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Date for ezine: April 20, 2003
Subject for ezine: The Good Fight, no.11

Father Dave's newsletter no.11

The Good Fight
The Good Fight
August 20, 2003   Fathers Dave's Monthly Newsletter
The view from my corner

Hi Friends,

As I started writing this newsletter it struck 3am, and then Ange appeared, asking me what all the noise was about! I then realised that there were a total of eight police cars out the front of our house, all with lights flashing. Ange said she'd heard the sirens and had looked out of the bedroom window in time to see the police tackle one man to the ground not 20 metres from my window. I wonder if it was one of our Youth Centre kids?

This seems to sum it up for me lately. Life is going on at a crazy pace around me, and I seem to be oblivious to most of it! Let me share with you a few prayer points:

Firstly, the Parish here is in a tough financial situation. We've reached the stage now where, unless something radical happens in the next few weeks, I'm not going to be getting paid next month. We've been in this situation before, and the Lord always finds us the means we need in order to continue. I believe He still wants this work to go on, so I am confident He will provide. But aid us with your prayers, and please don't send us any monetary aid. We need to work that side of it out for ourselves at this stage I believe.

Can I also ask for your prayers again for our campsite. I do believe that God is going to use Binacrombi to do great things, but I am now convinced that we need a special person (or ideally a couple) to carry this mission forward. Do you know of anyone who is has been sensing a call to campsite ministry? If so, please put them in contact with me.

Please keep my friend Morde Vanunu in your prayers. He is about to celebrate his seventeenth year in an Israeli prison for telling the world about Israel's nuclear arsenal. For those with access to Australian television, this week the ABC is screening a recent BBC documentary: 'True Stories: Israel's Secret Weapon'. It opens with the question, "Which country in the Middle East has undeclared nuclear weapons ... biological and chemical capabilities ... no outside inspections .. and jailed its nuclear whistleblower for 18 years?" Thursday night at 10pm.

Let me finish here on a brighter note. I have finally submitted the manuscript of "Sex, the Ring, and the Eucharist" for publication. It should be on sale before Christmas. I am hoping that this book will indeed achieve something for the Kingdom of God and for this parish as well. Expect previews and sample chapters to start appearing on the web site over coming months.


What's new on the site

This month marks a great step forward for the site, with the shop finally coming of age.

Do me a favour and have a good look round the shop. You should notice something special about the software right away! OK, it's all priced in US dollars now, but that's not the most significant thing. The real news is that I am now able to sell the resale rights to almost every piece of software in the shop!

What does this mean? It means that once you pay for the software, you have the legal right to do whatever you please with it (so long as you don't tamper with the code). You can:

  • make multiple copies of it for multiple computers
  • give copies away to friends
  • Burn the software on to CD and then sell the CD's at your next church fete or charity fundraiser.
  • start your own software business on the NET
    and undercut the prices offered on my site!

Once you purchase the software you have the right to copy it, give it away, or sell it at whatever price you like. And when you sell it, you can sell the right to resell it to your customer too!

OK, it's cost me a four-figure sum to put this software on offer, but I'm hopeful that it will eventually pay for itself many times over and will bring benefits to many people beyond myself!

I'm so excited about this software that I want to give each of my loyal newsletter readers one piece of resellable software free of charge. And you can decide which piece!

Have a good look through 'Father Dave's Bargain Software Bin'. See what takes your fancy. Most of the titles there retail for around US$10. All of them include resale rights. You choose which piece you'd like and then email me at and tell me your choice. I'll email you right back with your software!

The offer expires at the end of this month, so get on to it!


Computer Tip #10 - Justin's Wallpaper King

Let me recommend to you this month a piece of software that brightens up my day every day and costs me nothing.

It's called 'Justins Wallpaper King' and is a small program that changes your Windows wallpaper at regular intervals to whatever jpeg files you care to nominate. I use it to scroll through my favourite pictures of my family, rotating every five minutes. It creates a much more pleasant work environment than having the default Windows coloured screens and icons.

The program is well written. I've been using it daily for about three years and it has never crashed! It's written by a guy called Justin (no surprises there) who is a sincere Christian young man who lives in South Africa. If you like the program, you can email Justin and thank him like I did. Say G'day to him from me while you're at it.

If you go to www.thewallpaperking you won't get the program any more, but you will get a link to Justin's latest album of Christian music. If you go to you'll find the program.

Sermon of the month

Here's a sermon that I got somewhat carried away with while I was preaching it.

I suppose it was my first sermon since having worshipped with that black American congregation in Washington D.C., so perhaps some of that had rubbed off on me.

Mind you, the passage is from Ephesians 3, and I believe that the apostle Paul was quite worked up when he wrote it.

His topic is the
'Mystery of Christ',
and to the uninitiated I suspect that it will come as quite a suprise to discover what that mystery is!

Click here to join me uncovering the mystery!

Fight Tip No.10 - Persistance

Sometimes it's just hard to keep on going. For some reason our club has had a series of losses lately - six in a row! Hard to believe!

Late last Saturday night another of our boys - Christian Leek - had his first fight. Once again the fighters were well matched. Once again the decision went to the other boy - this time on a split decision - even though Christian knocked his oponent down twice in the last round and never went down himself!

The most encouraging thing about Christian's fight though was that he was talking about his next fight within a few minutes of concluding that one. It's not always like that. The week before one of our lads had his fourth straight loss! He was very upset and doesn't want to go on fighting. He won't fight if he can't win!

The obvious comeback to this is that you can't win if you don't fight. That holds true for all of life, not only in the ring.

What did St Paul say in
2 Corinthians 4: "We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; on the ropes, but not on the canvas. We may be down, but we are never out!'

Never give up. Never throw in the towel. You can't win if you don't fight, but if do you keep on fighting, be assured that you will eventually win!

The picture is of Christian post fight with his corner team - me and his dad.
Now there's a winning combination!

(click on the pic to see an enlargement)