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Date for ezine: 24-12-2009
Subject for ezine: Partners in the Good Fight

Father Dave's Partner's Ezine

Partners in the Good Fight

When one man dreams, it is just a dream, but when we all dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality.

Dom Helder Camara

Welcome Fighter

This is a rather historic moment in my onilne history as this ezine marks the public launch of my 'let me build you a website' promotion.

Up until now I've only offered this service to a select group of subscribers but as of today I'm inviting every reader of this ezine to let me build you a website. The only requirement is that you be a paid-up member of

Let me be clear about this. I'm not interested in helping anybody build an online porn or gambling site, so this isn't a 'no questions asked' process.  At the same time though, I'm not insisting that your site has to have a spiritual or social justice agenda consistent with my own.

If you've got something to share with the world, I want to help you share it online.  You can use your site to build an online empire, to share your passion, grow your business, or all of the above.

Indeed, I'm not only offering to help build you a website. I'm offering to host if for you free of charge AND I'll help you promote your new site!  
Father DaveI

OK. You may be thinking that I've taken too many hits to the head, and, in truth,  I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep this promotion going but at this stage the offer is most definitely open and, assuming that you get in early, it shouldn't take me more than a few days to get your site online.
If you're interested in getting the details on how the process works, click here, fill in your details, and I'll send you everything you need to know in two emails

If you'd like to get an idea of the sort of site I can build for you, check out my two most recent creations: 
These sites are the property of two amazing members of our Order:
If you haven't met Father John before, he can not only preach and punch like myself (see here). He can rap as well (see here)! Hopefully by the time you check out his new website he'll have posted videos there too!
Let me build you a website


This Month's Freebie: cPanel Video Collection

As a part of my 'Let me build you a website' promotion I've secured a series of how-to videos on using cPanel.

For those who have never heard of it before cPanel is a unix-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of managing a web site.

If you're still confused, you won't be after you've seen these 24 videos that cover all cPanel basics, such as:
  • How to set up email accounts
  • Managing files on your online server
  • Automating server activity through cron jobs
In short, cPanel provides the tools you need in order to manage your own website, and these videos will give you the know-how to use cPanel effectively.
cPanel Video Collection

If you're going to let me build and host your website, using your own domain name, you'll be given your own cPanel account to work with. Now you'll have the skills to us it!

To find out more information on these videos, click here to see the salespage, or click here to be taken straight to the download page, where you can pick them all up for FREE!

Keep in mind that the link to the free download will only work if you are already a member at,  Others can pick them up via the salespage for $10.

Father Dave What's News

What you see to the right is actually my Twitter Feed of my most recent 50 posts.  
These posts report on just about everything that our members have been up to. I also use these posts to recommend sermons, articles and videos that I've published and ones that I've found on the web and highly recommend.

Please use my Twitter Feed to promote your own work. If you create a blog on our member site or even just post to our forum, I will publicise your contribution through my Twitter feed, which usually means a few 100 extra people viewing your work within a few minutes of it being Tweeted about.
Virtual Pulpit: Everything will be Thrown Down!
"Jesus said 'Do you see these great buildings?' Not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.'" (Mark 3:2)

It was such an offensive thing to say!

Oh, I know that nothing is permanent in this life and that the greatest of our human institutions and heroic achievements will eventually go the way of all flesh, but I really don't appreciate being reminded of it all that often!

Am I showing my age or have I just misunderstood the prophecy?
/Father Dave
Click here to read the rest of what I have to say on these words or click the play button below to listen..

You can download the MP3 version of this sermon (and all the sermons of the Fighting Fathers) from the Fighting Fathers Sermon Library

Video of the Week: 'About Men' (final installment)

This is the third and final excerpt from the recently-screened 'About Men' TV documentary.

The focus is on one of our young guys (Liam) who was having his first fight.  It's not a pretty fight to watch, but a guy's first bout rarely is.

The purpose here, at any rate, was not to present an entertaining boxing bout but to help people see the role that pugilism can play in a young man's psycho-social development.  

It's a form of 'therapy' that we deeply believe in here  Young people who are rumbling in the ring aren't doing it in the streets, and the discipline they learn in their training penetrates every level of their lives. Young Liam is a fine example of the benefits of boxing.

To keep up to date with Father Dave's video uploads, subscribe to my video channel

New YearScreensaver
For better or for worse, the Christmas season is fast encroaching upon us - the time of tinsel and turmoil, caroling and carousing, general merriment and massive marketing campaigns, and ... Christmas Screensavers!

Here's a piece of Yuletid software that gives twice. The first gift is the one your receive when you install the screensaver at no charge. The second is the 50 cents Fighting Fathers gets paid each time the screensaver is successfully given away!

Where do the screensaver manufacturers make their money? I'm not sure, but I'll be happy to get your feedback on both the screensaver and the concept.

Click here to download your own copy of the animated New Year Screensaver.

OK guys, I'm sure that's plenty for today, but before I let you go let me give you the final piece of the 'Let me Build you a Website' puzzle. It's the weekly online meetings that I want to hold, through which I plan to coach you through any difficulties you might have in tweaking your website to your satisfaction.

My proposed meeting time is Monday morning at 9am Sydney time. This works out at:
  • Sunday at 2pm for our members in San Fransisco
  • Sunday at 5pm for our members in South Carolina
  • Sunday at 10pm for our members in London
  • Sunday at 11pm for our member in Norway (ie. Father John)

And I'm sure our members in other places around the world can work it out.

The meeting place: the Video Chat Room.

You need both a webcam AND a headset with a microphone to make the most of the experience. If you haven't got them yet though it should only cost you a few dollars to get equipped.

Till then ... may the Lord bless and strengthen you for the work to which you have been called.

Yours in the Good Fight,


P.S. If you missed out on the last ezine, you can access back issues here.

P.P.S. If you haven't done so yet, please do me a favour and download and install my special RSS notifier from here. It solves the problem of my emails to you not getting through.

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