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Date for ezine: February 3rd, 2005
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, No.24

The Good Fight

The Good Fight


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  The View from my Corner  
  A tough start to the year  
  This month's Special  
  Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist is going up  
  Sermon of the Month  
  Does God desire to make you rich?  
  Sites of the Month  
  Six of the best!  
  Fight Tip of the Month  
  Interview with Mick Spinks, part 3  

  The View from my Corner  
  Hi guys,

"Rejoice in the Lord always", said the Apostle, "and again I say, rejoice".

I confess, I'm finding it hard to rejoice about much at the moment.

I started the year believing that 2005 would be a better year for our world and yet all I seem to see at the moment is pain! The effects of the tsunami have been terrible. The plight of people across the Sudan seems to be worse. I witness the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people, and I wonder when things will ever improve for the people of Iraq.

On the personal front today I struggle with the fact that my teenage daughter has moved back in with her mother, presumably to escape my authoritarian and conservative rule. I find this so emotionally debilitating that it is hard to apply myself to the myriad of tasks requiring urgent attention, such as our Youth Centre, where funding is due to dry up by mid-March unless I can find some way to keep it all going.

And yet I hear the apostle in my ear, "Rejoice, son. Rejoice!"

Why should I, Paul?

"Well ... because God still has His hand on this world and will not let the injustice go on forever. Because the Kingdom is coming, and when that new day dawns, every tear will be wiped away and sorry and mourning shall be no more. Because your name is written in the book of life, and because you and your family are loved."

OK Paul. I hear ya. Sometimes it's just hard to see the big picture.

"That's what faith is, son. And you only need a mustard-seed's worth of it to get you through, you know? Perhaps you need to do more listening to your own sermons."

Yeah. Thanks mate.

OK. Sounds like I need to go spend some time on my knees. We'll talk again soon.

Your brother in the Good Fight,.Dave


  This month's Special Offer  
The price of 'Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist' is about to go up.

I was hoping by now to have some brand new products to roll out for this month, and I must roll something out soon specifically to raise funds for the Youth Centre. Unfortunately though my time online lately has been entirely consumed by the renovations I've been making to and my other sites.

I hope you've appreciated the way I've streamlined the articles database, updated the picture gallery, revamped the Books page, the Links page, etc. One of the final bits of renovative work that I've still got on my list is updating 'Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist' sales page (, which will include updating the price of the book from $14.95 to $19.95.

For those who haven't yet got a copy, allow me to share with you some feedback I just received from my new buddy Hank, situated somewhere deep in the USA:

"I have read your book, in fact just now got done with it. I shall read and re-read your book. It ain't very dog gone often that I am lost for words. I have a high amount of respect for you. You have opened my eyes in many aspects of myself. I thought I was a Warrior, Holy Mackerel. The Lord has a Champion in his corner, you! Situations arise and I am now finding myself asking "What would Pastor Dave do"?"

Thanks Hank. You are far too generous. I have plenty of flaws too, but I'm glad you haven't noticed them. You certainly made my day, mate!

Hopefully I'll have these renovations all finished within the next few days and then the price will go up, so, depending on when you actually get to read this, you may have missed the discount already. If that's the case, I'm sorry, but I think you'll find that it's still a worthwhile investment at $19.95.

Anyway, to check out the current price and/or pick up a copy, click here.


  Sermon of the Month  
Does God desire to make you rich?

I get this all the time - people writing to me and telling me that they're looking for the key to 'release God's blessing' upon their business. If that's your situation, I hate to be the one to break the bad news to you but ...

Let me put it to you this way: Chances are that God is a lot less interested in getting involved in your business than He is in getting you involved in His business! That's the way the Kingdom of God works!

The text is Matthew 5 - the Beatitudes from the famous Sermon on the Mount. Do these blessings provide you with a straightforward formula for wealth and success? No. But they may help you to become a better disciple. You decide what's more important. Click here.

And if you missed my equally confrontational sermon last week, on "Is the Tsunami the Judgement of God?", you can click here to find that one.


  Sites of the Month  

Once again there are no shortage of great sites and articles to recommend to you this month.  Here's six of the best that I've found:

Fight Links:

  • New England Ringside

    Another excellent online fight magazine, and one of the few fight ezines with a whole section devoted to women in boxing!

  • Breakpal (Software for Fighters)

    I normally think of working at our computer and having a Martial Arts workout as being at two opposite ends of the activity spectrum. This is the first product I've ever seen that attempts to combine the two!

Spiritual Fight Links:

  • The official Noam Chomsky site

    If you don't know Chomsky, he's a Professor of linguistics and one of the world's greatest intellects. He's also a seasoned Human Rights campaigner, a deeply spiritual man, and an outspoken supporter of Morde's! To hear Chomsky on Iraq, click here.

  • Truthout News & Politics

    It started in the wake of the US Presidential elections in 2000 as an attempt to get an alternative dialogue going. Today Truthout is visited more than 4 million times per month by readers seeking a straight story. For a great example of a Truthout article, click here.
Other Great Links :
  • The Windows XP SP2 eBook Fix

    Not relevant to everybody, but if you haven't been able to open your favourite ebooks since you installed Windows XP Service Pack 2, this is what you're looking for! Some people are charging for this info! This site even gives you a way of branding it and charging others for it! Why bother? Grab it here for free and pass it on!

  • The Amazing Rob Smith

    Yes, he's my brother! Of course I think it's a great site. He's also a great musician and a great brother. When we were little, the constant guitar playing used to make me want to hit something. Well, I became a pro boxer and he's on his 14th album.
    (P.S. note who designed his site ... yes, that's Ange's handiwork!)

Looking for more great sites? Check out the Links Directory at where I post all my favourites. The above links will be added shortly if they're not up there already.

  Fight Tip of the Month  

Interview with Mick Spinks, Part 3

The year is 1981, and Mick has been invited to take part in an international pugilistic competition in Hong Kong. He is put up against a Thai champion who outweighs him and who has had 186 fights to Mick's 12. Mick has never fought Thai rules, and had no idea that groin kicks were legal shots! He finds out the hard way!

If you had any doubts that Mick Spinks is one of the toughest fighters that Australia has ever produced, you'll have no doubts after reading about this experience. Click here to read the complete interview now.


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