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Date for ezine: May 22, 2004
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, no.18

Father Dave's Newsletter No.18

The Good Fight
The Good Fight

May 22nd, 2004   Father Dave's Monthly Newsletter
This month: Dave returns from Israel, but without his friend
'I had a dream' - the Apostle Peter dreams of a better world
Websites that can save you time and earn you an incom'e
More of Dave's interview with kickboxing legend, Alex Tui
The view from my corner

Hi guys,

Apologies for being late (again) with the production of this newsletter. My responsibilities in the church, the fight club, the campsite and my family leave me pretty strung out when it comes to keeping my website on track. Having said that, you'll find a lot of new material on this month and I think you'll find that this newsletter is packed full of good stuff. Do me a favour and read the whole thing. That's your way of letting me know that it was worth the 30-something hours of work I put into hammering it all together.

Back from another adventure?

Well, I've been back from Israel for a couple of weeks now, but I can't pretend that I'm really over the trauma of the trip.

As you know, I travelled to the Middle East to meet my frien'd Morde Vanunu on the day of his release, after his 18 years in Ashkelon prison. If you don't know the story, you'll find the background material here.

Apart from the painful experiences I had in the country, there's the fact that dear Morde is still stuck in the middle of it all - walled up in the grounds of St George's Cathedral in Jerusalem. I don't want to sell short the beauty of the surroundings there, nor the generosity of Bishop Riah, who continues to have Morde as his guest at his own expense, but in some respects Morde has just moved from one prison into another! I sincerely hope that his situation will change soon.

On the positive side, efforts are being made world-wide to seek a fairer deal for Morde. Speeches have been made in Parliaments across Europe, and we certainly had an excellent speech made in the Australian Parliament last week by our local member, Anthony Albanese.

Anthony is a mate, and he's done a lot of good work in the area of getting immigration visas for refugees, so this is right up his alley. I'm looking forward to working on this with Ant to see if we can't persuade the Australian government to offer Morde citizenship. I'm afraid we'll need to accomplish something like this if we're going to increas'e Morde's chances of long-term survival to something better than 50%.

Anyway, I've posted Anthony's speech and a whole lot of other good stuff on as part of a new 'Morde Rave'. You'll find here.

The new Rave includes a lengthy reflection on my trip, an archive of the emails I sent you while I was there, and a pho*to album. The album includes pictures of Morde and myself, pics of some of the other exceptional persons I met while I was there, and even a panoramic picture of the scene outside Ashkelon prison on the day of Morde's release.

This pic was taken by the other member of the Australian contingent in Israel, Phil Mudge (thanks Phil) and it really captures something of the drama of that moment. I won't forget that scene in a hurry. To get access to the whole lot, go here.

One other thing I'll mention before leaving the subject of Morde is that I brought back from Israel four of the protest posters that we used outside Ashkelon prison as we waited for Morde's release (getting them through Israeli customs was an absolute miracle!). Each poster features a picture of Morde and a message of support written in both Hebrew and Arabic. Each poster has also been personally signed by Morde.

I'm hoping to sell these posters to help raise some funds to keep Morde going. Natura'lly he can't get a job where he is and he has no saving's. And he will need to pay legal bills if he's going to appeal the list of restrictions he's currently under.

I sold one of these posters last week at a charity auction for A$500, which was great. I'm hoping I can pick up a similar amount for the others and wanted to offer them to you guys first. There are three left, and I'll pay the postage myself and send them to you if the price is right. Be assured, anything I get for these posters will go straight to Morde. If you want to see a picture of these posters (unsigned) take a look at this link.

More fundraising?

You'll have to forgive me if I start slipping into fundraising mode. It threatens to become another full-time job for me at present.

On the positive side, thanks to the generosity of my frien*d Treacy and also my mate Terry (who is forwarding us proceeds from his charity golf day), 'Fighting Fathers Ministries' will live to fight another day. In celebration I went out and bought six new sets of boxing gloves for our Fight Club kids. That money will also help to keep our campsite going for some time to come.

On the negative side, our church community is struggling financially at the moment. Parishioners are doing their best, but there's just not enough of us. At our meeting last Sunday I took a voluntary 50% pay cut. We didn't have a choice. We can't pay our taxes and our wages. As this is my only source of income, your prayers for my family over the next couple of months would be appreciated.

Having said that, it's important to keep these things in perspective. Even amongst members of this newsletter community there are people struggling with far greater difficulties. Last week one of our dear subscribers lost both her husband and her sister, and another subscriber has just lost a close frien'd in Iraq (Jeff Shaver was the soldier's name. Pray for his family). Such tragedies do help to put things in perspective. Like I always say, if the worst thing you've got to worry about is money, you haven't got much to worry about! God will provide.

This month's Special Offer

It's my great privilege this month to announce that the classic work, 'Strategic Wing Chun' has now been added as a fre'e bonus to the ebook version of 'Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist'.

'Strategic Wing Chun' is not some superficial martial arts manual, but is the most comprehensive work on the subject of this ancient Chinese art of self-defense that I have ever read.

The author is my mate Phil Bradley - senior instructor at the Arizona Wing Chun Association ( and a master of the art. Not only is Phil one of the few guys I know that has actually been training in the fighting arts even longer than I have, but he is also a sincere Christian brother and a great guy as well!

I commend this book to you. You can get it from Phil's site for the bargain price of US$9.95, but as of this month you can also get it for fre'e when you pick up the ebook version of 'Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist'.

If you're a registered owner of the ebook, you already know about this, as I sent you the download link last week. If you're not a registered owner, you can download both books (plus all the other bonuses) from

But what if you've already purchased the paperback version? Is there a special upgrade price? Yes there is. If you've already purchased the paperback version, you can have the ebooks and the rest of the bundle for just US$10. Go here.

If you're 'upgrading', I'll need proof of your purchase of the paperback version. If you purchased your paperback through, I already have your receipt, but if you purchased it through 1stbooks or or another online shop, you'll need to email me a copy of your receipt. Please don't download the upgrade version unless you've purchased the paperback. If you do, you'll find that the ebook version won't work.

It is my plan to offer new bonus items like this every month or so to those who have purchased the ebook version of 'Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist'. Next month I'm hoping to offer you another classic work from another famous Christian Martial Arts Master. You'll get more details on that closer to the time and, of course, if you're already a registered owner of the 'Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist' ebook by that stage you'll the first to find out.

Computer Tip: Some recommended sites

This months computer tip is another series of sites that I'm recommending to you. These first two will save both you and your f'riends time and frustration.


This site identifies fake chain letters. You know what I mean - little Amy is suffering from cancer and her family can't afford the medical bills, but if you send this email to a million of your mates then the 'Make a Wish foundation' will pay for his operation.

Not only do these letters waste time by spreading totally untrue stories across the NET, but that particular story also cost the 'Make a Wish Foundation' a fortune in having to answer all the enquiries arising from that hoax.

Some chain letters just spread rubbish (did you see the recent one about the 'camel spiders in Iraq'?). Others seem designed to spread hatred against religious minorities. All of them waste time and resources. So before you pass on the next unbelievable story, do everybody a favour and check out first whether it is true at A great site and a great service.

2. Symantec's Virus Hoax site

I know I've mentioned this one before, but it seems that I'm still receiving emails from well-meaning colleagues warning me against the latest super-virus that may well have already infected my machine with an obscure little file, such as 'jdbgmgr.exe'.

Lo and behold, if I search my disk I find that this file has indeed been placed in on my harddisk! Of course it has. It was placed there by the operating system! The warning is a hoax, and removing the suspect file will only damage the operating system.

Check out the truth of virus warnings before you stuff around with your system and especially before you pass on the warning to your frien'ds. Go here and bookmark the site.

Sermon of the month -
'I had a dream'

No, it's not the dream of the Martin Luther King. It's the lesser known dream of the Apostle Peter, as recorded in the 'Acts of the Apostles' chapter 11.

In all truth, Peter's dream and Martin Luther King's dream were remarkably similar. Both men dreamed of a world where there was no distinction between people of different cultures, races or colours.

So, are you having more trouble remembering Peter's dream than you are King's? Grab your Bible and go here


What should I have called "Sex, the Ring
& the Eucharist"

Title Votes
'Lord of the Ring'


'A Time to Fight'


Something else


I got it right


no comment


Oh dear! It looks like I'll need to revise the title before doing a 2nd edition!

click here to have your say
then click any menu option & scroll to bottom of page

Computer Tip II : more recommended sites

The second two sites may well make you some money.

As you know doubt know, the Internet is full of money-making schemes. I've only ever tried out two, and this is both of them. They cost me $10 and $19 respectively.


This money-making venture seems transparently simple to me. You put in $10 and you get back $20 - sooner or later.

From my reckoning, at the rate the thing is currently moving, it should take about six months. That compares pretty favourably with what I get at the bank.


I hate the name but the concept seems sound.
It costs you $19 to get involved, but you're
promised that it will never cost any more than this,
and the potential for receiving an enormous kickback seems genuine.
Let me know your thoughts?


Now I'm keen to hear from the rest of you guys whether you've got any sites that you think I should pass on to the other subscribers to this newsletter.

I'm always keen to hear about great fre'e services and I'm also interested in finding out about legitimate sites that offer alternative sources of income.

If you think I've missed the boat with the above two, tell me. If you know of other operations that are entirely legal and completely ethical, let me know and I'll pass them on to everybody else.


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Fight Tip: My interview with Alex Tui (part 2)

In this issue we cover part two of my interview with Australia's first World Kickboxing Champion,
Alex Tui. This month we delve into Alex's physical training routine.

It is possible that Alex is
less famous for his World Title victory than he is for
the fact that he is the only fighter to have ever
stopped Spike Cheyney
(another old mate of mine). This certainly reflects Alex's enormus power - no less evident in his kicks than in his punches.

To what did Alex owe his great fighting strength? To weigh training? To secret techniques passed on to
him by his Thai trainers?
To the fact that no one has ever cut his hair? (no, hang on, that's another legendary fighter). Anyway, you'll know all the answers to these questions in the next five minutes if you go here.

Alex & me!

Yes, it's the same picture of me and Alex as last month. If you've got a different pic of Alex, pass it on to me.


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