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Date for ezine: March 6, 2004
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, no.16

Father Dave's Newsletter No.16

The Good Fight
The Good Fight
March 6th, 2004   Fathers Dave's Monthly Newsletter
The view from my corner

Hi friend,

Let me begin by once again thanking everybody who participated in my book buy-up on February 17th. What a humbling experience that was for me. Your support and encouragment touched me deeply.

We didn't quite make it to the top 100. We fell 16 places short, reaching no. 116 on the Amazon Bestseller list. But in all honesty, I wouldn't swap the No.1 spot for the support I got from you guys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This last month has turned out to be an emotionally intense one for me, and it was well capped off by seeing the new Mel Gibson movie, "The Passion of the Christ", two nights ago. What an extraordinary experience that was!

I went with about a dozen friends from our church, and I still think it incredible that a group that knew the story so well could nonetheless sit transfixed for two hours, waiting to see what happened next! What a powerful portrayal! If the pope didn't say "It is as it was", well ... he should have said it.

And Ange tells me that Mel Gibson himself made a cameo appearance in the movie as the hand that hammered the nail into Christ's hand! That speaks volumes about the man as far as I'm concerned, as well as about the movie.

Another highlight for me in this last month was having the privelage of being interviewed on Randy Gilbert's 'Inside Success Show'.

Now I must be honest and say that when I first saw Randy's website, I did not think that he and I would ever 'hit it off'.
The whole 'success orientated' culture of the US is something that I feel a great distance from culturally as well as spiritually. Nonetheless, Randy is now one of my most admired men!
It turns out that the Lord still has a lot to teach me!

If you want to know why, a good indication is to be found towards the end of the interview he did with me, where he talks about a soccer field. I won't say any more than that here. You can hear the interview in full though by clicking here. If you want hear Randy's other shows, you need to pay a membership fee, which is not cheap, but is a very worthwhile investment nonetheless.

"So how's 'Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist' doing, Dave?"
I hear you ask.

Well, the most exciting development is that I've finished work on compiling the new ebook version. This is now available on for AUD $24.95.

The new version is in PC executable format. It is smaller in size and therefore quicker to download and to start. Most significantly, the new version has pictures, and is a lot easier to read on screen!

If you purchased the book in the Amazon promotion, you already know about the new version, as I've already sent you a free copy as an upgrade to the copy you purchased.

If you still haven't yet obtained any copy of the book, I'm giving my subscribers here one last chance to purchase it at something close to the original price of $9.95.

How much exactly? I can't tell you. I've set up a counter that will climb to the full price of $US 20 in exactly one week's time. Between now and then it will cost you significantly less. If you're interested, or you can't work out what on earth I'm talking about, click here to have the mystery revealved!

This is definately the last time 'Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist' will be offered at this price. If you're not interested in reading it, it's probably time to ask yourself 'what am I doing on Father Dave's mailing list?' If you are interested, click here.

And let me share with you a few more 'reasons to be cheerful' before I let you go: got so much traffic over the month of February that I had to upgrade my hosting packing twice!
42,472 visitors opened 286,001 files for a total 326,273 hits!

You might have noticed a survey that I've been conducting on asking for opinions on whether I got the title of my book right. From the results thus far, a slight majority think I did. Of the 36 people who have offered their opinion thus far:

  • 10 (28%) preferred 'Lord of the Ring'
  • 9 (25%) preferred 'A Time to Fight'
  • 1 (3%) suggested 'something else'.
  • 2 (5%) offered no opinion
  • 14 (39%) thought I got it right!

If you'd like to offer your opion, the polls are still open!
You'll find the survey banner at the bottom of various pages throughout

It seems that my friend Mordechai Vanunu will be released from prison in Israel as originally scheduled on April 21st. This means that I willl be heading over to Israel next month to be reunited with him. This will certainly be emotionally intense time for both of us!

If you haven't caught up with the latest news on Morde, go to my 'Rave about Morde' page. This has links to the recent radio documentary and all the other material.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement over the last month. I commit you all to God's tender care till next we speak.

Yours in the Good Fight,

God bless, Dave 

This month' Computer Tip -
where to get Free PC diagnostics

It's time to direct people back to my favourite PC diagnostic site - If you've been by there lately and have been frustrated by the slow speed of their servers, be encouraged! They've just upgraded to new high-speed servers.

'What is PC Pitstop?' It's a one-stop diagnostic shop for your PC. It will go through your basic hardware issues such as disk degragmentation, system resources, memory, etc. It will also look for software viruses, spyware, check the speed of your internet connection, and more! And when they've finished testing, they give you the results in simple plain English, with recommendations on where you can make improvements.

And one thing that really caught my imagination at was their new 'Gator Information Centre'. If you (like me) have ever inadvertently downloaded any of the Gator Corporation's software (which are a series of free, seemingly useful, browser enhancements) you owe it to yourself to read what PC Pitstop are saying. Apparently Gator has already sued them once!

And I've got another software testimonial for this month. Last night I paid $9.95 for another year's subscription to 'I Hate Spam'. Version 4 is now catching a good 95% of every SPAM they throw at me, which in my case is around 100 SPAMS per day. It's a very satisfying feeling.

And I'll say it one last tme for those who keep asking me how to block popups. If you don't want to pay for a dedicated blocker, the Alexa Toolbar is free and effective. It's what I use. If you haven't got the Alexa Toolbar yet, do youself a favour and grab it.

Sermon of the month

My favourite Gospel is the Gospel of Luke.

I don't deny it! The good doctor speaks to me of the humanity of Jesus and of His compassion for the needy in a way in which the other Gospels just don't.

Having said that Luke is my favourite Gospel, I must confess that it's also the most uncomfortable Gospel for me to read. Our recent lectionary reading from Luke 6 - covering Jesus' famous 'Sermon on the Plain' is a good example.

Not to be confused with the Sermon on the Mount (found in Matthew 5 to 7) the Sermon on the Plain nonetheless sounds rather similar, but the differences are what get to me.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit" says Jesus in Matt-
hew 5, but in Luke 6 He's quoted as saying simply "Blessed are you poor". And in case we missed the point, He follows this with "And woe to your rich!"

This makes the Sermon on the Plain a hard teaching for middle-class Westerners like myself to listen to - we who have food & resources to spare, while many of our poor neighbours go hungry.

Is that what the passage is about? Or were the poor peole Jesus was referring
to in Luke 6 the same
'poor spirited' group referred to in Matthew 5?

That's a question worthy of more serious discussion, and you'll get it by clicking here.

It's my sermon on Luke 6. It's one of the best sermons I've ever written I think, though somewhat plain in comparison with Jesus' original (pardon the pun).

Let me know your thoughts on the subject anyway. All feedback is appreciated.

Click here to go there now.

Fight Tip of the month: Interview with Kon Pappy (part 3)

This month we conclude our series of interviews with Australian fighting legend Kon Pappy.

Kon, as you'll remember, has been winning National titles as an Olympic wrestler since his early teens, has
had 29 professional boxing bouts, and in this, his 40th year of life, he has so far racked up 27 wins from 27 matches, gaining victories around the world in wrestling, Jiujitsu and Pankration tournaments.

In this, the final part of the interview, Kon zones in on the proper mental attitude to take towards your opponent, and on how to properly psyche yourself up before a fight.

Psyching yourself up for a fight does not need to be a matter of fostering hatred towards your opponent.

Kon, like so many of the great fighters of history, takes the opposite approach: "always treat them with respect".

This is not only more noble. It also helps guard you against underestimating the strength of your opponent.

As Kon says,"You always treat everybody you fight like a world champion."

This doesn't mean that you assume that you're going to be beaten. It's all about having the self-confidence
to be able to take your opponent seriously.

A person with a weak ego may need to build them- selves up by rubbishing his or her opponent.

A good fighter, on the other hand, with a strong mind, has confidence in his or her own ability and in the value of their training routine

This gives the good fighter the freedom to be able to study their opponent and make a realistic assessment of that person's strengths and weaknesses, without needing to feel intimidated.

Mind you, this is Kon's story and not mine, so I'll shut up now and pass to Kon.

Click here or the pic to read the interview

Kon and me!
That's Kon underneath

nb. The full-size picture accompanies the interview

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