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Date for ezine: April 12, 2004
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, no.17

Father Dave's Newsletter No.17

The Good Fight
The Good Fight
April 12th, 2004   Fathers Dave's Monthly Newsletter
This month: Dave interviews Australian kickboxing legend, Alex Tui
How to use the Internet to halve your monthly mobile phone bill
We review Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ"
Dave packs his bags for the big trip to Israel.
The view from my corner

Hi friend,

Well, here I am preparing to make the big trip to Israel to see my old friend Morde Vanunu after 18 years.  Will I recognise him?  Will the years in prison have aged him to the point where he bears no resemblance to the young man I once knew?  Will we be able to relax with each other - laugh and share together like old times?  Will he get out of Israel alive?

Itís all rather painful and confusing for me at the moment.  Thankfully today I clarified one rather important point of confusion.  I realised that Iím actually leaving on Tuesday 13th April,  not Wednesday 14th as Iíd thought.  Luckily someone urged me to actually look at the tickets which were somewhere under a pile of papers on my desk and, sure enough ...

Iíll be over there a full two weeks.  So many of my friends have expressed an interest in what is happening during that time that my plan is to send out a brief update every few days.  If you get sick of hearing from me, just delete these emails.  You could write and complain of course, but it may be a while before I respond. 

I will have my wonderful 14-year-old daughter, Veronica, looking after my emails while Iím away, and she should be able to forward things to me.  So feel free to try and message me with anything significant (but save complaints till I get home).

Thank you for the support you have shown me in this trip. Your prayers and your warm wishes have been much appreciated.If youíd like to give financial support, thereís no need to make a donation.Just take advantage of some of the offers outlined at the bottom of this page.

And my apologies if the newsletter looks a bit short this month. 
I guess I donít need to explain why.  One thing I have done is to update the Morde material, and have included a scanned copy of his most recent letter to me.  I think it is the most encouraging letter from him that I have ever received.  Click here to read it.

I do hope that my website is continuing to offer a useful service to you as you attempt to Fight the Good Fight from your own corner of the globe.  Fresh suggestions as to how I can improve this ministry are always welcome.

May the Lord bless you and keep you until next we meet.

Yours in the Good Fight

God bless, Dave

Computer Tip - Mobile calls via the Internet!

OK guys, I'd heard about it before but I really didn't think it would work very well.  All of a sudden I'm a devotee!

What am I talking about?  Making your mobile/cellphone calls via the Internet! 

First let me tell you what this system does NOT involve:

  1. You don't need a new phone.
  2. You don't need to change your phone number.
  3. You don't need to change the plan you're on if it suits you.
  4. You don't have to be near a computer to use the system.
  5. You don't have to pay more than 5 cents per 30 second period for a call to anybody, anywhere in the world!

Interested?  The company I've hooked up with is called  It took me about two hours to set the whole system up and unfortunately their documentation, while adequate,  should really be much more comprehensive. 

Even so, the results were well worth the effort, and I should now be contactable by my family while in Israel at this ridiculously cheap rate.  Indeed, that's one of the great things about the system - you can sign up multiple phones to the one account, and the whole family can benefit. 

The other thing about that some of you guys might well be attracted to is that it's all been set up in a 'binary' structure (or some term like that) such that, if your mates get involed, you get enormous kickbacks.  So if some of you guys do decide to sign up, do mention 'fatherdave' as your referer/sponsor, and we'll both benefit from the arrangement.

And if you are interested in pursuing this but still have some questions, my friend Michelle, who was the one who got me involved, has said that she'll happily field everybody's questions until I get back.  Michelle can be contacted via email.  Click here .  Don't forget to mention to her that Father Dave sent you.

And if you do sign up, feel free to invest 20 cents on a call to me in Israel.  Ange or Veronica will forward you the number if you ask for it, and I'll be very glad to hear a friendly voice.

The man who will not be silenced

Find out more about Morde

You know the story of Morde Vanunu and how he told the world about Israel's hidden weapons of mass destruction.  Recent CIA figures, based on Morde's revelations, estimate that Israel has between 200 and 400 nuclear warheads ready to be detonated!

For a free copy of Morde's "Letters from Solitary" ebook (selling for AUD $34.95) send me an email, telling me the name of the secret weapons factory.  First ten correct answers win a copy of the ebook.

Sermon of the month

This month, in place of my regular sermon, I thought I'd offer you my reflection on Mel Gibson's recent movie, The Passion of the Christ

I'm sure that everything that could be said about the movie has already been said about it by now, and I'm not looking to make any innovative new points.

It is my belief though that The Passion of the Christ is the best thing that's ever been done with celluloid

This reflection has now been published in a number of slightly different versions - in our local paper, our church newsletter, and read out  over ABC radio on Good Friday evenng.  Click here to read it for yourself.


What should I have called "Sex, the Ring
& the Eucharist"

Title Votes
'Lord of the Ring'


'A Time to Fight'


Something else


I got it right


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Fight Tip of the month: interview with Alex Tui

This is the first in a four-part series of interviews I did with Australian kickboxing legend, Alex Tui.

Alex was Australia's first World Kickboxing Champion - winning the Junior Middleweight Title from Kash 'the Flash' Gill back in ....  Alex is also a champion human being.

I first got to know Alex when I started training at the Mundine Gym in Redfern, quite a few years back now.

This gym is situated in the roughest street in one of the roughest suburbs of inner-city Sydney.  Alex not only runs the gym.  He lives in the middle of the street!

Despite being Tongan by birth, Alex functions down there as one of the local Aboriginal elders, and his wife Lani works at the local housing co-op.  They are an amazing couple who do an amazing work in one of the toughest areas of Sydney.

My interview here though centres on Alex's fighting. 
I focus on three questions:

* What was your physical fitness routine?

* How did you prepare mentally for your fights?

* What techniques did you find most helpful?

I'm working from my
theory again that to be a
great fighter, you really
 only need three things -
good technique, a good
body, and a good mind.

Click the pic to go to the interview

Alex & me!
Alex & me in the ring
(exhibition only!)

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