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Date for ezine: 05-09-2011
Subject for ezine: Partners in the Good Fight

Father Dave's Partner's Ezine

Partners in the Good Fight

When one man dreams, it is just a dream, but when we all dream together,
it is the beginning of a new reality.

Dom Helder Camara

Welcome Fighter

I don't know how things appear from your corner, but we seem to be in the middle of some hard rounds worldwide at the moment.

The government in Libya has fallen while Bashar Al Assad hangs on grimly in Syria. Meanwhile Palestinians prepare for their bid to the United Nations for statehood, while the US braces itself for the ten-year anniversary of '9/11'.

Speaking of the USA, we have just returned from our lightening tour across the country. It was a fantastic trip with multiple highlights:

And so the list goes on ... !

Most of these people (as you'll see by their links) are outspoken spiritual leaders and human rights activists. In some cases we were meeting to establish a new website, as with Father Roy (nb. keep an eye on In other cases we were just strengthening long-term relationships.

Father Dave

If you're interested in seeing some of the images from the trip, check out our slide show or watch some of the new interviews that have been uploaded to my YouTube channel. As ever, my only regret was that we weren't able to meet up with more members of our online community, though in one case things worked out quite serendipitously!

While in San Diego we did our best to meet up with Jewish peace activist and martial arts master, Miko Peled - a man I feel connected to on multiple levels! I had admired Miko for some time but had never met him. We located his gym nonetheless, but were disappointed to find that he was in Israel (apparently leading a peace march).

I left my my card at the gym in the hope that I might be able to meet up with him on my next visit. On returning to Oz though I soon discovered that he was scheduled to visit Sydney late September! You'll see the result below!

In short, God continues to work in mysterious ways, and whatever else is happening in our world, I am confident that the Lord is at least one step ahead of the game! As the Apostle John would say, "the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness hasn't extinguished it yet!." (John 1:5)

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For your diary: Miko Peled comes to Holy Trinity

Miko Peled is a great man.

Born into an esteemed Israeli family, his grandfather was a Zionist leader and signer on the Israeli Declaration of Independence. His father, Matti, was one of Israel's leading Generals in the 1967 six-day war.

But Miko's father went from war hero to peacemaker. Miko's mother likewise refused to move into a home belonging to a Palestinian family after the war.

Both Miko and his sister, Nurit, have followed in the parental footsteps - refusing to take advantage of their high standing in the Israeli community and committing themselves instead to the unpopular and often dangerous work of peacemaking!

Miko Peled
Miko is coming to Australia this September to share his vision of Israel as a secular democracy where Jews and Palestinians live together, side by side, as equals! It will be a great privilege for us at Holy Trinity to host one of only two appearances by Miko in Sydney. I am hopeful that people from across the state - Christians, Muslims and Jews - will come to join us to hear from this amazing man!

Sunday, September 25th, starting at 3pm with coffee
Holy Trinity Church, corner of Herbert & Seaview Streets, Dulwich Hill

click here to download a printable A4 poster that you can use to help publicise the event
click here for a map on how to reach us.

Father Dave What's News

On the right is the Twitter Feed of my 30 most recent posts.  I use Twitter to log my online activity and promote the work of our members.

This month I'd particularly draw your attention to:

  • The slide-show of our own Michael Coleman as he takes on the Greek Coastguard in his kayak, trying to help the Tahrir sail to Gaza to break the siege.

  • Stephen Colbert's very clever parody on the Islamophobic reaction of the media to the terrible terrorist attack in Norway
  • This chilling revelation by William Rodriguez, 9/11 Hero and supposedly the last man to make it out of the Twin Towers alive.
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Virtual Pulpit: Walking on Water
I'm including this sermon because a lot of people liked it when I first delivered it. Popularity is not always an indicator of a good sermon, of course, as it can simply indicate that the preacher was telling people what they want to hear. Even so, I have great faith in our community of the Holy Trinity, and if our people gleaned something worthwhile from this homily, perhaps you will too!

The passage is the story of Jesus' walking on the water, as recorded in Matthew's Gospel (chapter 14, verses 22 to 36). It is a weird story, and one I didn't initially know what to do with. Did Jesus really walk on water? If He did, was He just showing off? What possible purpose could such a bizarre magic trick serve?

My theory is that in order to make sense of this bizarre miracle we need to look carefully at the bizarre context in which it all takes place, but I get ahead of myself ...

I can't give you a written version of this sermon at this stage as I've had my online sermon archive hacked into again, and this time we've had to recreate the whole thing from the ground up! Even so, you can download the MP3 of this one from the member site here, where you can also leave me any comments you might have. To listen now though simply click the play button below.

Note that you can download the MP3 version of all the sermons of the Fighting Fathers
from the Fighting Fathers Audio Sermon Library

Video of the Month: Catching up with Eileen Flemming

One of the highlights of my recent trip to the USA was meeting up with Eileen Fleming in person for the first time.

Eileen and I have been working together for years. We were initially brought together through our common friendship with Morde Vanunu, though it is our common commitment to Palestinian Human Rights that is the core of our relationship now.

Eileen is a woman of enormous energy and passion. She is a prolific author and blogger and manages single-handedly and does an amazing job! It was a privilege for us to stay were her and her husband, John, in Florida, and I'm hopeful that we'll continue on together in partnership for many years to come.

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OK Fighter, I've got plenty more to share with you but I don't want to wear out the friendship so I'll wind things up for today..

In closing though let me introduce you to the newest member of our staff team - Fighting Father Denning James (yep, the mean looking dude on the right!)

Denning (who is not really as mean as he is making out) is my new assistant. He is a long time Fighting Father and personal friend, and has been involved with the Fight Club and church for a number of years already.

  Denning James

Denning will be taking charge of various duties including managing the publication of this newsletter, editing and publishing audio and video posts, as well as assisting with the weekly duties of running a church, fight club, online forum, campsite, youth center, family and maintaining peace in this quadrant of the universe.

Denning is also an accomplished musician, rookie fighter and hopeful film maker. Say a prayer for him and send him your best wishes (and/or condolences) through his Fighting Fathers member profile.

May the Lord bless and strengthen you until next we meet.

Your brother in the Good Fight,


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