Strategic Management Works
and why I did more than just ask for a refund

'Strategic Management Works' (now also operating as 'One Life') is an Australian company that purports to be in the business of financial consultancy. From my perspective, they are more of a sinister new-age cult, preying on the unwary. The head guru is Mr Roy McDonald - a man with a big mouth, a polished appearance, and a heart for the dollar.

How did I ever get involved with these people? Well, I had been struggling for some months since my dear father's death with the question of 'what do I do with my inheritance?' 'Give it away' was my initial impulse, though most of my friends told me that this was a stupid thing to do (even though they were mainly church people, who admitted freely that this was what Jesus would have done). 'Put a deposit on a house' was what most people suggested, even though the church currently provides us with somewhere to live, so I couldn't really see the point.

Then a friend told me about 'Strategic Management Works', and told me that these guys really knew about how money worked, and suggested that they might help me to make an informed decision on the matter. So I signed up for a residential study camp that went for five days - determined to reach a decision within those five days so that I could get on with my life and ministry when I got back. Looking back, I really had no idea what I was signing myself up for!

When I shared about the experience in church, people said to me 'how could you, of all people, fall for something like that?' It's a good question, and a good reminder to me that I'm no more wise or invulnerable than anybody else in this world.

Since sharing my story on this web site, I've had numerous people call me and email me, sharing their own stories of woe. I've published some of these other stories here too. The most forthright and disturbing of these stories comes from a lady by the name of Dr Lyn Adams-Gow - now a committed crusader determined to bring this group to justice. Read her story, and the other letters, using the links below.

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