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Date for ezine: December 14, 2003
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, no.14

Father Dave's Newsletter No.14

The Good Fight
The Good Fight
December 14, 2003   Fathers Dave's Monthly Newsletter
The view from my corner

Hi friends,

It has been another exhausting month in what has turned out to be a rather exhausting year for me. I don't know about you guys, but I'm approaching 2004 with some eagerness, and with a fistful of New Year's resolutions.

I'm going to be thinner, fitter, sharper, and a better person all round next year. I'm going to make better decisions, spend less time worrying, and more time with my children. I will pray more, eat less, fight more, and fret less. That's the plan anyway.

One recent cause of anxiety of course was the rather unlucky failure of my book buy-up day. By virtue of an unfortunate error on the Barnes & Nobel site, the book was declared 'sold out' within half an hour of the time designated for the buy-up to begin!

I know that some of you were confused by my email that followed this stuff-up. Let me try to make the situation clear.

1. I will be having another go at getting into the best-seller list. The Amazon book buy-up is being rescheduled for the end of January. Don't worry. I'll give you plenty of notice this time as to the exact date.

2. Anybody who did successfully purchase the book from Barnes & Noble on December 7th is entitled to the full package of bonus gifts. Some of you evidently have not collected these. Just send an email (with your receipt attached) to If you're having trouble working out how to do it, just email me.

Now, let me add one more thing. Since I still have the bonus page up, I have decided to give my subscribers one last chance of grabbing the whole pile of bonuses by purchasing the book right now. OK. Maybe I'm an idiot, but it is Christmas!

Here's the deal: Between now and Christmas, if you did not already take advantage of the book buy-up deal and collect your $250 worth of bonuses, you can do so right now. I won't go through the list of bonuses again (if you don't know, you can read the list here or send an email to

There are a few conditions:

  1. You must buy the book from either of these two places: (if you're in Australia) or from (if you're anywhere else).
  2. You must send the receipt to:
  3. You must do it all before December 25th, after which date I will definitely take down the special download page.

So please, go ahead and order your copy of the book now if you haven't done so already, and you should still receive the book before Christmas. But please, don't tell your mailing lists about this. This is purely an offer for my existing Newsletter subscribers.

You can let your mailing list buddies know when we do the Amazon buy-up at the end of January. This way, you'll have already read the book, and you'll know whether you can recommend it with good conscience!

In the meantime, I'm hoping that plenty of you will use the free holiday (that you get when you purchase the book) to come down to Binacrombi Bush Camp and join us over January.

My family heads down there on December 27th, and we want as many as possible to come and pray in the New Year with us.
The booking number is on the voucher, and there are still a couple of cabins available as of now (but don't delay).

I look forward to spending some real time with you real soon. And I'll be taking my fight gear with me, so there should be lots of opportunities for us to have a good 'bush bash' if you're keen!

Yours in the Good Fight,

God bless, Dave

P.S. The book is now up on Amazon (at long last). I'd be very grateful if people who have read the book would write a review on the main Amazon page (and please send me a copy).


Computer Tip - The Amazing Alexa Toolbar!

Every now and then you come across a piece of software that is simply brilliant and you find yourself saying 'how did I get by without this?' The Alexa Toolbar is one such piece of software, and the most amazing thing about it is that it's FREE!

What does it do, I hear you ask? Bascially, it gives you information about whatever site you are visiting.

When you have the Alexa toolbar running, you can see how popular the site is that you are visiting. You can view full web statistics for the page, read reviews by other Alexa members, and you can find out the contact details of the webmaster!

You'd be surprised how useful I have found this. If you're like me and you regularly make purchases online, it is a great comfort to have a street address and a phone number to refer to if there's a problem. I have used this service more than once.

Not only does the Alexa Toolbar tell you about the site that you are on. It tells you about other sites that are linked to that site, and it tells you about other sites that other Alexa members think might be relevant to you if you like that site!

And the benefits don't stop there. Alexa has teamed with Google to include a Search Engine in the toolbar.

And it doesn't stop there! The Alexa Toolbar incorporates it's own Popup-Blocking Software! Indeed, I must admit that I've stopped using Popup Zapper now, as the Alexa Toolbar does such a good job!

Don't take my word for it. Try it out. It costs nothing. If you don't like it, uninstall it. My guess is though that, like me, you'll soon be wondering what you did without it. Click here.

Sermon of the month

This month, a sermon that has no connection to Christmas whatsoever, except that it may elicit a spontaneous response of 'Bah, humbug' from you when you read it.

It's my doomed-to-be- forever-unpopular sermon on marriage and family, based on the text of
1 Samuel Chapter 1.

Church never seems to be the right place to discuss the subject of marriage and family. The single people in the congregation are never going to appreciate being reminded of what they are missing out on, and those with partners and children often come to church (in part at least) to escape their beloved dependants!

A peaceful night in front of the computer seems like a far more appropriate context in which to discuss this subject. I have a feeling though that my conclusions will be about as unpalatable to you guys as they were to my dear parishioners.

Let me know what you think. Click here to view this sermon now.

Fight Tip of the month: "without discipline you're nobody"

I'm starting up something different in the Fight Tip section this month. Over coming months, I'm going to be interviewing some of the great fighters and fight trainers that I know, and I'll be including those interviews right here as Fight Tips.

This month I'm kicking off with the first part of a 3-part interview with Australian fighting legend Kon Pappy.

Kon is one of the most accomplished all-round fighters in this country, and one of the least recognised.

As a teenager he started Olympic wrestling and went on to win every wrestling competition there was to win in this country before going on the represent Australia at the Olympic Games and in other international competitions.

He then took up boxing - going on to have 29 professional bouts as well as a string of amateur fights.

Kon is about to turn 40, but is still competing. This year in fact he has had 27 fights for 27 wins, gaining victories in wrestling, Jiujitsu and Pankration tournaments.

Two weeks ago Kon attended the Pankration World Championships in Denmark. He went as the coach, but decided to have a go in the open weight class. In his final bout he fought someone nearly 50kg heavier than he was, and was only prevented from winning when his opponent threw an illegal sweeping shot to Kon's knee. This retired Kon from the bout with a silver medal.

I asked Kon for his secret. Was he just born gifted? Was it a special technique that he had learnt?
Or was it all a matter of having the right trainer?
His short answer is simple: "without discipline,
you're nobody".
For his long answer, click here.

Kon when he still had hair!
A picture of Kon
when he still had hair!

The full-size pic accompanies the interview

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