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Date for ezine: July 2004
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, no.19

The Good Fight


The Good Fight






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  In this month's issue:  
  The View from my Corner  
  July - a month of battles  
  This month's Special Offer  
  Our Gettysburg Anniversary special  
  Sermon of the Month  
  Please welcome our guest preacher this month - Sandy Gray  
  Computer Tip of the Month  
  How to spot an Internet Con Artist  
  Fight Tip of the Month  
  Part three of our interview with former World Kickboxing Champion, Alex Tui

  The View from my Corner  
  Hi guys,

I hope you like the new layout of the newsletter. I'm trying out a special 'ezine design' program that's supposed to cut my design time in half. I'll hold back my recommendations until I've given it a proper trial. Of course, if you're getting the 'text' version of this newsletter, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about unless you go to and take a look at it online. And if you can't read this properly or see any pics, well ... that's technology for you.

It's been a tough month here with a number of friends dying. The latest tragedy here has been the death of young Jacob Reid, son of my best mate Scottie Reid. Jake was only 7 years old, but had been struggling with cancer for many years. Please pray for Scottie and Jake's mum, Sandy, and perhaps most especially for Jake's younger brother Sam. Why do these things happen, Lord?

On the brighter side, the Lord seems to have stepped in to take care of our latest financial crisis. With the church here currently unable to manage the minimum clergy wage, my buddy Terry Mulhall has appointed me part-time chaplain to his company - the Grange Group. This is not only a wonderful relief in terms of making ends meet. It also opens up wonderful opportunities for ministry. This is a whole new field for me of course. I do pray that I will prove worthy of the appointment.

The other exciting news to pass on to you is about the coming 'Aussie Legend Fight Night'. If you didn't receive my earlier mailing on the subject, it's all happening on July 24th. Yes, I've managed to get some of the world's greatest retired fighters out of moth balls and back into the ring for one last great punch-up for charity! What a night it promises to be! I'm hoping to have some of the great Aussie Music Legends to support the fighters on the night and a few other surprises to boot. For full details, and for a printable copy of the poster, click here

And before I let you go, I must update you on the progress of our dear brother Morde Vanunu - now beginning his third month of relative fre'edom after his 18 years in prison.

Morde is in good spirits, and is awaiting the hearing of his appeal against the restrictions he labours under. The hearing is set for July 11th. In the meantime, the International Vanunu Coalition is trying to organise a petition filled with prominent names to be published in a major Israeli newspaper two days before the hearing. Apparently such notables as Desmond Tutu and Yoko Ono have already signed.

If you'd like a copy of the petition, or a copy of the restrictions and other recent material on Morde, such as the speech made by the Anglican Bishop of Canberra, you'll find that the links have all been incorporated into my last Morde 'rave', in the 'Dave's Rave section of The direct link is:
  This month's Special Offer  
  go to www.uscivilwarebooks.comI can't let July 3rd go without making some extra special offer, and it seems only fitting to apply it to my updated collection of Civil War ebooks (

July 3rd is the 141st anniversary of Pickett's Charge at the battle of Gettysburg (as I'm sure you know). To celebrate that day when the Confederacy gave it 'all they had', it seems appropriate that I should try to do the same for you. I'm therefore going to throw in around a hundred dollars worth of fre'e software for anyone who will purchase the newly updated US Civil War eBook Library before the anniversary of the final day at Gettysburg is over. That means you need to purchase it by midnight July 3rd.

For details on the software and on how to claim this offer, send any email (a blank one will do) to You'll receive full instructions in your inbox within a matter of moments.
  Sermon of the Month  
  Please welcome our guest preacher this month - Sandy Gray  
  Sandy is my oldest and dearest friend, and Ange and I have had the privilege of having Sandy live with us here in Dulwich for a number of years now. Sandy is also rector's warden here at Holy Trinity and is a great example of godliness and source of inspiration to us all. On top of that, she's a wonderful preacher.

I couldn't resist including Sandy's last offering from the pulpit as this month's 'Sermon of the Month'. You'll find it in the 'Hear me Preach' section of, or you can go there directly via
  Computer Tip of the Month  

Before getting on to my main computer tip this month, I must say that I'm really impressed with Spam Arrest. It really is stopping all of the SPAM from reaching me. As much as I liked 'I Hate Spam', it seemed that an ever-increasing amount of the rubbish was getting through. Now ... nothing! It's wonderful. If you want to check it out for yourself and sign up for the fre'e trial, click here.

Now my main tip this month regards Internet Con Artists. Have you ever received an email suggesting:

  • That you've just won a lottery that you don't remember entering?
  • That a guy you didn't know just died and left you an inheritance?
  • That some business tycoon wants to use you to handle a massive money transfer, with you getting an enormous kickback?

Yep. We've all received them. They are all Internet based scams, and sometimes they can look pretty convincing.

Recently I received one email telling me that some wealthy Christian businessman had left money to keep our ministry here going in Dulwich Hill. The email was even followed up with phone calls from a supposed pastor in Africa and with faxes from a supposed bank in Amsterdam, with each party leaving me contact addresses at! That's always a good clue that you're dealing with con artists.

The good news is that it is not hard to establish whether these offers are legitimate or not. There are a number of sites dedicated to exposing Internet scams. Try paying a visit to, which is where I started, and which as has an excellent links page. From there I found - the central site for scam baiters.

Scam baiters are professionals who play along with the scammers and try to waste as much of their time and resources as possible. It's a noble sport if you have the nous for it. For the tragedy is that there are people getting caught in these schemes every day. A good friend of mine was swindelled by some of these people, and now he's disappeared!

We need to be well educated in the methods of these Con Artists so that we can protect not only ourselves, but also others who are more vulnerable than we are.

  Fight Tip of the Month  
  In part three of our interview with Australia's first World Kickboxing Champion, Alex talks about his mental preparation for the fight.

As ever, Alex's approach seems deceptively laid back. Indeed, he surprised me by saying that in his pre-fight preparation, he very deliberately goes through the process of envisaging himself being knocked down and even losing! But Alex is full of surprises.

Click here for the full interview.

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