over the site. And if you haven't picked up the rebrander yet, you can collect it here.

And remember, if you're looking for more great sites, check out my Links Page at where I post all my favourites. The above links will be added there shortly if they're not up there already.

 Fight Tip of the Month 

Interview with Mick Spinks, Part 4

This month we continue our interview with Aussie Fighting Legend Mick Spinks, and hone in on Mick's training routine.

"I was a psycho trainer", says Mick, .and when you see the training routine that Mick followed, you'll see the appropriateness of the term. Even so, Mick's training routine was not only extreme, it was also scientific and innovative. 'No jogging' says Mick, 'a waste of time ... I don't believe in getting any of my fighters to jog!'

Mick flouted conventional wisdom and went all the way to the top! You'll understand why when you read this month's installment. Click here.


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