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Date for ezine: August 2004
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, no.20

The Good Fight


The Good Fight




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  In this month's issue:  
  The View from my Corner  
  A month of miracles  
  This month's Special Offer  
  The Sing & Swing special  
  Sermon of the Month  
  Please welcome our guest preacher this month - Father Chuck Huckaby  
  Computer Tip of the Month  
  Slaying the Spam monster  
  Fight Tip of the Month  
  Does Alex Tui have a 'secret weapon'?  
  The World Pankration Titles are coming to Marrickville.  

  The View from my Corner  

Hi guys,

It's been a month of miracles here - not the grand and spectacular sort I suppose, but little miracles, like seeing an old mate get through six months of rehab, like pulling off an over-40's fight show without anybody getting damaged, like having one of the church's greatest choirs perform for our little community. I'll say more about some of these miracles in a moment, but first ... a story!

I was walking down a back-street in Tempe the other day when someone called out "Hey Mr Priest! We don't see many of your kind around here!"

I think it was the strangest greeting I've ever been given and I wan't quite sure how to respond. "Well, I said, "you must live in the wrong community. You should move to Dulwich Hill."

Tempe is a neighbouring suburb, and my new buddy was a local aboriginal woman who had been leaning on her fence chatting to an elderly white guy when I happened to pass by. I suppose I did look particularly odd that day. I was on my way back from a funeral and was still in my black cassock.

What was I doing walking the back streets of Tempe in a cassock? I was picking up some boxing gear on my way home (a few mouthguards and some extra skipping ropes). It was just a quick diversion. Zoe's Martial Arts Supplies is located on Tempe's main street.

Anyway, I stopped to talk to the woman. I would have talked to her mate too, but he turned out to be too pissed to make meaningful conversation and had to content himself with just leering at me. The conversation with the woman though, which was quite awkward at first, soon became very warm and trusting once she asked, "Hey, aren't you the priest that fought Choc Mundine?"

From there on we were the best of mates. I learnt about the troubles she was having with her teenage son, and I'm hoping to start training him next week. I'm really hoping to see some good things happen for this woman and her family.

The moral of the story - there's nothing like the fight game to build a bridge between the church and hurting people within the community. And it's good for me to be reminded again that it's not yet time to hang up my gloves.

Keep on punchin'! The fight ain't over yet.Dave


  This month's Special Offer  

Indeed, we have had two powerful and passionate events take place here over the last few weeks: our over-40's Aussie Fighting Legends show, and the more recent choral performance by the St Andrews Cathedral choir. Now I know that some people would not see much in common in these two events, but I know that you know better.

Oh, that I could put together a double-sided DVD with choiresters singing on the one side and fighters swinging on the other! I know how much you would appreciate that! Unfortunately the choir's performance was not recorded.

But in celebration of this combination of 'sing and swing', what I am going to offer you is almost as good - a free CD of Rob Guest singing songs from Les Miserables and other classic musicals with every purchase of the Aussie Fighting Legends video or DVD. Now that has got to be a world first, don't you think?!

I won't go into the details on how I ended up with a box full of Rob Guest CD's but, believe me, they're entirely legit! So if you can picture yourself sitting back and watching ol' Father Dave get the living daylights beaten out of him while Rob Guest belts out 'Can you hear the people sing?' in the background, rush over to now and look for the Fighting Legends graphic.

And just so that you know where your money will be going, we're looking to get a new ute (or at least a newer ute) for Binacrombi campsite this month. It just didn't seem right to ask for your prayers for the healing of the old beast, so I'm hoping that you'll just help us replace it instead. Our fear is that it is beginning to compromise the safety of Ritchie, our caretaker, who is a great guy and deserves something better.

Here is the direct link, and don't forget to mention the Sing and Swing offer when you make your purchase.


  Sermon of the Month  

We're privileged to have another wonderful guest preacher this month - a buddy of mine by the name of Father Chuck Huckaby.

No prizes for guessing that Chuck is from the US, and I must admit that I am yet to meet Chuck in the flesh. But Chuck and I have been buddies for some time now, and I am full of admiration for his ministry. I asked Chuck to introduce himself to you in his own words:

"Hi. I'm Chuck Huckaby, and I serve the First Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, where this sermon was preached. I'm a 'tentmaking' pastor who works to support his preaching habit. I one day hope to do that by earning a full-time income as an Internet publisher and, perhaps one day, I'll be able to break away from the States long enough to be beaten up by Father Dave in his fight club. Please visit me at for my devotional musings, and and to see my other Quixotic forays onto the Internet."

Thanks Chuck! And I know everybody is going to enjoy your sermon on The parable of 'the Good Samaritan' as much as I did.


  Computer Tip of the Month  
  I believe I have finally slain the SPAM monster!

I mentioned last month that I was giving 'Spam Arrest' a try, as it seemed to me that my old spam filter was getting increasingly less effective in taking out the bad guys. Well, the results are in, and they are conclusive! Let me give you the exact figures from the Spam Arrest Stats page:

Number of emails I've received in the last month: 3168
Number of those emails that turned out to be SPAM: 2733
Number of SPAM emails that went through to my inbox: 0

Yep, I'm telling you straight! How many SPAMS did I get in my inbox in the last month? ZERO! I can't tell you how smug this makes me feel, knowing that my inbox has swallowed its last virtual viagra tablet!

And one more thing about Spam Arrest: it's got such a kick-butt affiliate program that in my case the program has already paid for itself twice over!

Since I started using Spam Arrest, when anyone sends me an email for the first time, they get an invitation to try out the service for themselves. If they decide to subscribe to Spam Arrest via the link they get from me, I get 50% of their subscription fee! And if a mate of theirs subscribes through their link, I get 25% of that person's subscription fee too! Bottom line: it cost me $35 to subscribe to Spam Arrest a month ago, and the program has already generated more than $80 in affiliate kickbacks!

But be warned! You've got to actually go and sign-up for the affiliate program. The kickbacks won't come automatically unless go and you sign-up. The affiliate program is free and it's on the Spam Arrest site, but according to my affiliate stats, of the four of you that have already taken out a subscription, none of you has signed up as an affiliate!

So please, if you have already subscribed to Spam Arrest, go sign-up as an affiliate! And if you haven't given Spam Arrest a spin yet, consider their f'ree trial.
  Fight Tip of the Month  
"Good form, good accuracy good timing. That's the first lesson. Speed and power later"
Alex Tui (Australia's first world kickboxing champion).

I had intended to wrap up my interview with the champ this month, but there are so many real gems towards the end of this interview that I decided not to cram too much into one session. This month's focus is on 'good technique', as I ask Alex the whether he had any 'secret weapon', any special technique that he had learned in his many years of training, that he felt gave him an edge over his competitors.

I think this month's segment has something to teach all of us, even those of us who are not competitive fighters! It seems to me that in many areas of life we look for a 'secret weapon' - a quick and easy way to gain an advantage over others. In fighting, in business, and even in the spiritual realm, I think that a lot of us spend a lot of time looking for that simple magical technique that can ensure success.

Well, I suspect that you can tell where I'm heading with this, but let the champ tell you in his own words. The Alex Tui Interview: part 4


Some of you may not know that I am President of the Australian Pankration Federation. Pankration is a mixed martial art, combining elements of boxing, kickboxing and wrestling, and it is growing in popularity worldwide.

This November 27th & 28th, Australia is hosting the World Pankration Championships, right here in the Dulwich Hill/Marrickville area! We currently have 14 other countries sending teams to compete, and the event could well turn out to be one of the biggest things that has every happened in this municipality!

Well, it looks like it's going to cost us around $5,000 to stage the event. At the moment we don't have anywhere near this amount of money, so I'm letting you know that I'm looking for potential sponsors for the event and/or somebody who would be willing to loan us the money we need until we can recoup the costs through ticket sales.

Shoot me an email if you're interested. Thanks.


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