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I started training in the Martial Arts back in 1980, and for the worst of reasons.  I was a troublesome young man who had more enemies than friends.  Even so, I do believe that the training helped to keep me out of trouble, and it taught me self-discipline.

I didn't get into full-contact fighting though until 1991, after the break down of my first marriage.  I wasn't coping well and was drinking way too much.  I made a decision to fight back, and I ended up a professional fighter instead of an alcoholic!  Glory be. :-)

Some of my Favourite Fight Pics
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The stare-out, in my state title fight of 1996
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After my professional debut with Ken & Kon
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In trouble in an exhibition with The Man Mundine
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July 2004 - The Aussie Fighting Legends show
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Team 2005 - The boys are ready for a brawl!

This pic sums up how I see my role nowadays

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